Breaking The Day - Chapter 169

After analysing his own strengths, Chengfeng began to think of his weaknesses.

First off, he had a minimal number of skills on his hands. Once he had shown all of his skills to the enemy, he could be easily targeted. With just fire spells alone, his abilities would immediately plummet.

Second of all, he was heavily reliant towards his surroundings and environment. Once he left the type of battle environment that was in his favour, his potential strength would start to plummet as well. Not to mention, if he were to fight with someone who possessed pyro-centric powers like Grand Senior Sister, the plants surrounding them would be burnt to a crisp if his opponent were to use any large scale fire spells. This would lead Chengfeng to become powerless, with only his Immortal Qi and bone spear left to fight.

Thirdly, Chengfeng’s unique way of cultivating, in theory, gave him unlimited power during a battle. His body did not need to store any power, the power that he used was not his own. Not only that, with Chengfeng’s continuous use of this technique, the stronger it became. Based on his theory, he could continuously use this spell indefinitely, and with every use, his power could grow infinitely.

However, this seemingly insane and undefeated skill had a very critical weakness. It could not allow the cultivator’s body to grow stronger in a short period. 

In other words, even if a truly powerful cultivator was not using their spells, they still possessed a powerful body. This was because their inner body contained terrifyingly strong energy. Under these circumstances, it would be hard to orchestrate a sneak attack against a powerful cultivator. Even if they were to be ambushed, with the strong cultivator’s powerful attacks they had cultivated, it would still be dangerous. 

But this was not the case for Chengfeng. Though he could control a considerable amount of power, his body was weak. To change this, he needed to use this skill for a long time, where his body would slowly but surely grow to eventually achieve infinite power and alter his body’s composition. But until then, he could not deny that his body was still a weak vessel in its current state.

If Chengfeng was ambushed, and his body was heavily injured during the scuffle, this would mean that Chengfeng would lose the entire battle. 

Fourthly, Chengfeng did not possess a magical weapon of his own. 

This would be the same as a soldier without a weapon in battle. With just their fists to fight an opponent, how could there possibly be a chance of victory?

As Chengfeng was done drawing a diagram of his strengths and weaknesses on the ground, he quickly dragged a foot over the dirt to cover it up. He let out a sigh as he glanced at the bone spear in his hand. 

“Sigh. Grim Stork, why couldn’t you grow your bones a bit longer?” Chengfeng sighed. “If you were two meters long, I could at least use you as an actual make-shift actual spear. But… with this one-meter length… it’s neither long nor short. What should I do with you?”

Chengfeng shook his head and kept his bone spear before he walked home.

When he left the forest, Chengfeng could see Blockhead in the distance, carrying a large log towards their tattered house. Tianjun, on the other hand, was standing on their rooftop performing quick mudras. Using his small skills, he quickly dried the newly moulded wet cement pieces into sturdy and robust roof tiles. 

Su You was standing by the side of the house, he was wielding his magical sword as he swiftly carved the large logs in front of him into pieces of wooden planks.

Chengfeng was rather shocked as he walked nearer, his eyes fixated on Su You’s magical sword as it danced in the air, its blade reflecting bright light while it danced about. The logs that it sliced through made wooden planks that were all equal in size and thickness. 

Chengfeng picked up the wooden planks with curiosity, and to his surprise, even the tree bark has been sliced off neatly! What laid before him was a wooden plank with its wood grains shown clearly, the pattern resembled waves that seemed to be moving within the planks. It was a beautiful piece to be admired.

“This is amazing!” Chengfeng couldn’t help but exclaim in praise while he gave Su You a thumbs up.

Feeling delighted, Su You laughed, “Oh, this is nothing.”

As they were speaking, He Zhu threw the large tree log in front of Su You and proceeded to approach the nearest tree from where he stood.  He Zhu picked up his heavy sword and severed the tree from its base in one swing. The severed tree slowly sled from its base and fell onto the ground. 

Su You smiled, “I apologise for cutting down the trees near your entrance, but… I remember there were no trees here the last time I came! Where did these trees come from? Did you summon them with your spells?”

Chengfeng smiled, he did not agree nor deny his Senior Brother’s questions as he asked, “Senior Brother Su, is there any other way to obtain a magical weapon that could recognise its master?”

Su You froze, “Junior Brother Feng, did you not go to the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords to collect a magical sword of your own?” 

Chengfeng gave him a wry smile, “I did, but I couldn’t get one.”

“How could that be?” asked Su You in shock.

Chengfeng proceeded to tell Su You a simplified version of what transpired during their trip to the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords. Su You looked at Chengfeng with a peculiar stare, and gave him a wry smile as well, “Junior Brother, if that’s the case then I’m not sure either. All of the disciples from Hidden Sword Court have obtained their magical swords from the Vally of Ten Thousand Swords. There has never been an exception.”

Chengfeng was disappointed and let out a long sigh, “Then what should I do about not possessing a magical weapon?”

He Zhu who was carrying a giant log suddenly chimed in, “Well, you should just forge a magical weapon of your own!”

“Huh? You can do that?” questioned Chengfeng in shock.

Su You froze at first, then proceeded to rub his chin with his index finger and mumbled, “Hmmm… let me think… Well, in theory, it’s not as if we can’t.”

Chengfeng gave an awkward laugh, “It’s impossible, right? To forge a magical weapon in Hidden Sword Court? Where could we get the materials?”

Tianjun shouted from the rooftop, “Go to Shiwu Mountain! You can dig for it yourself!”

Chengfeng felt his jaw drop, “WHAT? Dig? If I want to forge a magical weapon, I have to mine my own stuff?”

Su You looked at Chengfeng in confusion, “What’s there to be surprised about? A lot of magical weapons were forged by cultivators on their own using the same method! Not to mention, how could you feel safe if it was made by someone else?”

Tianjun laughed, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, we could come help you dig together! It’ll be much quicker with our help too! If you were to do it alone, it would take months!”

The more he thought about it, the bigger Su You’s grin became, “If that’s the case, Blockhead, Tianjun and I will help you mine the Spiritual Rocks and Spiritual Jades. Whereas you could try your luck and go deep into the cave to look for any spirit crystals. Who knows? Maybe you would hit the jackpot and find a spirit crystal of good quality! A good magical weapon can’t be forged if it does not have a spirit crystal.”

“It’s just that, it won’t do if we only have enough materials. You also need to find someone who could forge it for you, then you need to think of a way to capture a high-level demon. After that, you need to read up on books and refine your soul. Only then will your magical weapon possess a consciousness and its own spiritual properties.”

Chengfeng felt helpless as he listened on regarding the steps to obtain a magical weapon. “Let’s not talk even about high-level demons and soul refinement first... When it comes to forging…  I have already wronged so many cultivators in the Spiritual Mountain Sect, who would be willing to forge one for me?”

Su You sighed, “That’s true... that will be quite the hurdle to overcome. A normal blacksmith won’t do as they don’t know how to carve in arrays and runes. And you can’t just show them a drawing of your arrays and runes, because that would be leaking out the hidden talents of your magical weapon. Not to mention, if the blacksmith were to pick up all your materials and ran away, then Junior Brother Feng, you’d be in trouble.”

He Zhu loudly exclaimed, “Well, I can forge it for you.”

Everyone turned their heads to He Zhu in surprise. Su You let out a guffaw, “Blockhead, you can forge magical weapons? Why haven’t I heard about it!” 

He Zhu ruffled the back of his head, “It’s because Senior Brother never asked! I used to be a blacksmith before this.”

Su You slapped He Zhu’s back in surprise, “Wow Blockhead! You sure are full of surprises!” He then turned towards Chengfeng and continued, “Junior Brother Feng, you must be blessed by the heavens!”

Chengfeng smiled as he patted He Zhu on the arm, “Senior Brother He Zhu, I thank you in advance. Regarding the magical weapon, please give me some time to think. What should my first magical weapon look like…?”

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