Breaking The Day - Chapter 180

“Quickly! RUN!”

Chengfeng and Yuehan looked at each other for a moment, then screamed at the same time. Chengfeng picked up the cage full of frantically screaming squirrels, grabbed Yuehan and ran back, leaving the pickaxe behind.

The two sprinted along the corridor as the squirrels Chengfeng was holding jumped up and down, screaming crazily. Chengfeng angrily lifted the cage, “Weren’t you supposed to warn us g*ddamn it!? You weren’t screaming and jumping when it mattered! Why the f*ck are you only reacting now!?” he yelled at the squirrels.

He continued roaring when suddenly, Yuehan grabbed him, “Young Master, look out!”

Chengfeng reeled once Yuehan pulled him. The strong inertia nearly prevented him from falling.

In the huge stone cave not far in front of them, the carved stone path began to collapse because of all the violent shaking while the stone pillars crumbled one by one, some of them falling in Chengfeng and the other’s direction.

Chengfeng looked and saw the stone path they were nearing had shattered and collapsed, leaving a gap of at least seven to eight meters between them and the road ahead. Unless Chengfeng could transform into a gecko or fly, it would be impossible to continue. At this moment, a stone pillar crashed down towards him not allowing him a moment to hesitate.

Chengfeng grabbed Yuehan’s hand, turned around and ran, “Run!” he exclaimed.

Yuehan shouted in horror while running backwards with Chengfeng, “Why are we running backwards!?”

Soon as she said this, the pillar behind them crashed into the hole they were at before, sending countless rocks flying towards them like cannonballs.

“Enough complaining! Move!” Chengfeng yelled.

The two spread out their legs and kept running, resenting their parents for only giving them two legs. The mines continued to collapse behind them, it was like a demon who could devour everything chased them relentlessly, trying to swallow them.

But this was not the worst of it. Within the cave, mice started appearing out of thin air from all directions and began frantically fleeing further into the depths of the cave.

All Chengfeng could see was the densely packed scampering mice, their black fur squirming under the blue light like black waves, layers upon layers of them, rushing forward.

Just the sight of this made Chengfeng’s hairs stand, making him feel like throwing up.

And these mice were huge, some of them jumping at Chengfeng as they fell. Their mouths were open, revealing their inch-long front teeth inside. They were big, bigger than the teeth of a domestic cat. And their waist and abdomen were as thick as the calf of a grown human!

Chengfeng punched away the attacking rats, sending them flying into the frantically fleeing swarm and they quickly disappeared into the black “torrent”.

If this had happened earlier, Chengfeng saw this scene before him and was afraid that he would have immediately turned around and ran in the other direction.

Even though he had Immortal Qi protecting him, he would still dare not let the rats feed on his body. In fact, even with the Immortal Qi protecting his body, the rats would still be gnawing on his bones in an instant, as quickly as being engulfed in a pool of water.

But right now, there was an even more terrifying “demon” chasing him from behind, and Chengfeng had no choice but to follow the swarm of mice to escape.

As learned as Yuehan was, she was so frightened that her pretty face paled as she screamed again and again. She braved the horrible feeling of mice scampering at her feet and followed Chengfeng, gritting her teeth.

At that moment, she was afraid to cast any spell to defend herself as she was afraid it would have aggravated the mice and caused them to retaliate.

After traversing the tunnel for a while, Chengfeng’s eyes lit up as they stumbled upon a wide area - they had once again entered a huge mine. This time, chunks of rocks rained down from above them like a storm. One misstep and they would both be crushed into a pulp.

The most frightening thing was, there were as many as eight caves before them, three above, and five below. However, the path to the caves above had collapsed and the height of it from the floor was at least ten meters. Even if the exit was through one of the caves above, Chengfeng and Yuehan would not be able to climb up at all.
Chengfeng looked back and saw the mine continue to collapse behind him, and in a moment, cracks in the ground chased him like a demon. 

“Where do we run !?” Yuehan trembled.

Chengfeng quickly scanned their surroundings, his mind racing. Then he pointed to a hole where the swarms of mice fled into, “There!” 

Yuehan was also extremely clever. She immediately reacted and rushed into the hole with Chengfeng along with the swarm of rats. These rats have lived in these mines and were naturally familiar with safer places.

Moreover, Yuehan had previously mentioned that the mining area below extended in all directions, and some led directly to the back of Shiwu mountain. Perhaps this escape route for the mice would also be the road to survival straight to the back of Shiwu mountain!

When she thought about this, Yuehan couldn’t help but admire Chengfeng’s amazingly quick reaction as she continued to follow him, free of the panic she felt earlier.

Soon after Chengfeng and Yuehan rushed into the cave with the swarm of rats, both they and the rats had rushed out several kilometres along the tunnel when suddenly, the surrounding area went silent. They had come across a huge underground chamber. There were densely packed spirit crystals which emitted a faint glow from each of them, but together, they emitted a strong blue light that lit up every corner of the chamber.

The ceiling of the underground chamber was shaking and fine stone powder fell from above. However, it was still far less terrifying than the falling boulders and gravel from before.

While following Chengfeng, Yuehan didn’t notice that he was standing still and bumped into him. “What’s the matter?” Yuehan was puzzled.

Chengfeng was silent. Yuehan looked up and saw that the stone ceiling above them was strong and intact, as if able to withstand even an earthquake. Delightedly she said, “It sure seems to be safer here!”

Chengfeng let out a forced laugh and gulped: “I would be a little safer outside!”

As he said this, there was a loud bang in the stone path behind him and countless rocks fell, sealing the tunnel airtight.

As Yuehan ran past Chengfeng to see what had happened, their face drained of its colour and was pale as a sheet!

In front of them, there quietly stood a dense, insurmountable group of rats. Their teeth gleamed creepily and their small, bloodshot eyes were all looking towards the same direction — Chengfeng and Yuehan’s direction.

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