Breaking The Day - Chapter 166

With their two ‘secret weapons’ Su Yuehan and Li Chengfeng, everyone else had a huge morale boost. The past success in teamwork had created the kind of fragile yet precious ‘trust’ that only came from fighting for their lives. 

All because He Zhu was a pretty crazy fellow too. If it were up to Su You or Tian Jun, they would have dodged the statue and the array would not have been cracked. Then this trust in their team would not exist. 

After witnessing Chengfeng and Xiaobao working together to save He Zhu, Su You and Tian Jun, for the first time, subconsciously felt like Chengfeng would also rescue them in the future. 

With a trust like that, the chemistry within the team improved because everyone could fully focus on their own tasks and not get distracted by other worries. They believed that their teammates would cover for them. And when everyone did their own jobs well, defeating arrays became a smooth process. 

When the next ten arrays appeared, Su Yuehan identified them all and explained the method to crack them. With mighty confidence in their hearts, they breezed through a total of thirteen arrays! 

Even Chengfeng was in disbelief! 

The first time had left him so defeated he felt that he was constantly at the brink of death. Even the second time was full of suffering. Although he left unscathed, every time he thought about the second challenge, his arm would ache fully.

But now, although there were several kinks during the process, they were an unstoppable force! 

Chengfeng’s cultivation base naturally rose with practice, understanding his own abilities better too. He was soon as good as Su Yuehan, who had this ‘crazy’ mastery of arrays.
Chengfeng turned to look at her. It was not just surprise on his face now, it was astonishment. 

Su You and the rest were ecstatic. Chengfeng walked up to her, then grabbed her head and leaned forward. He gazed into her eyes and asked solemnly, “Why do you know so much about arrays? Don’t tell me it’s because you read the ‘Book of Arrays’. I’ve skimmed through that book and it doesn’t explain how to crack arrays in detail, just each array’s special properties. The explanations were not even complete.” 

The ‘Book of Arrays’ that Su You gave Chengfeng was obviously a book meant for beginners. It was just an introductory source of information. 

There was a profound sentence at the beginning of the book though: there are no arrays that cannot be cracked, no arrays that cannot be defended against. They may change and transform but the key to it all lies in the creator. 

The creator refers to the person who created and ran the array. Array expert An Conghai believed there were no arrays that could not be defeated, nor were there arrays that you could not defend against. While there were infinite types of arrays, the outcome of the battle depended on both the array breakers and defenders. 

While it was true all arrays could be defeated, it was still shocking that Su Yuehan, a person who had only been reading the Book of Arrays for a few days, could defeat thirteen consecutive arrays. 

She looked timidly at Chengfeng but kept her eyes locked with his. “When… I was younger, I was once taken in by the Pan family of Poyang. I read books on this subject in my master’s study.” 

Chengfeng asked, “Which book?” 

“An Conghai’s ‘Essence of Arrays’. This book talks mainly about techniques to crack arrays. And Jiu Zhouhe’s ‘Encyclopedia of Arrays’, this book contains information on almost all the arrays in the world.”

Chengfeng glared. “Why have you never mentioned this before?” 

She said in a small voice, “You never asked, and you never brought me along either…” 

Su You could not help but intervene when he saw Chengfeng interrogating Su Yuehan, “Junior Chengfeng, you don’t have to reprimand her too much. Without little Junior Sister here, we would not have cracked all thirteen arrays that easily! No one has ever done this a very long time!” 

Tian Jun laughed heartily. “You’re right, you’re right. Little Junior Sister, you did well!” He stuck out a thumb for her.

Su You, Tian Jun and He Zhu gained a newfound respect for Su Yuehan today. She was no longer just a pretty girl, some eye candy. They would never treat her as just Chengfeng’s handmaiden. 

At this point, she was already a comrade fighting battles with them shoulder-to-shoulder. Although they had to protect this handmaiden- who looked physically weak on the outside- her presence was important because her instructions gave order to how the group operated during battle. 

As if a mist had lifted, Chengfeng realised that despite her mysterious upbringing, she was the reincarnation of ‘Wang Yuyan’! 

[TL Note: Wang Yuyan is a female main character of Jin Yong’s Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils wuxia novel]

Chengfeng studied Su Yuehan for a long time then finally broke into a smile. “You did well today, you did not make me lose face! You did not make the Li family lose face! Well done, well done.” 

Su Yuehan privately heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. “You taught me well!” 

“Don’t flatter me like that, I won’t fall into that trap! You’ve got to get new tricks!” 

Su Yuehan looked at him speechlessly. Her Young Master was definitely an unpredictable guy! As long as they were not in a critical situation, he was always that nonchalant, disgusting jerk. 

Su Yuehan was about to speak when the door opened with a rumble. Light rays lit up the entire hall. Su You cheered, “We passed! We passed!” 

Tian Jun broke into a large smile. “This was the easiest we’ve had!” 

Xiaobao also laughed. “Does it mean we don’t have to come here next time?” 

As they spoke, a cold voice came from outside the hall.” 

“Hmmph, you’ve only broken through a few minor arrays and you’re all already so full of yourselves?” 

Everyone turned to see Grand Senior Brother suddenly appearing at the entrance. With the light at his back, they could not see his face. He stood with his hands behind his back, casting a huge, long shadow on them. 

The laughter ceased immediately, turning into shudders. 

Grand Senior Brother’s voice was like a hammer striking every heart, “Those mechanical statues are dead! Your enemies will be alive!” 

When he finished, Grand Senior Brother disappeared in a flash. Morale fell once again, everyone looked deflated. Chengfeng was furious. Why did Grand Senior Brother have to be such a wet blanket these days? That jerk! 

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