Breaking The Day - Chapter 188

By now, Uncle Chen looked ghastly and terrifying. With a deranged smile, he spat, “You dare boast before your death!”

Chengfeng chuckled and said, “No, look to your side.”

“More tricks up your sleeve? You think that…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he sensed the True Yuan within him halted suddenly. His arms and legs, even the top of his head began to itch terribly.

Uncle Chen scratched instinctively, but to his horror, he found grass growing all over him!

This was a great shock!

Uncle Chen was so shocked he couldn’t even utter a word. As he frantically scratched and grabbed the grass, the realization dawned on him, the grass was growing from his flesh and wounds!

“What, what demonic spell is this?” Uncle Chen’s voice was distorted with fear, as he yelled hoarsely at Chengfeng.

Chengfeng chuckled slyly, “A spell specially for scums like you!”

The moment Chengfeng hit Uncle Chen with the stick, he quickly sprinkled the grass seeds that had been hiding next to him.

By then, Uncle Chen’s powers were already weakening, and the True Yuan within him was gradually dissipating, and thus the seeds easily penetrated his wounds.

These seeds are so small that they aren’t easily detected. Even if they land on the opponent, the opponent will not notice them. Upon contact, the seeds will naturally flow into the opponent's body from the wound, which will then swiftly travel along the opponent's veins and throughout the whole body.

But the seeds alone are useless. To mobilize them, one would need the Spiritual Qi of flowers and plants. Due to Uncle Chen’s destruction of the giant tree in the cave, Chengfeng had no way of mobilizing it. He had to lead the enemy along the stone paths, and he utilized the weak energy of the moss on the walls to drive the seeds’ growth.

At this time, the moss on both sides of the stone wall rapidly wilted and decayed, revealing previously covered rat holes.

By now, Uncle Chen was mostly covered in the grass. It was torturously itchy, and he could not bear it. He frantically scratched all over himself, digging all five fingers on his hand deep into his skin, absolutely ripping up his bloody flesh and skin. He grabbed and pulled the grass from his body, but with each pull, he tore up skin and flesh too, causing blood to spurt all around. It was a morbid sight.

Chengfeng had not expected such a simple and spontaneous technique to work so effectively!

Although this technique seemed lethally effective, there are requirements regardless. Its value lies in specific cases.

First of all, the opponent mustn't have the Golden Body Armour. If the opponent is protected by the Golden Body Armour, not even swords can permeate the body. The veterans of the Hidden Sword Court practice the Golden Body Armour, but ever since Uncle Chen was whipped by the lady, his confidence had been shattered, thus hindering his cultivation.

Otherwise, had maintained his confidence and status as a veteran cultivator, he would’ve still possessed his Golden Body Armour. Under those circumstances, Chengfeng wouldn’t have used the seeds.

Even if the opponent was seriously injured, and they sustained physical injuries, the seeds wouldn’t be able to penetrate the skin.

Furthermore, to release the seeds, one would need to be in close range with the opponent, and thus be able to land the seeds on the opponent’s body. Otherwise, even the strongest of men wouldn’t be able to land the seeds from miles away.

If the opponent fulfills the previous requirements, then there wouldn’t be a need to use this technique.

As for Chengfeng, this is the most suitable condition for him to use the technique. Coincidentally, his opponent was gravely injured, and he himself was severely weakened. He didn’t even have the strength to stare someone down.

It was a blessing that mobilizing the Immortal Qi within doesn’t require much energy. All Chengfeng had to do was to gather his thoughts, and the seeds would respond to it.

This was indeed an unprecedented situation. A seasoned, highly-skilled veteran of the Hidden Sword Court would fall to a rookie disciple who had just started. No one would believe this if word got out.

Uncle Chen screamed so loud, it shook the rocks on the ground. After struggling a while, he locked eyes with Chengfeng and shrieked, “You’re dying with me!”

Suddenly, Uncle Chen lunged towards Chengfeng and Yuehan.

Chengfeng and Yuehan were in no state to fight. They retreated backwards in fear. Chengfeng raised the stone stick as a weapon to defend themselves.

But before Uncle Chen could reach the pair, a dark figure flashed across the wall and rushed towards him. A large black rat landed on him, and took a viciously chomped down on his neck, causing a fresh bloody gash to appear.

Uncle Chen was adamant. He forcefully squeezed and pulled the rat from him, but before he could shake them off, another rat rushed towards him. Uncle Chen managed to grab the other rat, which was screaming in his hand.

Uncle Chen was enraged. “You imbeciles dare take a piece out of me? Fine, see who eats each other first!”

Uncle Chen took a bite out of the rat, ripping away its brains and innards. His actions fully exposed his deranged and obscene stage.

Squeaking noises could be heard from Uncle Chen’s mouth. The creepy and terrifying scene that unfolded sent shivers down Chengfeng and Yuehan’s spines. As Uncle Chen descended further into terminal lucidity, his actions became increasingly deranged and scary.

Blood flowed freely from Uncle Chen’s mouth, but one could not differentiate if it was his blood or the rats’ blood. Suddenly, there was loud rustling noise coming from the depths of the cave. A growing scampering and squeaking noises emerged, and soon, both ends of the tunnels were filled with countless black rats.

They were densely packed together, their many pairs of vermillion eyes stared at Uncle Chen, bustling with a deadly excitement.

Uncle Chen howled, “You little beasts, I’ve eaten so many of you, and yet you dare show your faces! Come, see who eats each other first!”

Uncle Chen had overestimated his abilities, and he took several furious steps towards the swarm of rats. Chengfeng and Yuehan were terrified of the rats. They dared not budge from their positions.

But the rats suddenly pulsed forward!

These normally fearful, timid rats now challenged Uncle Chen, who knew that they were taking advantage of his weakened state. The said idea enraged him, and he shifted all of his focus on the rats, even ignoring Chengfeng and Yuehan. But the situation immediately went against Uncle Chen’s favour, and it turned into a bloodbath. Each rat took a chunk out of Uncle Chen’s body, causing blood to spray all over the place.

But the rats were overwhelming, and they did not fear death. Wave after wave of rats swarmed Uncle Chen and his attacks. Even if he had three heads and six limbs, he wouldn’t be able to fend off the swarm!

Alas, a rat jumped onto the back of Uncle Chen’s neck and bit down. He howled in pain and reached backwards for the rat, leaving his front exposed to the rats. Before he knew it, swarms of rats leaped onto Uncle Chen. Within seconds, the rats completely covered him, forming a suffocating ‘meat blanket’!

The rats swarmed Uncle Chen in a frenzy, pushing him down to ground. He thrashed violently, but with each passing second, his resistance became weaker, his screams became more muffled. “It can’t be! It can’t be! How can this happen?”

He wailed and howled. As his eyes were about to be fully covered by the rats, he gave Chengfeng and Yuehan one last glimpse. A look of realization came upon him, as if he suddenly remembered something, and the forgotten Martial Uncle of the Hidden Sword Court laughed maniacally, “I understand now! I understand now! I had been so blind before this! Hahahaha… you want to have a piece of me? Eat away!”

With his last sentence, Uncle Chen formed a hand seal using his final True Yuan, with the intention of spontaneously combusting.

But before he could complete his final hand seal, a rat scampered towards his finger and bit it off. Alas, Uncle Chen couldn’t even perform his last technique. As the swarm of rats smothered him like a rising tide, he released a final wail, only to never move or speak again.

In the deepest, most hidden depths of the Shiwu Mountains, the forgotten Martial Uncle of the Hidden Sword Court who had spent the last fifty years eating rats and fellow humans, had finally died in the brutal manner of being eaten alive!

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