Breaking The Day - Chapter 168

Chengfeng smiled, “Senior Brother Su, rest assured! This is a rule that I will naturally remember!”

Su You nodded with a smile, “That’s good, our morning class shall end here. Oh right, Tianjun, Blockhead and I will drop by your quarters in a bit. We want to help you repair your home. How should I put it? Now that you’re the backbone of us Hidden Sword Court, for you to stay in such a dump is just a shame to our court’s name.”

Yuehan suddenly regained her energetic poise, “Yay! Let’s go! It’s been long overdue for repairs!”

“Then we’ll be seeing you in a short while. Junior Brother Chengfeng, we’ll be off making preparations!” smiled Su You.

One by one the group left Yanjian Hall, Chengfeng, Yuehan and Xiaobao returned to their quarters. Chengfeng had headed towards the forest to further practice and familiarise with his power, he wanted to see if he could create new moves to incorporate during battles.

As he reached the forest, he attempted to mesh the power of flowers and grass with the power of trees together, turning them into weapons such as shields, walls, spears, bats and so on to aid him in battle. While Chengfeng practised, he realised that his battle range had improved tremendously. Back then, his attack range was only about the length of his extended fist and bone spear combined, the furthest he could manage was whenever he had to aim and shoot his bone spear towards his enemies. 

However, this type of combat was hazardous. If Chengfeng were to miss, that would mean that he would lose half of his battle strength. After all, the one-metre long bone spear was Chengfeng’s most effective weapon.

Suddenly feeling dejected, Chengfeng pondered to himself,  ‘Even Xiaobao has a Zimu Lightning Sword of his own… Whereas I, the Young Master, haven't even obtained one single sword!’

At this moment, Xiaobao had found himself a place not far off from their quarters as he tried to familiarise himself with this magical weapon. He felt the same heavy pressure and anxiety, he did not want to become Chengfeng’s burden. Hence, he must do his absolute best to master this sword.

Even so, Xiaobao was facing a bigger problem. He could not manifest the magical weapon to unleash its true power, the most he could do was to wield it like a standard weapon. Yet, if he were to treat it as such, the potential of this magical weapon would be in vain, it would be the same as throwing a glowing pearl into darkness. A sacrilege to what was once an all-mighty magical treasure!

On the other side, Yuehan was feeling the same dilemma as well. Although she finally proved her “value” to Chengfeng and the rest with her ability to direct the team on how to break and protect arrays, the everchanging current era had resulted in arrays only being used in the most special of circumstances. Furthermore, they were mostly battle arrays.

When this happens, Yuehan would not be able to provide any use to the team. After all, she could not possibly expose her true identity. Even if Chengfeng were to accept her as she is, cultivators from Spiritual Mountain Sect would never be able to accept it.

What should she do? What should she do so that she would be able to use her full power without any worries? What should she do to fully recover her original power?

Yuehan let out a long sigh as she sat on the tree above their entrance, her chin resting on both her palms while she blankly stared at the forest in Chengfeng’s direction.

Chengfeng, on the other hand, was beating his brains out as he tried to think of ways to make his powers stronger. Wielding these two powers had already become simple for him, he could use it with such ease that it was just like extending his arm. Even without gesturing, as long as he used his mind, the plants and trees around him would start to grow at an insane speed. Not to mention, they would bend and mould into any shape and form he desired. If he really wanted to, he could even use these plants to make a painting!

Not only that, Chengfeng realised that he currently could manipulate within a fifty-metre range. And within these fifty meters, all of the spiritual Qi of these plants would be his to manipulate freely! From his observation, the range seemed to be growing larger as he began to use it more often. The most relieving thought to Chengfeng was, unlike other cultivators, his power was almost infinite. 

As long as the Spiritual Qi of these plants aren’t destroyed, he would be able to keep using them indefinitely.

Usually, when an average cultivator goes through cultivation, they would use all sorts of methods to store the power of external forces into their body. This method relies on storing, accumulating, and releasing power from their internal bodies to external surroundings. However, no matter how much power one stores in their body, there will always be a limit. The sky and the earth have no boundaries, yet the human body has its limits.

No matter how great a cultivator was, in theory, their powers would eventually run out. When a battle has reached a certain point, all of them will eventually use up their stored powers, using up the last bit of fire within them.

Which also meant that in theory, there was a possibility that cultivators could be killed from overexerting their powers.

At the same time, this meant that in theory, as long as the plant’s Spiritual Qi that was being manipulated by Chengfeng was not destroyed, it would never be depleted. Chengfeng realised that this power fits the law of conservation of energy that came from the world in his dream, that the energy of an isolated system would always remain constant!

Following the law of conservation of energy, within the range where Chengfeng could manipulate it, the energy and Spiritual Qi of these plants would always be constant. It would not deplete nor increase with Chengfeng’s manipulation. Unless the energy was lost during transfer, it would always be directed from one area to another within his range.

An example of energy being lost would be when the Spiritual Qi of plants were absorbed into Chengfeng’s injured body to heal him, or when other sources of powers destroy it. Such as the time when Chengfeng’s plant manipulation was burnt to a crisp by Yangjian Court’s fire arrays.

That said, according to the law of energy conservation, the energies from the plants were still the same. They had simply changed in composition. Because of this, Chengfeng could no longer manipulate them since they were no longer classified as grass and trees.

Chengfeng thought on as he considered the endless possibilities. What sort of power could he gain if were to consume the energy and Spiritual Qi from the decayed remains of these plants? What kind of otherworldly power would that be?

If that were the case, the energy that he could borrow would not solely be from living things, but also everything in existence would become an extension of energy that could be used. It would definitely be a power to shake even the heavens! 

As he thought of this possibility, Chengfeng couldn’t help but want to improve and possess that level of power immediately! He wanted to immediately surpass the third and fourth heavenly level and skip to the tenth if he could! But then again, what was the reason for this dreamscape’s sudden activation?

This question left Chengfeng with no answers. With every dream he had about that place, he seemed to discover more hidden clues. Regarding the truth of the reincarnated traitorous immortal from 19 years ago… What kind of events had transpired that led this Star Major to commit a betrayal? Why did he escape to earth? Why are the heavens trying to assassinate him? 

With more questions than answers, Chengfeng could not even begin to wonder. He felt helpless as his only option, for now, was to wait patiently until he could enter the bizarre dream once again. Only then could he try to find more clues.

He decided to save these questions for another day and started to assess the strengths and weaknesses of his fighting abilities. 

First of all, by observing his current situation, he noticed that his biggest strength lied on his cluelessness. After having read Notes for Cultivation, he quickly realised that his way of cultivation was very different from other cultivators. They used two completely different systems for cultivation, and these two systems could never coexist together. This could also explain why his body does not contain any True Yuan Pills, it was because he possessed Immortal Qi!

The Immortal Qi within him would reject any True Yuan that has entered within Chengfeng’s body.

If they were to have a duel, this would without a doubt be Chengfeng’s secret killer move!

By taking advantage of this, he would become undefeatable! 

The second strength was the source of his power. 

Currently, Chengfeng’s strength and power relied upon his surroundings. If he were to duel on a green meadow, then his power source could be almost infinite; If it was in a forest, Chengfeng’s strength could be as vast as the sea. This was why, if he were to engage in a death duel in the future, the place where they would engage their battle was crucial.

If they chose the right place, then he would have the upper hand!

His third strength was the Immortal Qi within his body.

Different from other cultivators, Chengfeng’s body was different compared to mere mortals as his inner body possessed strong Immortal Qi. By analysing the previous battles he had engaged in, he realised that he could almost immunise every kind of controlled magic. Following this logic, Chengfeng hypothesised that this could be because the use of controlled magic by the other party was made possible by controlling the opponent’s meridians and Qi.

When the body’s meridians and Qi were being controlled, it would naturally be the same as the person himself being controlled. But, because Chengfeng’s body possessed the Immortal Qi, his body would naturally reject this power. 

If this kind of scenario were to come up during a duel, the final victory would already be decided, just like the time where Chengfeng had a duel of death with one of the Zhan family’s servants.

If Chengfeng were to utilise these three points, where the time, place and opponent’s power was in his favour, he would experience great victory even with his low-level cultivation rank!


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