Breaking The Day - Chapter 170

What should his first magical weapon be? Chengfeng had wondered many times before. The weapon that he was most skilled with was naturally the sword, his usual sword was the Brilliant Cleansing Moon Sword from the Cleansing Moon Sect. However, during his battle with the Grim Stork, the sword that was once his family heirloom was broken beyond repair. Not to mention, the other heirloom of the Li family, a spear, was snapped in half when Li Chun charged into the Grim Stork as well.

If he were to forge a magical sword as his magical weapon, Chengfeng had no materials to enhance the abilities of the sword. However, he did currently possess a bone spear that was unbelievably sharp from the Grim Stork. If he were able to use the bone spear to forge a magical spear, he would be able to enhance its already formidable features.

Although Chengfeng was best in swordfighting, he was adept with the spear as well. Even if he was not able to refine a strong magical weapon, obtaining one with magical powers would be much better than fighting with his bare fist or with his short bone spear. After all, the longer it was, the stronger his spear would be.

Why are cultivators much stronger than warriors? Isn’t it because their battle range was farther, and their magical spells are stronger?

Chengfeng gave Su You a smile and said, “I want to forge a long spear.”

“A long spear…” Su You and Tianjun looked each other in the eye and smiled wryly. “If any disciples from Hidden Sword Court were to wield a spear… I’m afraid we would be mocked.”

Chengfeng smiled helplessly, “Since I have such valuable material with me... if we don’t turn it into a magical weapon, it would definitely be a waste.”

He then took out the bone spear from his back and showed it to the others. As Su You held the bone spear he let out a small gasp, “This is…”

Tianjun continued, “Could this be the bone of a Grim Stork?”

Chengfeng praised in delight, “You have a good eye, Senior Brother. Yes, this is a bone from the Grim Stork.”

Tianjun curiously asked, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, the Grim Stork is a demon that is only unique to the North-West. Not to mention, it’s known for its ferocity. Out of all its body parts, only its bones could be refined into a magical weapon. And this is the strongest and sturdiest bone of them all! May I ask, how did you obtain this?”

Chengfeng felt it was unnecessary to tell the group of his past. Hence, he only smiled and replied, “You could say that it was a twist of fate.”

Seeing that Chengfeng did not speak any further, Tianjun and Su You stopped their questioning. After all, in the path of cultivation, even the closest brothers would not reveal the entirety of their pasts.

Tianjun continued, “If we were to combine this bone spear with Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Jades of great quality, it could definitely be forged into a great magical spear. However, if you were to mine a good Spirit Crystal to go with it, then it would definitely become a powerful magical weapon!”

Su You patted He Zhu’s arm as he smiled, “Junior Brother! We’ll be depending on you! Whether or not we’ll be ranked last in next month’s evaluation, Junior Brother Chengfeng, we’ll be counting on you as well!”

He Zhu let out a chuckle. After a quick conversation among the rest, they continued with their repairs.

Now anyone could see the immediate benefits of working together. When Chengfeng and the rest tried to repair the house with their physical abilities, they could only barely keep the house in place. But since Su You and the rest came to help out, they managed to finish all repairs before evening came.

The once tattered old house Chengfeng and the rest stayed in became brand new. Their main entrance was now a brand new door made from freshly chopped wood. Although it was quite different from the redwood that once “armed” the entrance, at least now they could finally shut the door.  While the wood grinds of the newly installed floor planks were dancing like waves, it was quite the sight to see. 

The rooftop was covered with tiles made by Tianjun using his spells, it was black with a hint of red from the clay peeking through. Whereas the windows were made from simple wooden planks carved by Su You’s magic sword, after they installed glass panels onto the windows, this place would finally be considered as an actual house. Compared to the old one that had no roof, no doors and no windows, this newly refurbished house was just something else.

After Su You and the rest made plans with Chengfeng to mine in Shiwu Mountain the next morning, they all said their goodbyes and parted ways.

The next day before dawn, Yuehan had already made rabbit jerky that was roasted by Chengfeng a few days ago and packed it into his cloth bag. Not only that, she had made a cloth handle and tied it onto Chengfeng’s bone spear, and a sash for him to carry it around on his back with ease. This was all so that if an enemy were to attack him, he could easily take it out and defend himself. 

When the time came for him to leave, Chengfeng examined the meticulously prepared cloth bag and handle made by Yuehan. When he looked at her face, her big round eyes were staring at him with worry as her long eyelashes fluttered. As if it was trying to seduce his heart.
Chengfeng felt his heart palpitate, and his voice was much gentler than before. “Alright, I’m just going to the mountain to mine. I’ll be back really soon.” He said. 

“But, I heard that mining is extremely dangerous. If something were to happen, what should I do?” replied Yuehan in worry.

Chengfeng smiled, “I’m going with my Senior Brothers after all! Even if we were stuck in the mines, we’d make do with a bowl of dumplings to share! We’re cultivators after all, do you really think we would let a mountain bury us?”

Seeing that Xiaobao was also backing his belongings, Chengfeng quickly ordered, “Hey, you don’t have to go with me. You can take this opportunity to leave the mountain, send my mother a letter while you’re at it. We’ve been up in these mountains for so long, and have yet to send them any news. I bet mother is worried to death right now!”

Xiaobao hesitated, “But, Young Master… If you were to go alone, wouldn’t it be dangerous?”

Chengfeng laughed, “It wouldn’t matter if you were there or not! It’ll just be the same! Quickly now, while you’re at it, please ask them if money is tight on their side. If money is tight, take some of my money and give it to them. However, if they have more than sufficient funds, ask for some money from them so that we can use it in the future.”

A puzzled Xiaobao asked, “How should I explain this to them?”

Chengfeng let out a sigh, “There is only one month left until the assessment, there will definitely be a tough battle following ahead. We definitely will need the money when the time comes.”

Xiaobao had a sudden realisation and replied, “Understood! Young Master, please take care of yourself! Are there any words you might want me to pass to Madam Xie?”

Chengfeng passed a letter to Xiaobao as he solemnly instructed him, “You MUST send this to my mother in-person with the letter! If you ever find yourself in danger, destroy it immediately!”

Xiaobao kept the letter safe by his side with a serious expression on his face before receiving some silvers from Chengfeng. He then bowed to the two before he left the entrance.

Just when Xiaobao stepped out of their entrance, he bumped into Su You and the rest. Su You shouted from a distance,  “Junior Brother Zhao, has Junior Brother Chengfeng woken up yet?”

Although Xiaobao was initially accepted into Hidden Sword Court as a magical pet, after he fought alongside Su You and the rest, he was now accepted by his peers as a disciple and as a Junior Brother. This made Xiaobao extremely delighted.

Xiaobao replied enthusiastically, “Young Master is awake!” As he turned around, he smiled, “See, he’s already out the door!”

They watched as Chengfeng and Yuehan stepped out from the house, Yuehan was carefully fixing Chengfeng’s robes and bag. As if she was a maiden who was sending her husband to war, the warm and thoughtful scene made the singletons that were standing by the side have tears well up in their eyes. 

Tianjun smiled bitterly as he said, “We should’ve just met up at the entrance of Shiwu Mountain.”

Su You sighed, “Junior Brother is so fortunate! We… can only feel envious!”

He Zhu chuckled, “Junior Brother and Sister are so handsome and beautiful! It’s just that… her butt is too small, I worry it would be hard for childbirth.”

Su You laughed, “You’re just a man with poor taste! What do you know? Little Junior Sister has the type of body that is perfect! Her physique was as if the Jade Emperor had drawn her with every brushstroke himself! No flaw could be found about her! She is perfect!”

He Zhu curled his lips as he explained, “In my village, the women who are considered beautiful must have big butts. If not, they might die while giving birth!”

Tianjun observed He Zhu who towered above them all. With a smile, he asked, “That would be true... if all the children were to grow to be your size, they would definitely experience difficult labour if their butts were small!

He Zhu thought about it seriously, then used his hands to gesture its size. “It’s about this big.”

Su You and Tianjun took one look at his hands and were immediately taken aback. The size He Zhu had gestured was about as big as his face!

If their butts were as big as his face, what would their figure look like? Could it be that they would be 8 feet tall, and their waistline would be 8 feet long as well?

The two of them glanced at each other, trying their best not to laugh as they watched Chengfeng bid farewell to Yuehan while he walked towards them.

Chengfeng looked at the two that were trying to hide their laughter, then looked at himself. He wondered if there was something on him and quickly examined his clothes. Su You could not help but burst out in laughter as he held onto the edge of Chengfeng’s robe, “Stop looking, there’s nothing on you. We were just joking around.”

Having heard this, Chengfeng let out a laugh with Su You and the rest as they joked and left for the mountain. 

But what they did not notice was Yuehan who stood by the door as she watched them leave, her eyes welled with tears. In a flash, she disappeared, as she secretly followed them to the mountains. 

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