Breaking The Day - Chapter 167

The sudden solemn words that came from Grand Senior Brother felt like a slap in the face for Su You and the rest, they felt as if they had been shot down from the clouds and thrown into a dark abyss. Su You smiled wryly, “What Grand Senior Brother said is true. If we really were to engage in a duel, who would be dumb enough to set straightforward arrays for us to destroy? If we were to really fight, all arrays would be ever-changing… it would never be this easy.”

Chengfeng immediately spoke, “Senior Brother Su, don’t sell ourselves short! In just three short days, we have improved so much. Even though right now we have only overcome a handful of obstacles and they were few and far between, but if we were to slowly add them up in the future… who knows what will become of us then?”

Su You’s spirit wavered a little and gave him a forced smile, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, what you said may be true… but I… I’m afraid I won’t have the chance to ever see that happening!”

Tianyi smiled as looked at Chengfeng, “Junior Brother Chengfeng has improved with frightening speed. In my opinion, the Dragon King, Heavenly Phoenix and Nine Heavenly Immortals didn’t even improve as quickly as you did.”

Taking the opportunity to change the subject, Chengfeng smiled. “The Dragon King, Heavenly Phoenix and Nine Heavenly Immortals… and just who are these people?”

Su You and Tianyi stared at Chengfeng in disbelief. Blockhead started laughing as he scratched the back of his head, “This I know! This I know!”

He Zhu proudly explained, “The Dragon King is also known as Zhan Qitian, the eldest son of the Zhan Family! He was positioned as the legion commander of Zhan family’s prison corps for a long period, and also because his ultimate skill allows him to call upon the heavenly dragons… That is why he is called the Dragon King!”

Su You added, “Everyone has claimed that the Dragon King is the youngest and most skilled cultivator in the world. I, however, think that Qin Shanxue from our Spiritual Mountain Sect, Jiang Zhaoyue from Yinyang Sect, Ma Rulong from United Sect, Xue Tushe from Universal Religious Sect, and also He Suosi and He Suoyi from Star City Sect……”

Chengfeng could not help but cut him off, “These two have quite an interesting name, but why is it that the others are all working alone, yet they’re the only ones that are in pairs?”

“That’s because these two are twins, they never go anywhere without each other!” replied Tianyi.

Chengfeng cheekily rubbed his chin with a suggestive smile, “I wonder… If the two of them were to marry a woman, would they enter the bridal chamber together as well?”

As he finished, the rest of the group started to chuckle. It was only Su Yuehan who glared at the bunch, her cheeks burned red as she whispered, “Young Master! How vulgar!”

But it was thanks to this light-hearted joke that had cleared the once heavy atmosphere among them. 

Su You continued, “Among the masters in the youngest generation, I think that these people are on par with the Dragon King.  Which is why the number one ranking young male cultivator doesn’t necessarily have to be the Dragon King. It’s just that the Dragon King’s cultivation speed is too fast- he is the youngest in terms of age among the most skilled of the younger generation.”

“What about the Heavenly Phoenix and Nine Heavenly Immortal?” asked Chengfeng.

“The Heavenly Phoenix is actually Zhan Family’s second daughter, Zhan Qiyun. She is a disciple of Phoenix Hibiscus Court, and she is… a true genius.” Although Su You showed no regard when he spoke about the Dragon King, his face was gleaming with admiration and respect the second he mentioned the Heavenly Phoenix.

“Have you met her?” asked Chengfeng curiously.

Su You let out a soft sigh, “Mmhmm. Two years ago she visited the Spiritual Mountain Sect, at the time it had really… caused a huge commotion within the Sect. She almost made our Grand Senior Sister lose face.”

Blockhead curiously asked, “Who’s stronger? The Heavenly Phoenix or Grand Senior Sister?”

Tianyi replied in a matter of fact way, “Grand Senior Sister, of course!”

Su You shook his head, “No, I think it would be the Heavenly Phoenix! It is said that the two of them once had a short duel…”

Chengfeng had seen Grand Sister Senior’s power first hand, he felt that she had not even unleashed her true potential at the time. He could not even fathom how powerful the Heavenly Phoenix would be if she genuinely was stronger than Grand Sister Senior.

What kind of otherworldly power would that be?

As this conversation emerged, it piqued Yuehan’s interest as well. Her eyes glistened as she listened in, just like the gossip lover that Chengfeng remembered her to be when she asked, “And then? And then? Did they decide on the winner?”

Su You let out a long sigh, “No, the two of them were too powerful. It was said that on the day where they duelled, the sky was pouring heavily. However, the hundreds of meters that surrounded them were bone dry, not even a drop of rain had fallen in! That scene… The kind of godly power they must possess!”
Chengfeng’s expression was laced with casual fascination. He gently sighed, “That’s true, within a hundred meters, not even a single drop of rain had fallen through. Just what level of cultivation do they possess!”

This was nothing like Chengfeng’s power of manipulating flowers and trees, where he could just manipulate a tree into a giant canopy to shield the rain. This was the result of a cultivator that has reached a certain point of cultivation. And in this case, the two of them were at par in terms of power.  As the two of their strong auras collided, it was their overpowering intents that formed a strong force which triggered such an effect. The collision of these two intents was so strong that it forced and squeezed all the particles in the air, which resulted in a forcefield where not even a single raindrop could fall through.

“What about the Nine Heavenly Immortal? Among her, Grand Sister Senior and Heavenly Phoenix, who is stronger?” asked Yuehan.

“This, we would only know if the three of them were to duel. But I guess it is to each their own, some say that the Nine Heavenly Immortal is stronger, since she is an immortal reincarnated. Since birth, her body was filled with the Qi of immortals……” 

As Su You went on, Chengfeng was shocked on the inside, but his face showed no change in expression.  Xiaobao and Yuehan, on the other hand, couldn’t help themselves as they gave their young Master a quick glance.

Tianyi chimed in, “Yeah, she was born with a golden spoon. Having been born within the palace, not only does her body contain the blood of the heavenly dragon, but it also contains the Qi of an immortal. How could a mere mortal compete with that?”

Chengfeng was in deep thought, ‘This Zhao Feiyue and the Nu Feiyue that I see in my dreams… Could they be the same person?’

The others surrounding them were chattering nonstop, whereas Chengfeng was suddenly silent. After Tianyi was done speaking, he patted Chengfeng’s shoulder with a smile and said, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, who knows, maybe you’d be one of the legends that we will be discussing along with them one day!”

Su You sneered, “Maybe one day, Junior Brother Chengfeng would become cultivation partners with the Heavenly Phoenix and the Nine Heavenly Immortal! How lucky would he be!” As he ended his sentence, he suddenly remembered that Yuehan was standing beside them. When Su You turned around, he noticed that Yuehan was already glaring at him.

He quickly continued apologetically, “But of course, Junior Brother is extremely fortunate right now as it is! However, you must be cautious. Do not leak your Primordial Yuan Yang energy, if not, your foundation in cultivation would be hopeless. Let Senior Brother give you a word of advice…”

[Note: Primordial Yang is preserved by maintaining one’s virginity + not deliberately expelling it during battle- cultivators must not ‘leak it’ in order to progress] 

Chengfeng earnestly replied, “Please do, Senior Brother!”

Su You continued, “If one can cultivate their Primordial Yang to the ninth degree, they will become the world’s number one.”

What this sentence meant was that a cultivator must be able to suppress their restless Qi and blood when they are young to safely preserve their Primordial Yang. Their Primordial Yang would be burning inside the body like a hot stove, which in turn would make it hard for the cultivator to resist temptation. It is especially apparent when the cultivator is practising their Qi, as their Qi and blood would be boiling during this period. This would result in a mortal’s desires to increase exponentially. If the cultivator is unable to resist the temptation, then their cultivation level would not be able to rank any higher.

However, if one were able to resist the temptation, then they would be ‘the world’s number one’.

Chengfeng glanced over at Yuehan, only to find her staring at the ground, her face flushed bright red as she fiddled with the edge of her robe shyly. Chengfeng recalled Su You's advice to resist temptation, but he could not help but remember this young and demanding girl's good mood, her deceptive crying, her seductive looks...suddenly, Chengfeng's heart began racing at those thoughts.

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