Breaking The Day - Chapter 177

Chengfeng glared at Yuehan furiously as he scolded, “What are you doing here!”

Yuehan was angry at first, but seeing her young master react in such a way, she couldn’t help but feel a little happy. She then angrily retorted, “Didn’t you just say you want to send me down here to mine minerals? Yet now that I’m here you’re scolding me! What do you want!”

Chengfeng laughed in anger as he reached out his hand to pinch Yuehan’s cheeks. “Oh? You know how to talk back now, huh? Are you the Young Master or am I the Young Master?”

Just as Yuehan was about to burst into anger, she noticed Su You and Tianjun standing nearby. She immediately made a sad expression, her eyes welled up with tears as she said, “I was just worried about your safety, that’s why I risked the danger to follow you here. I know I’ve done wrong now, so Young Master, please punish me!”

Su You quietly urged Chengfeng, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, since we’re already here, just let her follow us. When you head off to find spirit crystals, it would be beneficial to have a helper too don’t you think?”

Tianjun smiled enviously, “That’s right! When Senior Brother Su and I head to mine spirit stones, you two can go mine for spirit crystals together! Just like two immortal lovers, reaching for the sky together! Heh heh!”

Chengfeng was in a dilemma, he was one who yielded to other’s soft approaches. Seeing Su Yuehan looking so pitiful, he couldn’t bring himself to scold her any longer. He helplessly glanced towards Yuehan and noogied the crown of her head with his fist, “I’m telling you, there will be no more next time!”

Yuehan’s tears turned into a smile, she quickly grabbed onto Chengfeng’s arm as she laughed, “Young master! I have brought some good food for you!”

Chengfeng faked annoyance as he pushed Yuehan’s head away, “Go go go! I won’t fall for these tactics! How improper! You’ve seemed to have grown bolder huh? You won’t even listen to my words! If there was a next time, you better get home immediately! Do you hear me?”

Yuehan pouted as she quietly mumbled, “My good deeds were all for nought!”

Tianjun and Su You couldn’t stand being there anymore, they felt like they were third and fourth wheeling the couple. These two were immersed in their own world dwelling within their own happiness, while the bystanders who watched them felt nothing but jealousy. 

Su You spoke as he smiled dryly, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, Tianjun and I will begin to mine some spirit jades in this area. There is a spirit crystal section further down this cave, but there are very few people here so try your best and don’t wander off as you please. If you reach a turn, be sure to leave a mark to remember, if you encounter any danger, run to us immediately. Do you understand?”

Chengfeng looked around his surroundings, he realised that the air was extremely damp and cold within the cave. Even a strong body like Chengfeng couldn't help but tremble from the cold. The spirit stones and jades that decorated the tunnel walls were emitting faint rays of light. However, these spirit gems were sparsely scattered throughout the tunnel the further they wandered, which in turn, the light source became weaker and dimmer. If they were to travel a few meters more, they wouldn’t be able to find even one piece of spirit stone, let alone spirit jades.

Chengfeng curiously asked, “Senior Brother Su, this cave seems to have very little minerals, why are we mining in such a place?”

Su You and Tianjun gave each other a look, and the two of them smiled in delight, “Although the minerals here are scarcer, and it may seem that the spirit jades in there are much smaller than the ones outside, but there are fewer people in here. Which means that we don’t have to fight for a mining spot with others. Also, when you rest from feeling tired, you don’t have to worry about getting ambushed by others!”

Chengfeng was shocked. “Such things happen?”

Su You replied in a serious tone, “Junior Brother Chengfeng if you’re lucky and found a spirit crystal, you must keep it well hidden. Do not let anyone find out! If not… you’ll just be asking for trouble. The people here would actually kill you just to snatch it from you, then we would be in big trouble!”

Stunned, Chengfeng softly nodded his head. “But what does this spirit crystal look like? How do I differentiate it? How do I mine it?”

Su You gave Tianjun a nod. Tianjun then walked to the side and spat into his palm. As he held his pickaxe, he struck into the stone wall with all his might. In an instance, a giant chunk came flying out the wall. Chengfeng unconsciously shielded Yuehan from the impact, his face was painted in awe.

As Yuehan stood behind Chengfeng, she was delighted and surprised. She thought to herself, ‘Hmph, so now he knows how to be courteous!’

Tianjun then used his pickaxe to chisel out a piece of spirit jade, carefully breaking off the rocks that were surrounding it. Leaving only a piece of spirit jade the size of a thumb, glowing faintly in neon green light.

Tianjun picked up the spirit jade as he gestured to Chengfeng, “This is how you do it. The spirit crystal’s durability is extremely high, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. But you need to have a good eye, some spirit crystals are hidden within the rocks, they would give out a faint blue glow. But the weaker the glow, the weaker the spirit crystal is. The brighter it shines, the stronger the spirit crystal.”

Su You added, “The bigger the spirit crystal, the better, but… it is now extremely rare to obtain large spirit crystals. There are a lot of spirit crystals the size of a grain. But those aren’t valuable, so don’t waste your energy on those.”

The role of a spirit crystal was crucial within the process of forging a magical weapon as it is directly related to the power of a magical weapon. The brighter the spirit crystal was, the stronger the power it would be able to unleash. The bigger the spirit crystal, the more power it could store within the weapon, the longer the user could use its power to fight.

This was why it was very important to find a good chunk of spirit crystal.

Chengfeng had not questioned why Su You and Tianjun did not volunteer to mine spirit crystals, because he knew that although they had formed a brotherly bond and mutual trust, trust was one of the most fragile things in the world. 

To think, if Su You and Tianjun were to successfully mine an exquisite spirit crystal, would they really hand it over to Chengfeng? Or would they hide it from him to use it for themselves? Not to mention, would they hand Chengfeng a far inferior one instead?

Humans are selfish by nature, without the shackles of a deep bond, any normal person would not hand out their most treasured items to others. And if there was, then this person would be a saint. 

And it was obvious that Tianjun and Su You were not saints.

Chengfeng and Yuehan bid farewell to Su you and Tianjun as they ventured deeper into the cave, and it was getting all the dimmer. They relied solely on the torch given by Su You and could barely navigate the caves properly at this point. But, their main concern now was the dimming flame of their torch as they went deeper into the pitch-black cave.

Yuehan nervously held onto Chengfeng’s arm and followed him closely.  Both of them travelled for some time before Yuehan quietly asked, “Young Master, how much further do we need to go?”

Chengfeng smiled helplessly, “I don’t know, Senior Brother told us to walk straight ahead, so that’s what we shall do.”

Just as they were talking, they heard a faint clinking noise of stone and metal not far away from them.  Chengfeng excitedly exclaimed, “It should be right in front!”

The pair swiftly picked up their pace as they neared the source of the noise. After walking a distance of two hundred meters, the tunnel in front of them appeared to be much brighter. A sea of sparkling blue light was shining throughout the vast stone chamber. 

The stone chamber was filled with several giant stone pillars, and numerous tunnels surrounding the central chamber. Workbenches carved from the stone around them were scattered across it. Amidst all this stood a ten meter-high pillar that ascended from a seemingly bottomless pit

The spirit crystals embedded on the pillars were much larger compared to the ones on the wall that were the size of a grain. Each pillar was surrounded by four to five miners, toilsomely mining away with their pickaxes.

Suddenly, someone among these men began to laugh hysterically. He held up a spirit crystal the size of a thumb as he guffawed, “I’ve dug it out! I’ve got it! HA HA HA HA!!!” 

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