Breaking The Day - Chapter 186

In the area affected by the Wilting Sea Rotting Rock technique, Chengfeng’s body suffered and decayed rapidly. With each ripple passing through him, his body aged exponentially.

But as the blue ripples penetrated his body, a blinding golden light exploded from within Chengfeng. Initially, the golden light poured out of him, against the blue ripples, their brilliant colours contrasting one another. The golden light took on the form of threads and springs, merging with one another to accumulate strength. They twisted, turned, and powered forward, as if trying to tear the fabric of the blue dome apart.

The golden light springs and threads shook and vibrated. Each time they merged, their power and speed grew, allowing them to travel faster and stronger against the blue ripples.

When the golden threads finally merged as one, the blue ripples had almost vanished. The golden light was flourishing in the entire area. Chengfeng's body began to rejuvenate rapidly, and his hair returned to its original colour. The wrinkles on his skin disappeared one by one, and his flesh and muscles regained their youth and vitality.

The blue dome cracked and fell apart. Time returned as normal, and Chengfeng’s now uninterrupted speed allowed him to rush towards Uncle Chen like a bolt of lightning. The bone spur in his hand directly pierced Uncle Chen’s chest.

Uncle Chen let out an agonised howl. The crystal in his hand burst open, and the remaining True Yan within exploded, sending Chengfeng flying backwards.

The power of the explosion was terrifying. The giant tree in the middle of the cave was uprooted, all of its branches instantaneously combusted, sending flames bursting upwards into the sky.

Yuehan rushed towards Chengfeng and caught him before he fell back down to the ground. With just one look at him, she winced at what she saw.

Chengfeng was covered in blood, from head to toe. But even so, Chengfeng, who was in Yuehan’s arms, noticed a violent shockwave coming from behind Yuehan. Instinctively, he hugged Yuehan and twisted his body, and blocked her from the shockwave with his back.

Chengfeng felt as if multiple hammers crashed into his back. He shook, immediately coughing up a mouthful of blood, which sprayed all over Yuehan’s face.

Yuehan could only watch in shocked silence, as Chengfeng wiped the blood off her face with his sleeve. He said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Get away from here.”

Chengfeng shakily stood up, and hobbled over towards an equally weakened Uncle Chen.

Yuehan watched Chengfeng walk away from her. Her vision became increasingly blurry as tears welled up in her eyes. Her chest contained a pain so harrowing that it was almost suffocating.

Yuehan endured the pain. She stood bent over, but kept her head leveled. She watched as Chengfeng hobbled, struggling with each step, determined to shield her from the enemy.

At that moment, Yuehan had a vision: the figure in front of her seemed to overlap with another one, one that was deeply engraved in her memory.

Chengfeng struggled as he arrived at where Uncle Chen was. He knew the both of them were seriously injured and weakened. Hence, whoever strikes first will win the battle.

The Wilting Sea Rotting Rock technique is a cruel technique. It requires substantial amounts of power from the caster, but its reach is small. Should the technique be interrupted while it was being performed, the backlash will be overwhelming, thus gravely injuring the caster.

This technique was meant to be Uncle Chen’s finishing move. However, with his existing power levels, it was insufficient to perform the technique. So he thought of a solution. Using the cave’s abundant spiritual crystals, Uncle Chen found a sizable crystal. And with that, he managed to infuse some of his Spiritual Qi into the crystal.

After fifty years of daily infusion, the crystal contained a powerful amount of Spiritual Qi, enough to perform the technique.

But the technique was forcibly halted before it could be completed. The backlash caused the spirit crystal to explode, whereas the impact caused by the True Yuan inside did not distinguish between the enemy and the caster, instantly hitting Chengfeng and Uncle Chen.

Chengfeng may be seriously injured, but Uncle Chen’s condition was more critical. The bone spur had pierced his chest, and the explosion had destroyed most of his skin. It was a gruesome sight.

Uncle Chen howled in agony. As he heard Chengfeng approach him, he screamed, “You’re not any novice, who the hell are you?”

Chengfeng stared at Uncle Chen with murderous intent, “A man of justice!”

Panic and fear flashed across Uncle Chen’s face. He stammered, “You can’t kill me! I’m an elder of the Hidden Sword Court, you’d be committing a grave offence if you kill me!”

Chengfeng chuckled coldly and said, “I am a member of the Hidden Sword Court, its members are my siblings. I drink the waters of the Spiritual Mountain in the mornings, and feast at the halls of Eagle Peak in the evenings. There are twelve precepts, each of them emotionless and unbiased. Remember these always: ‘Those who bully the weak, we kill! Those who shrink from adversity, we kill! Those who run in the face of battle, we kill!’”

Chengfeng picked up the stone stick on the ground. He pointed it towards Uncle Chen and taunted him, “The twelve commandments. Do you remember them?”

Uncle Chen’s face turned red with anger. His expression was foul and hateful. “Fine! You brought this upon yourself! If you want me dead, we’ll die together!”

Uncle Chen quickly formed several mudras and yelled. Green light exited from his mouth and transformed into countless stars which surrounded Uncle Chen’s body. Suddenly, his skin healed completely and he looked about twenty years younger. The bone spur was forced out of his chest, and the wound in his chest recovered.

Once a dying and motionless individual, even his eyes had regained their clarity. Uncle Chen’s now functioning eyes focused on Chengfeng, his eyes filled with vengeance.

“What the heck?” Chengfeng was shocked. He hadn’t expected the old man to suddenly recover and regather his strength!

Under circumstances like these, Chengfeng thought to himself, ‘It’s not a matter of underestimating the opponent anymore, Uncle Chen is definitely on another level!’

Chengfeng retreated, but Uncle Chen was faster. In a flash, his face was directly facing Chengfeng’s face, their noses were practically in contact. Chengfeng wanted to raise his elbows to shield himself, but Uncle Chen was faster once more. Without knowing where it came from, Chengfeng felt a powerful force slam into him, and his world went dark. When he managed to reopen his eyes, he saw that he was hurtling towards a stone wall. He knew that he would be smashed into pieces upon collision!

A figure came rushing towards Chengfeng and intercepted him. The figure had an effeminate shape to it, and its eyes were red. It was Yuehan.

Yuehan glared at Uncle Chen and declared coldly, “I don’t care who you are, and I don’t care what you’re gonna do! But I’m warning you, don’t touch Chengfeng ever again!”

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