Breaking The Day - Chapter 187

Uncle Chen looked at Yuehan in surprise. He smirked and said, “Well well well, looks like I seriously underestimated the both of you today. You’re quite the surprise too!”

Yuehan stared Uncle Chen down, cautious. She knew that the enemy had entered terminal lucidity as a result of using the True Yuan of his life force. Any cultivator who uses their life force’s True Yuan will enter a temporary period of terminal lucidity. During this period, they will achieve extraordinary strength and power, even one that grows past their prime, with power levels reaching into the next realm.

Periods such as these are short, as the cultivator’s own life force is the price they pay to attain terminal lucidity. But once the cultivator’s True Yuan is depleted, they are at great risk of dying. Not even the gods can save these cultivators from death when this happens.

Thus, Yuehan planned to stall for time. “Uncle Chen, if you let us go, we won’t tell anyone about what happened here.”

“You think you’re so smart, trying to stall for time?” laughed Uncle Chen. As soon as he finished his sentence, he appeared in front of Yuehan instantly. His hideous face was a map of anger and viciousness, and as he raised his arm to chop her down, the gust of wind that came from it made all of Yuehan’s hair stand on edge!

Yuehan nearly dodged, but a thought came to her mind, ‘If I dodge… the blow will hit master…”

With that thought, she decided that she was gonna directly absorb the full brunt of the attack!

Yuehan was never proficient at close combat to begin with, and her strength had yet to fully recover. The second the attack connected with her arm, an audible crack could be heard. The bone in Yuehan’s arm was broken to pieces. Yuehan screamed in agony, her body writhed in pain. With a violent flick, Yuehan and Chengfeng were sent flying towards the pool.

But as they were flying mid-air, Uncle Chen teleported in front of Yuehan once more. With a fist crashing towards Yuehan, Chengfeng fell into the pool. Uncle Chen grabbed Yuehan by her throat, hanging her mid-air.

The veins on Uncle Chen’s face were bulging, and his eyes were red with anger. Some of the capillaries in his eyes even popped, causing fresh blood to leak out of his eyes and down on his face. Signs of strain and stress were showing around the corners of his mouth as a result of his exertion.

Yuehan quickly formed a hand seal, and mobilized the Spiritual Qi and True Yuan within her. The water from the pool rushed out in the form of a water column and blasted the both of them like a water column. The impact separated her from the old man.

Yuehan fell next to the pool, coughing. She coughed up mouthfuls of blood, but she had no time to check her injuries. She quickly looked around her, scanning the place for Chengfeng.

With a sudden realization, she jumped into the pool to look for an unconscious Chengfeng.

Chengfeng was slowly sinking into the depths of the pool. She swimmed towards him and caught hold of him. As she was about to rise up to the surface, she heard swishing noises.

She looked towards the direction of the noise. She saw multiple “blades” stabbing the water, which extended deep into the waters. But upon contact with the bottom of the pool, the “blades” break down into pieces and disappear.

This was one of the Hidden Sword Court’s top techniques: A Hundred Thousand Sky Piercing Swords!

These “swords” are of the fiercest kind. They function no differently than a real sword, as they have the ability to cut and stab. Their attacks are unforgiving and continuous, which rains down onto the victim like a storm!

Yuehan reacted quickly and immediately pulled Chengfeng towards a blind spot near the shore. She carefully adjusted themselves to avoid the swords, as the hundreds of thousands of swords rained down into the pool, causing the water to splash about.

After a while though, Chengfeng seemed to be choking. Yuehan knew that he was starting to lack oxygen, and he had unconsciously inhaled water!

Yuehan gritted her teeth and moved towards his lips, giving him air to breathe.

In the icy cold water, Yuehan couldn’t help but shiver and tremble. But when their lips connected, an unrivaled warmth filled her, a warmth so intense she felt like she was burning up.

After a while, Yuehan sensed that the situation was slightly calmer. She raised her head and separated her lips from Chengfeng.

The thousand-faced demon, typically known for their lack of emotion and manipulation, looked at Chengfeng endearingly. She carefully pulled Chengfeng closer to her, preparing to rise up to the surface.

But suddenly, a hand reached into the water and grabbed Yuehan by the hair. The hand then violently pulled her up from water, along with Chengfeng.

Yuehan cried out in agony. After being thrown against a stone wall, crashed into the ground, and with her arm broken, her body was in worlds of pain. She spat out mouthfuls of blood and tried to steady herself. She came face to face with Uncle Chen. “Little girl, you think that you can hide from me?”

By now, Yuehan had begun to lose hope. With her powers reduced, she was no match for a cultivator in terminal lucidity.

“You think, after living for a hundred years, I’d die here today?” Yuehan said as she saw Uncle Chen raised his hand to slap her.

As the hand was about to make contact with her face, she saw a figure come up from behind Uncle Chen, with a stone stick in his hand, who landed a heavy blow on Uncle Chen’s head.


Uncle Chen collapsed to the ground!

Thanks to the stone stick’s weight, coupled with Uncle Chen’s power nearly reaching its end, the blow of the stick immediately cracked open Uncle Chen’s head, causing fresh blood to spurt out!

Yuehan couldn’t be happier and more surprised. She rushed to help Chengfeng up. “Master, are you ok?”

Chengfeng barely supported himself with the stone stick. He shot a complicated look at Yuehan, and then mustered up the energy to say, “Run! Just run!”

Yuehan nodded. Right now, she couldn’t care less about revealing her identity. She helped Chengfeng up and flew towards the exit.

Uncle Chen, who received a nasty blow, unleashed his pure, unfiltered rage. He bellowed like a beast, and chased Yuehan and Chengfeng down.

Yuehan and Chengfeng were chased from cave to cave, with Uncle Chen hot on their tails. Blood was still pouring down his face, which made Uncle Chen look all the more terrifying.

Yuehan looked back behind her, and quickly unleashed a wind blade technique. The original use of this technique was to slash up the black fishes who chased boats. But Uncle Chen stuck a palm out and blocked the technique. The technique didn’t even leave a scratch on him.

Uncle Chen grinned and made a sword mudra, and pointed towards Yuehan and Chengfeng. The hole where they were about to escape suddenly collapsed, blocking their escape route entirely.

Yuehan and Chengfeng had no choice but to turn around and hopelessly face Uncle Chen.

Uncle Chen slowly approached them. By now, blood was flowing freely from every opening on his body, one of the meridians in his body had ruptured. Blood covered him from top to toe, it was as if he emerged from a pool of blood.

“You wish to beg for forgiveness? Too late now! If I’m dying, you’re dying with me!” Uncle Chen bellowed with insanity in his eyes.

“Is this how we go?” Yuehan smiled painfully.

Chengfeng smirked, and said weakly, but with confidence, “No. You’ll be the only one dying today!”

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