Breaking The Day - Chapter 179

The three generations of Hidden Sword Court looked at each other in the eye; One of them looked calm but worried, the next was silent but determined while the other was excited and full of passion. However, they knew that this was a very risky move, all this effort was made just to level their current playing field with the other heavenly courts.

Once the mines within Shiwu Mountain have caved in, it would result in a number of outcomes.

First of all, all production of spirit stones, spirit jades and spirit crystals within the Spiritual Mountain Sect would be halted for a period of time.

Secondly, as the assessment test was nearing, it was also the peak period where each heavenly court would forge magical weapons. The circumstances would lead to many being pushed over the edge.

Thirdly, because an earthquake had occurred within Shiwu Mountain’s mines, Hidden Sword Court could use the excuse of not having enough people to clean up the affected areas or manage the mines. Thus, they would be let go of their responsibilities.

Lastly, the second Shiwu Mountain no longer belonged to Hidden Sword Court, it would immediately become a domain where the other three heavenly courts would fight for.

Shiwu Mountain was a place where the cultivating sects had wanted all for themselves. When the four heavenly courts still existed, the other three courts would use precepts and discipline as an excuse for mutual supervision to balance out their control and power. But if Shiwu Mountain were to fall in the hands of any of the other three heavenly courts, the other two courts would never be able to accept such a result.

Hundreds of years ago, in order to obtain Shiwu Mountain, the three heavenly courts fought fiercely between them. In the aftermath, many of their disciples were lost. Countless heroes were killed here, and the Spiritual Mountain Sect suffered huge damages as a result. It was conceivable that the fight for Shiwu Mountain’s new ownership among them would immediately set off another bloody storm.

Once the heavenly three courts have begun to fight for Shiwu Mountain, they would inevitably have no time to push Hidden Sword Court to extinction. Meanwhile, Hidden Sword Court would not only have a chance to breathe, they would be able to watch the three courts fight endlessly on the sidelines. Needless to say, such an outcome would benefit them greatly.

But... would the three heavenly courts really jump into such a huge trap?

Qin Mieqin was at the second array when asked Grand Senior Brother worriedly. With much assurance, Grand Senior Brother replied, "They definitely will!"

"Why?" Qin Mieqin was still unconvinced, but he had always looked up to Grand Senior Brother to call the shots. Whatever Grand Senior Brother had asked him to do, he would never disobey. 

Grand Senior Brother sneered confidently "This is an open trap! Even if they knew this was a trap, they would still willingly jump in! Because no matter if it was Hidden Brocade Court, Hidden Beauty Court Court or Cangqing Court, none of them would be able to stand the thought of Shiwu Mountain being owned by any of them!”

Qin Mieqin nodded as he sighed, and said, "But... the number of casualties is too high!"

Grand Senior Brother's face sank as it showed some remorse, but he quickly became cold and composed once again, "If they are human, aren’t we as well? Is it not blasphemy that they were allowed to kill and berate Hidden Sword Court while we weren’t allowed to resist?"

Qin Mieqin’s gaze became extremely firm in an instant. He was of the same generation as Grand Senior Brother. When they first started, they were the last few who had the opportunity to engage with the teachings of cultivation from the last few elders and professors of Hidden Sword Court. Although Hidden Sword Court was currently weak and frail, the teachings they had learnt from his Martial Uncles and the friendship they had formed from fighting side by side with his brothers have long been deeply imprinted in their hearts.

For the sake of Hidden Sword Court, I would sacrifice my life! 

Mieqin, who was usually cold and icy, had ignited a fiery flame in his own eyes. He nodded and said, "Then I'll leave this place to you, Grand Senior Brother."

The two nodded, and Qin Mieqin continued on to the next array’s location. Grand Senior Brother, Qin Mieqin, and Ouyang Nan had been preparing for this very day for the past five years. A terrifying storm was coming, and their plan was perfect. From the start to their escape, they have thought about it from every angle and situation.

When Chengfeng first arrived in their court, they were afraid that Hidden Brocade Court had found out about their plan. This was the reason why they so desperately wanted to drive him away and desperately tried to test if he knew anything of it.

Right now, there was no need for them to act anymore because the show was about to begin!

But... no one expected that a surprising character had appeared in the centre of their brewing storm.

No one knew that this little character named Li Chengfeng would eventually take advantage of this storm and make waves of his own!


Shiwu Mountain, Shiwu Mines, deep within the tunnel.

"Master, how far do we have to go?" Yuehan tugged at Chengfeng's sleeves nervously as she looked around.

The deeper they ventured, the fewer people they encountered. In Chengfeng’s view, surrounding them were specks of faint blue light everywhere. From a distance, these faint blue speckles of light looked rather big, but as he inched closer, he realised they were actually the size of rice grains. It was very disappointing to discover.

After his observation, Li Chengfeng gradually understood why there were so few people here to mine any spirit crystals.

Because without much equipment, no one would really dare to dig deep into the mines for the spirit crystals. For this one reason, most servants and miners had already abandoned the thought to mine here. Otherwise, it was very likely that a situation like what had happened previously would happen once again — Where if they were to dig up a good spirit crystal, only to be murdered by others in a blink of an eye.

Of course, there were also those brave miners who dug deep into the mine to look for treasures, but those who ventured too deep… none of them came back alive. This was also another reason why there were fewer and fewer people in the depths of the spirit crystal mines.

Chengfeng and Yuehan could even see the bones of dead corpses lying beside the mine tunnels. Some of them were entangled and killed together. While others had dishevelled clothing with their bones taken apart. These corpses all had one thing in common — their bones were full of tooth marks, from what seemed to be gnawed by rats. Some corpses were also curled in a corner alone, but those looked like they were starved to death instead.

Chengfeng and Yuehan were horrified by the scene. He smiled reluctantly as he cheered Su Yuehan up, "Let’s go ahead and take a look. If there is nothing good at the front, we’ll turn back and look carefully there."

There really were a lot of spirit crystals in here, but too small to meet Li Chengfeng’s requirements. Fortunately, the location of these spirit crystals was not hidden too deep. With one look, he could tell that some were just like sesame seeds sprinkled on desserts.

Li Chengfeng found a place where the spirit crystals were compactly positioned, with a swing od his pickaxe, he dug out a few chunks of stones, eventually chipping it into a small hole. The stones that were embedded with the spirit crystals rolled on the ground, Chengfeng picked up a few pieces as he chiselled the stones off the crystals. At the same time, revealing the spirit crystal inside. However, the largest one was still just the size of a mung bean, and Chengfeng is completely unimpressed.

This made Chengfeng very frustrated. Yuehan saw this and quickly took out a piece of roasted rabbit meat with a smile, "Master, come eat a piece of meat! We can continue digging after a quick break!"

Li Chengfeng shook his head and said, "These densely packed spirit crystals all look the same. Where should I start digging? Could it be that it really all comes down to luck?"

Su Yuehan was about to speak when they heard a rumbling muffled noise from the ground. In a heartbeat, the ground began to tremble slightly. Not far away, cracks started to form along the stone pillars in the cave, and these cracks had spread in all directions like a spider web. The stone pillars suddenly started to crumble and began to crash into the ground. Numerous small spirit crystals located on top of the cave fell with the vibration. It seemed that there was a heavy blue cloud in the sky and countless bright blue raindrops started from above!

Li Chengfeng and Su Yuehan's complexion changed drastically. They looked at each other, with fear trembling within their hearts. This was the most terrifying thing that could happen in a deep underground mine!

The dragon’s path has erupted!

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