Breaking The Day - Chapter 173

Seeing that this punch from Chengfeng would be his final blow, Xue Man knew that his head would be cracked in half. Su You and the rest had all colour drained from their face as they finally found their voice, screaming, “STOP!!”

Xue Man watched as Chengfeng’s fist about to fall onto his face, he couldn’t help but close his eyes and turned his head away while he wailed in agony. A loud thump could be heard from his sides as the ground shook. After a while, Xue Man finally plucked up some courage and opened his eyes, only to find two fist-sized dents had formed by the sides of his ears, the stone path cracked into a million pieces.

Xue Man sighed in relief as he thought to himself, ‘He doesn’t dare beat me to death!’

Just as he was about to talk, he turned around and found Chengfeng glaring at him with hostile eyes, his killing intent so strong that Xue Man immediately swallowed his words back into his throat. He did not dare to speak at that moment. 

Before the crowd could register what had happened, the initially humble and courteous Chengfeng who was holding back his anger had suddenly awoken like a fierce tiger, pouncing onto the arrogant bully as he rode on top of him. Wielding both of his iron fists and threw lightning-like punches that sounded like strikes of lightning to teach him a lesson.

If one were to be nice, one would call the crowd cultivators. However, if one were to be frank, they were all trembling quails. They were all servants who belonged to Hidden Beauty Court and Hidden Brocade Court. Although their time in Spiritual Mountain Sect was longer than Chengfeng, after being made to run errands and endure hard physical labour for so many years, even if they were allowed to cultivate, they would have no spare time nor the strength to train. Naturally, their level of cultivation would not be fruitful.

Not to mention, after a long period of living life as servants and enduring the cruel divide of social standings in the cultivation world, they had already lost the spark that used to burn bright within them. Their tedious lifestyle had frozen the once passionate and coursing blood they used to possess.  Before they entered the Sect, they were filled with passion and hope, full of life and motivation, brimming with personality and uniqueness.

But right now, they were all the same. Wearing the same dull robe and holding the same kind of gaze where it only reflected coldness, terror, carefulness and trembling gaze.

When they realised that they would never be able to climb up the ranks and become great cultivators, not being chased out of the sect became their biggest wish and bottom line.

Which was why it never crossed their mind that within the Spiritual Mountain Sect, there would be a newbie who dared to beat Hidden Brocade Court’s Grand Senior Brother Qian Shanxue’s servant to a pulp!

T-this, this was the epitome of having eaten a boar’s heart! A universal celebration for those who had suffered!

These servants had had enough of Man Xue’s antics long ago, but because of his dog-acting-like-master attitude, no one dared to fight back. They could only accept being bullied by him.

“Who is this person? How could he be so… arrogant?”

“I don’t know him…”

“Good job beating him to a pulp!”

“Shh! Quiet! Do you no longer wish to come here?”

“Hmph! Someone dared to hit him, why would I be afraid to speak up? Did you see those firecracker punches? It was so amazing! He definitely gave the arrogant bully what was coming for him!”

“That’s true, good job!”

They had only seen Chengfeng throwing his fists, and with just a few punches in, the once arrogant bully Xue’s head had been cracked open as it stained the ground red with his blood.

Xue Man was no cultivator, for he did not know any spells, and did not possess any magical weapons, let alone possessing the Invincible Golden Body.

At best, he was just a beginner who had learned a little magic. Xue Man was far inferior to Zhou Jieyi from Hidden Modesty Court. Li Chengfeng even defeated Zhou Jieyi violently, let alone this punk.

Chengfeng grabbed him by the collar as he asked him with a grin, “Let me ask you once more. What did you just say?”

Xueman looked at Chengfeng in pure terror. His mouth slightly twitched before he turned his head to look at the crowd surrounding them. Those who used to be submissive and hung their head low around him were suddenly glaring with fury in their eyes. It was as if the lizards that were once stomped under his feet suddenly transformed into raging beasts!

With their intense gaze, Xue Man couldn’t help but be stubborn with his words. He looked at Chengfeng unconvinced as he muttered to himself, ‘Beat me to death if you dare!’

As if he had heard what Xue Man was thinking, Chengfeng immediately landed another punch to his face as he angrily exclaimed, “You have no guts to talk now, huh? Did you think your master Qian Shanxue would come and save you? If he knew of your deceit, bullying and money extortion antics? Once the senior uncles know about this, this would become a grave sin! It will be a blessing if they don’t skin you alive! And yet you think your master would save you from this?” 

As his body trembled, Xue Man’s face was as white as a sheet. The only reason he was allowed to work here was because of Qian Xueshan’s influence. But no matter what the circumstances was, be it extorting money or abuse of power, these are things that could never be exposed to the public. Back then, no one dared to report his actions to Qian Shanxue, because they were too afraid to offend a powerful cultivator like him.

If his misdeeds were to come to light, there was no doubt that Qian Shanxue would do this best to save his own face. After all, his reputation was far more important than some lowly servant.

Just as Xue Man thought about this, he was filled with immense regret. Why did he have to provoke this hot-blooded young man? Does he not fear how powerful his master was? But even so, he was the one who caused this misfortune to fall upon himself.

However, Xue Man knew that he could not back down. If he did, this would mean that he was disgracing his master’s reputation. And knowing Qian Shanxue, he would certainly suffer a fate worse than death. Which was why he had to clench his teeth and hold onto his dignity; only then he might still have a slither of hope to stay alive.

As Xue Man understood his situation, he became even more fierce than before. He gritted his teeth while he glared at Chengfeng, and exclaimed, “I am the only one who is responsible for this mess! This has nothing to do with my master! So don’t you dare slander my master like that!”

Chengfeng was taken aback, but he was still filled with rage. However, beneath his anger still laid a calm composure. He knew that if a commotion were to be made of this matter, it would not benefit him in any way. The best course of action was to intimidate his opponent and lure them into submission. 

But since this punk chose to fight back, it was going to be a bit hard to handle.

Chengfeng clenched his teeth and gave him a grin, before throwing another punch to Xue Man’s face. Xue Man’s face and the ground surrounding him was now covered in blood.

Xue Man wailed in pain as he cried, “Beat me to death if you have the guts! I dare you! Beat me to death!”

Chengfeng sneered as he grabbed Xue Man by his collar to beat him up once more. But before he could do that, a crisp voice could be heard outside the crowd as it asked, “What has happened?”

The crowd instantaneously turned their head around to look at the owner of the voice.  He had a long face, triangular eyes and droopy eyebrows that showed a naturally melancholic expression. This person was none other than Qin Mieqin.

Seeing that Qin Mieqin had arrived, Su You and the rest of the gang finally sighed in relief.

Tianjun whispered to the rest, “Has Senior Brother Qin and the rest returned already? That was quick. Seems like this time, their mission was quite simple.”

Su You slightly nodded, “Thank goodness Senior Brother Qin has arrived. If not, Junior Brother Chengfeng is going to get himself in some big trouble!”

Chengfeng hesitated but ultimately put Xue Man down, and he immediately started coughing. However, the second he saw Qin Mieqin arrive, Xue Man eagerly screamed. “Senior Brother Qin, how dare a junior of yours from Hidden Sword Court offend his senior!”

“Offending a senior?” Qin Mieqin asked emotionlessly as he slowly walked to the centre of the scene, while he observed their surroundings.

Qin Mieqin was not only the main moderator of the precept hall, but he was also theoretically the youngest precept arbiter among the current generation of Spiritual Mountain Sect. He was well known to be just and righteous, with an emotionless stone-like face. He was known not even to bat an eye even if his family were on trial. 

Qin Mieqin stared at Xue Man, “So, you’re the senior?” Then proceeded to look at Chengfeng. “And he’s the junior? Tell me, how did you draw this conclusion?”

Xue Man replied furiously, “It has been thirty years since I’ve joined the Sect. If we were to talk about seniority, I am his senior brother! He’s a junior, yet he dared to beat me up! Isn’t this exactly what ‘offending his senior’ mean? Following the precepts from Hidden Sword Court, has he not committed a grave sin?!”

Qin Mieqin gave it some thought, then slowly answered, “Hidden Sword Court’s Twelve Commandments, those who rebel against authority! WE KILL!”

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