Breaking The Day - Chapter 189

Chengfeng and Yuehan fearfully watched as the swarm of rats devoured the fallen elder of Hidden Sword Court. Within moments, all that was left were his bones.

Some rats dug into the bones, some rats gnawed on the remaining pieces of flesh, but most of the rats began to rise. They turned their heads to Chengfeng and Yuehan, and stared at the pair with their blood red eyes.

Yuehan chuckled nihilistically, she thought to herself, ‘I’d never thought once in my century-long life that I’d be eaten alive by rats!’

She murmured, “I didn’t think that I’d die here with you…”

Chengfeng was so nervous, he didn’t hear her properly. “What?”

Yuehan looked at Chengfeng and forced a chuckle. She shook her head and said, “Nothing. Master… can you promise me something?”

Chengfeng shook his head forcefully. “No, don’t even think about it!”

Yuehan shook her head, devoid of hope. “I want you to kill me. I don’t want these rats to eat me! I’d rather die by your hands.”

Chengfeng locked eyes with her. “You followed me here, I’m getting you out with me!”

Chengfeng looked like a cooked duck. He was injured from head to toe, but he was so determined. Yuehan joked bitterly, “Unless you can transform yourself into a Golden Armour cultivator right now… or else, there’s no way we can escape!”

Chengfeng gripped the stone stick with difficulty. He gritted his teeth, “No, my mother awaits for me at home. I can’t die here, the Cleansing Moon Li family awaits for my glory!”

The rats moved agitatedly, their actions pulsed with a deadly excitement. But as Chengfeng raised the stick, they scampered and parted like waves, vacating the floor beneath them.

Chengfeng was taken aback. He pointed the stick in another direction, and the rats there immediately retreated like falling tide.

Chengfeng was stunned momentarily, as if realization had struck him. But it felt like there was a screen separating him from the truth. He had yet to tear the screen, and he was merely pacing back and forth.

How is this happening?

Are the rats… afraid of the stick?

But… weren’t they afraid of Uncle Chen?

Chengfeng’s eyes lingered on the bones. Uncle Chen’s jawbone had been gnawed and collapsed from the rest of the skull, leaving his “mouth” separated into two. It seemed as if the skull was howling.

 “I understand now! I understand now! I had been so blind before this! Hahahaha…”

Those words echoed in Chengfeng’s mind. Like the relentless ringing of bells, the words violently rung in his mind.

Why led him to say those words? Why were the rats so afraid of him before this, but yet attacked him in a fury? Was it because he was severely weakened?

Chengfeng glanced down at the sword, which was four feet long and two inches wide. He pointed the stick in another direction once more, and sure enough, wherever he pointed at, the rats would scurry away.

Suddenly, it was as if a blinding spiritual light permeated the dark, hopeless cave!

Chengfeng didn’t know where the strength came from, but he suddenly cocked his head up and laughed maniacally, his laughter echoed in the cave. It signalled an indescribable joy.

Yuehan looked at Chengfeng, confused and worried. Was he so terrified of death that he had lost his mind?

Chengfeng laughed so hard, tears were streaming down his face. He looked at the bones that were formerly Uncle Chen, and sighed, “Oh Uncle Chen, you’re clever, but you were so wrong! If you’re listening, you’re gonna have to understand that some things are meant to be! Everything happens for a reason!”

Yuehan sighed, “You still have the strength to lament like this… you Li family people, sure are made of something different. I just hope that when the rats eat you, your skull will remain intact!”

Chengfeng laughed, “No, no! We’re not gonna die!”

“Are you crazy? Are you putting your faith in… the stick?”

Chengfeng brought the stick up, his eyes glimmering with hope. “If I’m not mistaken, this isn’t any ordinary stick!”

Yuehan had spent quite some time with Chengfeng, so she was quite familiar with his personality. She quizzically asked, “This… stone stick?”

Chengfeng scoffed, and chuckled, “No, if I’m not mistaken… this is the Heaven! Splitter! Sword!”

Yuehan coughed up a mouthful of blood. She looked at Chengfeng with pity, and thought, ‘Has he gone insane like his father? Is his bloodline cursed or something?’

Chengfeng eyed Yuehan, he knew she was being skeptical. He lifted the stick and smashed it against the wall!

A crack could be heard as the wall shook. The stick began to crack and crumble, and all the rats were so terrified they retreated immediately!

Yuehan stared at Chengfeng in disbelief and confusion. Every time he knocked the stick against the wall, more stone shards fell from the stick.

About ten knocks later, a clanging sound was heard. Half of the stick had been knocked into pieces, and as the shards fell, it partially revealed a sword!

The minute the sword revealed itself, the rats screamed in terror. They scurried away from the cave within seconds, wholly vacating the cave. All that remained was Uncle Chen’s skeleton and some rat bones. It was as if they never showed up.

Wielding the sword, Chengfeng borrowed the glow of the spirit crystals to illuminate the sword. There were ancient, intricate floral patterns carved onto the blade. Chengfeng and Yuehan shared a look, their eyes practically glowing. Chengfeng knocked the sword against the once more, completely freeing the sword from the rocks. Two words were carved onto the blade: Heaven Splitter!

“This… this is the Heaven Splitter Sword?!” Yuehan was so shocked that her voice changed.

Chengfeng raised the sword and laughed, “What goes around, comes back around! Oh Uncle Chen, your wits have beguiled you! Had you not hid yourself in the mountains, blinded, you’d never have found the sealed sword!”

“Had you not been a cannibal, you wouldn’t have accumulated all these sins, we wouldn’t have fought, and you wouldn’t have died! Had you not been a coward and left the cave, I wouldn’t have found the sword, and I would’ve died!”

“Had you not been blind, you wouldn’t have wielded this stick for so long, and I wouldn’t have found it!”

“This is what we say, ‘what goes around, comes around!’”

Chengfeng raised the sword and smashed it once more against the wall. This time, the stone covering the handle fell apart. This fully revealed the four feet long, two inch wide, ancient, glorious Heaven Splitter Sword!

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