Breaking The Day - Chapter 185

Uncle Chen looked like he was struck by lightning. His lips quivered while the rest of his face remained frozen and unmoving. The secrets he had hidden deep within him for so many years were revealed by Chengfeng in a matter of minutes. It was as if he was suddenly stripped naked and exposed for everyone to see. Shame and anger immediately welled up within him.

The shame and anger grew like a flame, and it eventually rushed to his head. His blood boiled and fury consumed him!

“Go to hell!” Uncle Chen bellowed. He raised a hand, and large cracks appeared on the ground where Chengfeng stood. A sharp stone pillar suddenly penetrated from the ground.

Had Chengfeng stood in place, the sharp and powerful pillar would’ve penetrated his whole body, absolutely tearing his body into half!

But whenever Uncle Chen mobilized the pillar, Chengfeng dodged with great agility like a panther. His movements were so quick, they produced afterimages of him. Whenever a pillar emerged to strike Chengfeng, he would’ve dodged the pillar safely in time. All that’s left behind was an afterimage of him.

Uncle Chen sensed the powerful aura that stemmed from his attacks. His expression changed, and he grinned slyly, “Die!”

Uncle Chen stepped back, and formed several mudra hand seals in a fury. His ten skinny, wrinkly fingers demonstrated astonishing dexterity in performing the hand seals, which moved in a flurry. As he formed his last hand seal, his pointed his index finger and middle finger outwards, and moved them upwards.


A giant stone hand suddenly emerged from the ground to grab Chengfeng!

Chengfeng was shocked, but he reacted quickly. If he were to be caught by the giant hand, he  knew he’d be turned into a mush of bone and flesh in an instant.

With a powerful kick, Chengfeng leaped as the stone hand was clenched. While mid-air, he aimed and threw his bone spur towards Uncle Chen’s head!

Uncle Chen laughed maniacally, “Useless technique!” With a thought, Uncle Chen caused the huge stone hand to stretch out instantly, it’s length extended suddenly. It was reaching for Chengfeng.

While reaching for Chengfeng, the stone hand transformed into a ball of spikes, resembling a curled-up porcupine. It was rushing towards Chengfeng!

The giant ball of spikes was so huge, it took up roughly three to four metres of space in both height and length. It was so wide and large, Chengfeng had nowhere to dodge or escape. In a matter of seconds, the ball of spikes would impale him!

Yuehan’s eyes grew wide with panic. As she watched the scene unfold before her, her mind raced with thoughts: Do I help him? How am I gonna save him?

As she battled those thoughts, Chengfeng suddenly spun mid-air. As if an invisible hand grabbed him, Chengfeng’s trajectory changed. Thus, Uncle Chen’s attack only made contact with thin air.

Yuehan was taken aback, but then she saw a vine wrapped around Chengfeng's waist. It was this vine that pulled Chengfeng away and allowed him to avoid the blow.

Uncle Chen noticed something amiss and was taken aback. At first, he heard Chengfeng’s steady footsteps and controlled breathing, as if he were a trained martial artist. But upon encountering an attack, he actually directly confronted it instead of distancing himself from the oncoming attack. After all, a blind person’s weakness is his difficulty to engage with long-range attacks.

Hence, Uncle Chen deduced this: this is a novice who had just started! His movements may be nimble and agile, but he was not proficient with spells! Furthermore, opponents like these are most vulnerable when mid-air. It’s practically a death sentence for them!

As for experienced cultivators, they can use techniques to change their trajectory and direction mid-air. So when he sensed that Chengfeng changed directions mid-air, he panicked. He thought he had underestimated his opponent!

The vine wrapped around Chengfeng’s waist was a result of Chengfeng manipulating the power of the trees behind him. After pulling Chengfeng away, it gave him a push, sending him towards Uncle Chen’s direction.

Utilizing the momentum from the push, Chengfeng rushed towards Uncle Chen, and his bone spur was aimed straight towards the old man!

Uncle Chen suddenly sensed a terrifying murderous intent rushing towards him, resembling that of an incident from decades ago. The young red-haired girl at Spiritual Mountain wielded a blazing fire whip, which she used to lash at his eyes like a vicious snake!

Although he narrowly avoided the whip, the cracking of wind brought by the whip blinded him and crushed his ambition and courage, which grounded him here for more than fifty years!

Uncle Chen was overwhelmed with fear and trauma!

Uncle Chen decided to use his last resort. At that moment, his True Yuan was spiking, and he couldn’t care less. He pulled out a spirit crystal about the size of a goose’s egg. The True Yuan within him exploded, a blinding wave of blue light continuously surged from him in waves.

Yuehan saw this and she was speechless.

“Wilting Sea, Rotting Rock!”

She didn’t expect him to know such a technique!

All of Yuehan’s thoughts abandoned her as ungodly fear overtook her.

This was one of the most powerful and devastating techniques to ever exist!

Before that, Yuehan was quite disdainful of Uncle Chen. Whatever Chengfeng noticed, Yuehan naturally noticed it too. This was especially true with their initial conversation with Uncle Chen, which led to her thinking that he was just another ordinary old man. She was merely concerned with Chengfeng’s safety.

But with his use of this technique, Yuehan had finally realized: Uncle Chen was indeed one of the great elders of the Hidden Sword Court!

A sickly camel is indeed stronger than a horse!

This technique disrupts the surrounding air in a ripple-like fashion, as if distorting and cutting up the reality within the affected area. In the area surrounding Chengfeng, the air seemed to have been turned into ripples of water, continuously undulating, but the reality outside of the affected area remained untouched.

Chengfeng seemed to be locked in this two-metre high, almost circular rippled reality. His movements slowed, as if time had nearly come to a halt.

At the same time, strands of white hair began to grow from the edges of his forehead. They spread quickly, and in a matter of seconds, Chengfeng’s hair had fully turned white. His appearances aged too, with lines of wrinkles emerging on his now sagging face.

This was one of the most despicable and horrifying techniques: Wilting Sea Rotting Rock!

Yuehan had never seen the technique prior to this, she had only heard of its horrors. This was a demanding technique on the caster’s end, and using it requires much sacrifice. As a result, few cultivators were willing to train and use this technique.

But upon successful training and use, it’s effects are terrifying: within a limited time frame and space, it could distort the affected area’s time-space continuum, resulting in an almost instantaneous depletion of individuals’ life force and strength in the affected area.

She could not wait any longer!

Any wasted time would result in Chengfeng being turned into a pile of ashes and bones by the technique!

Yuehan focused sharply on Uncle Chen. Blue light swirled in her hand, resembling a spiritual snake coiling and moving around her fingers, ever ready to lash out towards a target.

But suddenly, a vision occurred in the middle of the scene!

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