Breaking The Day - Chapter 165

After his brush with death, He Zhu scratched his head and grinned. “Thank you so much, Junior Chengfeng.” 

Chengfeng was also very satisfied with his performance. He felt like his ability to control plants had improved once more. He sensed that this chlorokinesis was not as simple as he thought. With creative imagination, this seemingly weak ability could turn the tables in a battle. 

He smiled. “When you charge at the statues like that, aren’t you afraid that we won’t be able to cover you, that you’ll be slashed or burned to death?” 

He Zhu smiled shyly. “My Senior Brothers wouldn’t hurt me.” 

Chengfeng had a sudden realisation: what a trusting blockhead! 

He rushed forward and pulled He Zhu up, patting his shoulder hard. “Good job!” 

Su You and the rest stabbed their swords hard into the stone tile at the eye of the array, leading to a deafening rumble. The array stopped moving, announcing that they had successfully defeated the Separating Fire Array! 

Chengfeng turned to look at Su Yuehan, who was grinning demurely with her nose in the air. He was both annoyed and amused, rubbing her head hard as he clenched his teeth, “Not bad, NOT BAD!” 

She squealed, wanting to escape but he bullied her anyway. 

Su You was jealous at such an interaction, laughing drily. He wanted to pat Blockhead’s head but raised his hand to realise he could not reach the top of his head. Su You then awkwardly patted his own head.

Tian Jun couldn’t help but burst into laughter while Blockhead rubbed his own head and chuckled. 

This was the first time everyone worked together so seamlessly. If anyone had been one second late, He Zhu would have died. But if he did not risk his life charging at the central statue, they would not have defeated the array either. And if it wasn’t defeated, it was only a matter of time before the fight tired them all out. 

At this moment, Chengfeng felt an invisible energy and camaraderie tying them all together. He now had a new belief: he will get stronger! Everyone will get stronger together! 

A rumble came from within the array again. The tiles moved, swallowing the statues into the ground. 

Chengfeng was curious about the astonishing mechanisms that had been built beneath Yanjian Hall. Where would these broken statues be brought too? How were they repaired? Who made these puppets anyway? How did they function? 

Chengfeng always felt like he had entered a separate world that did not make sense here at Spiritual Mountain Sect. He had only seen a small chip of it. There was a huge part of the world still shrouded in a mysterious mist, waiting for him to explore. 

As he stood there thinking, mechanical puppets appeared within Yanjian HAll once more. This time, there were twenty statues. Everyone paled and looked at Su Yuehan instinctively. 

Their formation was as such: four in front, ten in the middle and six at the back. They stood very close together at both ends, making the formation shaped like a large red date. She immediately remarked, “This is the Blazing Sword Array, it is both strong in defence and offence. We can’t break through this one!” 

Chengfeng’s face fell. “Look at you, getting ahead of yourself!” 

She continued, “The Blazing Sword Array is an intermediate-type array with powerful defensive and offensive properties. This array is specifically used in battlefields. There’s too few of us to break it!” 

Chengfeng raged, “Stop with that nonsense, just tell us what to do!” 

She grinned. “We can’t do anything, but you can!” 

He paused, then lit up. “You mean…” 

“Although your chlorokinesis was weak against fire attributes, it’s still very useful against other elements! This Blazing Sword Array may be outwardly powerful but you can use your powers to destroy it from within.” 

Chengfeng brightened as he looked at the twenty murderous statues. He thought about the momentous action he took to save He Zhu, then had an idea. A whip made of straw shot out of his arm. 

In a flash, he whipped it towards the nearest statue while the statue slashed its sword right at the whip. The slash was so powerful it sounded as if the statue was literally cutting air in half. 

But when the stone sword touched the straw whip, it exploded into countless tiny straw ropes growing along the sword. Then, like tiny snakes, they wriggled into the gaps in the statue’s wrist, up its arms, shoulders and neck. 

Chengfeng kept walking around. Every time he reached a spot, the grass on the ground would wilt quickly while the rope grew even quicker. 

After a while, weeds grew out of all of the gaps in its joints, causing it to shudder. It could no longer move because every joint and cogwheel was blocked by weeds. 

The weeds continued to grow and then merge together to form a rope, growing back towards Chengfeng. 

Su Yuehan, Su You, Zhao Xiaobao and the rest stared at him with widened eyes as Chengfeng controlled the green snake. His rope wriggled into the joints of every statue, controlling them all like a masterful artist until they were all strung together. 

Like a leopard on a hunt, Chengfeng continued to stalk around the array. More and more statues stood unmoving behind him. Once he strung together the last statue, he turned to see a large green python behind him. All the statues were bundled up together in green vines. It was a terrifying sight. 

He was not just a cultivation prodigy, he was a spellcasting prodigy too! 

While cultivation and spell casting seemed like the same thing, they were not. 

The former made a person powerful; the latter required a person to use this power in battle. 

Cultivation was important, it represented the highest realm of mankind. Spellcasting was important too, it determined if you could survive amidst intense competition. 

A person of high cultivation base might not always beat someone lower. Just like how Chengfeng beat the Zhan family’s servant. 

Su You and the rest stared at him, emotions welling up in their hearts. 

A cultivation prodigy was rare, as was a spellcasting prodigy. But this guy was both! That was… extremely rare! And people like that were all master cultivators that shook the world! 

Su You pounced on him and shook his shoulders hard, so emotional his face was a glowing red. “Junior Chengfeng! THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE! IMPRESSIVE!” 

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