Breaking The Day - Chapter 172

Xue Man’s wild gaze swept across the crowd, everyone on the spot could not help but look down to their feet. He let out a grunt as the fat on his face squeezed into lumps, “Fifty-two silvers, not one less! If there was even one missing, don’t even think that you would be able to leave this mine!” He then walked towards a young man of average build, side-eyed him and reached out his arm. 

The young man took out a bag of silver from his pocket unwillingly, but before he could hand the money to him, Xue Man snatched it from his hand. After Xue Man counted the money in the bag, he threw the entire thing to his back, where one of his subordinates caught it with their own pockets.

The young man suddenly wailed, “That was all of my savings!”

Xue Man lifted his foot and kicked the young man in the stomach, which led the young man to fall onto his knees in pain. Xue Man then grabbed onto the young man’s hair as he inched his face to the young man with a grin, “It’s not just your money that’s mine, here on my turf, even your life is mine! If you don’t like it, then scram!”

Chengfeng watched in anger, his body trembled in rage while his knuckles turned white from clenching his fists tightly.

If they were to follow the rulebook, there was no need for them to pay these fees. Especially if they were not planning on mining. 

But, no one here had the funds to buy spirit rocks or spirit jades directly. And if they had none of these minerals, they would not be able to obtain magical weapons! And without magical weapons, could they even be counted as actual cultivators? If they were not actual cultivators, what for did they enter the Spiritual Mountain Sect for?

Xue Man knew very well regarding the thoughts of these cultivators, that was why he had no fear. He pushed the young man aside and walked to the next victim, after these young men had all given him their silver pouches cooperatively, he counted the money and would throw them behind him for his subordinate to catch.

As he was collecting his “fees”, even Su You, Tianjun and He Zhu who was built like a giant quietly obliged and gave him their money. However, when he was standing in front of Chengfeng, he realised that his hands were empty, and Chengfeng’s glare towards him was filled with hostility. 

Seeing that Chengfeng was tall and handsome, Xue Man felt a tinge of jealousy towards him. He glared at him and threatened, “What? You want to test out my rule?”

Chengfeng forced a smile and replied, “Oh, heavens, no! I would never!” He then took out fifty-two silver pieces and handed it to Xue Man. After counting the money and throwing it to his subordinate, Xue Man, however, yelled, “Not enough!”

Chengfeng was filled with rage, “Didn’t you say it was fifty-two silvers?!”

Xue Man had his nose pointing upwards as he retorted, “I just can’t stand the look of you! You have ruined my mood! So what? You don’t want to give it?”

Chengfeng took a deep breath, he stared at Xue Man as he took out another fifty-two silver pieces. Before he could hand it to him, Xue Man had already snatched from his palm.

Chengfeng thought that this would finally be over, who knew that Xue Man would reach out his hand once again. He smiled as he looked at Chengfeng, shouting, “Not enough!”

The vein on Chengfeng’s temples had started to throb. “Why wasn’t that enough?”

Xue Man side-eyed Chengfeng as he sneered, “Because I said it wasn’t enough, so it’s not enough! What are you gonna do about it?”

Chengfeng tried his best to calm his anger, “Then how much do you want?”

Xue Man thought about it then replied, “How much do you have?”

Chengfeng squinted his eyes as he glared at Xueman, “So you want to take all of my money?”

Xue Man let out a guffaw, “That’s just how it is!”

“I see, so you’re playing me, huh?” replied Chengfeng with a forced smile.

Xue Man’s expression suddenly changed, he grinned as he spoke, “So what can you do about it? Who told you to look me in the eyes? You’re not happy about it? Well if you’re not happy about it, then scram!”

Chengfeng proceeded to glare at Xue Man, his face still maintained a smile, but his gaze was turning colder and colder.

Su You and the rest who were watching by the side suddenly felt cold sweat running behind their back. What was this man thinking? This was none other than the Chengfeng who beat up a Senior Brother in front of their Senior Sisters and Brothers from Hidden Brocade and Hidden Beauty Court!

To think he wouldn’t dare to beat up Xue Man? Think again!

Su You’s expression changed for the worse as he quickly pulled the edge of Chengfeng’s robe.

He then quietly whispered, “Junior Brother, to compromise would make a conflict much easier to resolve. Grand Senior Brother Qian Shanxue from Hidden Brocade Court is famous for being vengeful and unreasonable! You must not provoke him!”

Chengfeng listened to his Senior Brother quietly, he bit his tongue as hard as he could while the apple on his cheeks became extremely tight from him trying not to lash out. 

Xue Man sneered, “What? Look at you, you want to hit me? Alright, if you dare to hit me, then I won’t charge you for mining this cave! I swear I won’t take even one cent from you!”

Chengfeng stared at Xue Man for quite a while before taking out a pouch from his pocket. Xue Man snatched it away once again, and to his delight, he found a silver note that was worth a thousand and two hundred silvers. He smiled happily as he said, “Should’ve given it to me sooner to save the trouble!” As he said this, he gestured to his subordinates and handed them the silver pouch.

Su You pulled Chengfeng away,  who was so enraged that the vein on his temples began to pop, and guided him to the mines as he whispered, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, please tolerate this. One day when you become a famous cultivator, it won’t be too late to come back and teach him a lesson.”

Chengfeng kept a dark expression, as he continued his silence. With his back turned from him, Xue Man side-eyed Chengfeng once again, grinning as he spoke, “And I thought he must’ve eaten a boar’s heart, only for him to become a coward. Ptui, how useless. That being said, look at his pretty face. He must’ve been a mutt that was given birth by those wh*res from wh*re houses. If not, how could he be born with such a face?”

As he said this, Xue Man and those behind him started to laugh.

At this moment, Chengfeng who had almost reached the elevator suddenly came to a halt. Su You and the rest immediately felt their heart drop, they all thought in unison, ‘This can’t be good.’

Su You subconsciously tugged on the edge of Chengfeng’s robe once again, only to find Chengfeng slighting squinting his eyes at him, but his eyes were icy cold. With one look, Su You felt strong killing intent.

He immediately let go of Chengfeng’s robe and stared as he watched him leave. For a moment, Su You imagined if he were to try and stop Chengfeng, he would immediately turn hostile towards him, even beating up his Senior Brother as well.

As Chengfeng walked towards Xue Man, Xue Man turned around to follow the gaze of his subordinates, only to find Chengfeng standing behind him. He sneered, “Is there anything else? If there’s not, then scram! Better run while I’m still in a good mood!”

Chengfeng had on a forced smile before placing both of his hands on his waist, “What was it that Senior Brother Xue said just now? My ears are not as nimble, so I couldn’t hear you clearly.”

Xue Man let out a guffaw, “Never have I imagined there would be people asking to be scolded! Listen up, just now I said that you……”

Before he could finish his sentence, Chengfeng suddenly pounced at him like a fierce tiger.

Xue Man was shocked and subconsciously took a step back, but he suddenly felt a force pulling onto his feet. As he looked down, he realised that weeds had suddenly grown underneath his feet, rendering him immobile.

While Xue Man was restrained, Chengfeng immediately pounced forward, pushing Xue Man to the ground.

He then proceeded to continuously throw lightning-like punches onto Xue Man. At first, Xue Man was able to screech and scream as he violently tried to fight back, but Chengfeng had never lost a fight when it came to close combat. Hence, he quickly deflected Xue Man’s punches and revealed his entirely vulnerable upper body and head.

The crowd stood and watched as Chengfeng started to punch Xue Man as if he was a pile driver. Chengfeng’s punches laid quick and fast,  even the audience couldn’t keep up with his speed. All they saw were afterimages of every punch, they could not even count the number of punches Chengfeng had thrown in one go! But from what they could hear, these punches were all densely packed onto Xue Man’s body. The sound of his punches felt like firecrackers, it just would not seem to stop!

After Chengfeng’s lightning punches, the speed of his fists started to slow down. However, with each slower punch, his fist fell harder and harder onto Xue Man’s body. Each punch made a rumbling sound to the ground, whereas Xue Man’s body shook viciously with every punch, and his mouth was filled with fresh blood.

Chengfeng, on the other hand, was now covered in Xue Man’s blood from head to toe. His eyes were still seeing red as he let out all of his rage and anger. He bit his teeth as he screamed, “Those who insult my mother, KILL!”

Just as he said so, Chengfeng raised both of his fists up high. The crowd had no doubt that if he were to slam his iron fists onto Xue Man, even a man that was made from iron would be dented beyond recognition.

Xue Man hopelessly watched as the two highly raised fists came towards his direction, covering the skies above his head.

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