Breaking The Day - Chapter 17

Sun Boren lifted his arm and flicked his fingers. With three crisp cracks, three blasts of air landed on Zhao Xiaobao’s chest, throwing him down on the ground. He could not move. 

Green Bead, startled, was about to react but saw Sun Boren returning to give Li Chengfeng his evaluation once again. Delighted, she said, “Master, you sure have a large heart. Please forgive us for any rash words!” 

Sun Boren ignored her, his eyes fixed on Li Chengfeng with a disgusting smile. He held a mudra and white steam curled from his head to form three lotuses. The three lotuses bloomed in sequence, then released three columns of smoke which merged and entered Li Chengfeng’s body. 

He intended to inject his True Yuan into Li Chengfeng’s body, invading his internal organs. Then, they would wither and fail within a month! No one would suspect Boren at all! 

This was payback for pushing him into the poop pond! 

Sun Boren sneered as he continuously pushed more True Yuan into Li Chengfeng’s body, attacking his organs mercilessly. His expression changed suddenly as everyone saw that the white smoke seemed to be stopped by something. Then, golden gossamer threads seemed to push white smoke back out of Li Chengfeng’s head through his crown. 

He could not believe his eyes. As there were many people watching him, he gritted his teeth, prepared himself and forced his True Yuan into Li Chengfeng’s crown. 

When the golden threads sensed a threat, they exploded apart abruptly into countless golden stars, then merged together once again on Li Chengfeng’s forehead into a vertical eye. 

At that moment, everyone heard a mighty ‘buzz’, as if bells were rung from a far, far away place. The sound was far away but majestic and dignified! 

Li Chengfeng’s body floated up from the ground, his eyes still shut tight. His black hair floated maniacally as the vertical eye shone a bright golden. He looked like a regal deity descended from the heavens! 

Jaws dropped as everyone looked at the vertical eye on his forehead, still shut tight. They merely felt an oddly powerful oppression from his being! 

Sun Boren was terrified, unable to comprehend the situation! It was just like the time he couldn’t understand why his Fulu seal hadn’t worked on Li Chengfeng! 

Shaking, he bit the tip of his tongue to release fresh blood containing the most Yang energy in his body. He then sprayed his blood at Li Chengfeng’s golden eye! 

This spray of blood contained pure Yang energy, it was the antidote to any encounters with evil  ghost entities!

But his opponent wasn’t an evil ghost entity, it was the most powerful immortal power in the world! 

This spray of blood stopped an inch away from Li Chengfeng, as if he had a layer of invisible armour. When the droplets came into contact with it, they instantly sizzled off into steam like dewdrops in the hot sun. 

Sun Boren was stunned. He felt a terrifying force gradually materialising right before his eyes! 

The golden vertical eye suddenly opened a crack as rays of golden light spilt outwards! 

He trembled the moment the golden eye opened, wanting to escape but he felt the terrifying force locking him on the spot. He could not move. All he could do was watch as the golden eye on Li Chengfeng’s forehead slowly opened. 

When it opened, the group heard thunder loud enough to shake the world, as if a hole had been blasted in the heavens. It felt as if the skies would collapse and the earth would swallow them whole! 

One blinding, golden ray shot out from the eye and hit Sun Boren, as intense as roasting fire. He wailed in agony. 

Any living thing would instinctively struggle at death’s door, and this definitely included a cultivator from a cultivating sect! 

Su Zhixian had tried to absorb Li Chengfeng’s Yang Qi but when the mysterious force of power in him was triggered, she had scrambled back in fear and hence did not cause more trouble for herself. Previously, when Sun Boren probed Li Chengfeng’s meridians with his Qi, he was not causing any harm so Chengfeng’s internal Immortal Qi did not attack. 

Right now, Sun Boren was fighting for his life against this force of power! He wailed and shrieked with a crack in his voice, “What kind of demon are you?! Show yourself!” 

Sun Boren used all the powers he had to resist the force while the golden eye slowly opened. Its golden light completely covered this lower-tiered cultivator as it filled the room. Madam Xie, Green Bead and Zhao Xiaobao closed their eyes from the blinding light but could still see it through their eyelids. They raised their hands to cover their faces but still could not shield themselves from the terrifying light. They only felt white-hot light, as if the sun itself was burning within the great hall, its rays piercing through everything- including their souls! 

It didn’t matter if they were Madam Xie, Green Bead or Zhao Xiaobao, who’d practised martial arts with Chengfeng since young. They all shielded their eyes with both hands as they heard the Spiritual Mountain Sect’s cultivator shriek and scream in agony. 

The screams soaked into their skin, chilling their hearts. It sounded as if he was burned alive, and stabbed by a thousand knives at the same time. Even the hot air currents radiating from the golden light could not stop them from shivering! 

No one knew how much time had passed when the light around them gradually faded. When the heat dissipated, they finally put down their hands and opened their eyes. 

They saw that Li Chengfeng was collapsed on the ground, unmoving. Sun Boren was nearby, twitching uncontrollably on the ground. His face looked like it had been roasted, his skin cracked like the ground during a drought. Every inch was dry and crumbly. Only two gaping holes remained in his head, for his eyeballs had been burned to ash. Not even blood flowed. One could only see a chilling, violent red in the depths of the dark eye sockets. 

Sun Boren had already lost his sanity. As he twitched, he muttered continuously to himself, “What kind of demon are you, show yourself, what kind of demon are you, show yourself…” 

The great hall was suddenly completely silent, everyone was still in shock. Madam Xie stared at her son with wide eyes, suddenly recalling a terrifying incident: 19 years ago, when Li Chengfeng was born, there was something she buried in the depths of her memories that she never told anyone! 

Unless… was her son… really one of the traitorous, reincarnated immortals that the palace had placed orders to kill? 

Madam Xie shivered. This was a crime serious enough to get her entire clan executed! 

What now?! 

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