Breaking The Day - Chapter 19

The unconscious and unaware Li Chengfeng was carried back to his room on Xiaobao’s back. His dreams were filled with Liu Zhixi’s face, though Prefecture Chief Zhang Junheng and the seductive Su Zhixian occasionally appeared too. In the dream, Li Chengfeng kept chasing after their shadows. 

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been plagued by these two beautiful ladies until he realised he was in a blurry dreamscape. Thre was a light mist in the air, and a faint singing could be heard. It sounded gentle but indistinguishable, he realised it grew louder as he headed west. 

Li Chengfeng continued to head west in the direction of the singing. He didn’t know how long he’d travelled when he arrived at a city wall. 

He saw the grandest building in the entire Cheng’an City, naturally Prefecture Chief’s quarters. It was magnificent, even the walls around his estate were five metres tall while there were eight-metre tall blocks every fifty steps. If there was chaos outside, slight adjustments could be made quickly so this became a fortress. Once the main gates were closed, it would be impossible to enter. 

Everyone could feel a strong sense of oppression whenever passing by the gates. 

However, when Li Chengfeng saw the tall walls, he was unimpressed and thought it was too dramatic. 

The walls seemed to touch the clouds. He craned his neck as he tried to look up at the top of the walls but all he saw were clouds. He couldn’t see the top! 

He was surprised at its sheer height and approached it. He saw the walls open a crack- it was the gates opening slowly. 

The gates were as tall as mountains. He felt like an ant in front of them. If he climbed up, he would die from exhaustion before reaching the peak! 

He turned from the peak and entered through the crack. The gates had only opened just a little but when he walked through it, it seemed to be as wide as a vast grassy expanse. It was so terrifyingly vast that Li Chengfeng’s chest tightened with surprise! 

He trekked deeper fearfully, finding nothing but vast grasslands around. He could see the faint silhouette of Sky Palace in the distance. Li Chengfeng took one step forward to find that a stone tile appeared beneath his foot. Taking another step, another stone tile appeared once more. 

After some walking, he knew he was at the end of the stone path, for it had turned into a set of ascending steps. Every stone slab making up the staircase hovered mid-air, all tightly arranged upwards until they reached a shiny golden palace sitting in the clouds! 

Li Chengfeng looked up at the palace but it was wrapped in clouds and mist. He looked down to see that beneath the hovering stone slabs was an endless abyss that led deep into the ground! Feeling a deep fear, he fell two steps back and intended to turn and run. 

But after two steps, he saw a girl riding an immortal crane approach. 

The girl was clad in a long, snow-white dress. She had a graceful figure, an elegant air and an adorable, round face. She was especially beautiful with a beauty mark as big as a sesame seed underneath the corner of her eye, which added life to her delicate features. 

Li Chengfeng only needed one look to feel like a hundred thousand bombs had exploded in his head at once! 

He watched as the girl got off her crane gracefully, stunned, while she walked up to him with a smile. With a crisp voice, she said, “What are you doing here, my lord?” 

Li Chengfeng had met many pretty girls in his life but this was the most ethereal being he had ever met! 

He stared at her blankly, unable to utter a word. 

When a girl’s beauty attained a certain level, it could be the world’s most powerful weapon for it was enough to stun every man who saw her. Their minds would fall into a mess as they become paralysed with awe! 

This was what Li Chengfeng thought. He couldn’t imagine that there was such a beautiful, ethereal girl in this world! 

When she saw his face, she lowered her head and giggled. Slightly embarrassed, she purred, “Why are you looking at me like that, my lord? Haven’t you gotten tired of my face already?” 

“Not at all, I wouldn’t grow tired of this face even after I die!” Li Chengfeng’s flirty habit accidentally came through in his shock. 

She giggled. Her jet-black hair shook gracefully like falling sand as she laughed, “You’re acting weird today, my lord! It’s like you suddenly know what to say to make me happy! I know what you said isn’t true but I’m still happy to hear it!” 

He wanted to say something but the girl gently grabbed his shoulder with a smile. “Are you going back to the palace? Is it alright if Nunu comes with?” 

He nodded stupidly. “Good, good, good. Back to the palace, back to the palace.” 

She leaned next to him smilingly and brought him up. Although previously the staircase looked heart-attack inducing, with such a beauty by his side, Li Chengfeng felt like it was the shortest walk in the world. Suddenly, he had reached the end. 

“We’re here! Rest up, my lord. I’ll excuse myself for now,” The girl who called herself Nunu smiled lightly and turned to leave. She was as graceful as the wind, her dress billowing like mist around her. 

He quickly stopped Nunu. “Hey, I don’t know your name!” 

The girl covered her mouth, chuckling. “You’re always teasing me! You’re the one who named me Nu Feiyue, my lord!” 

“Nu Feiyue, Nu Feiyue…” 

Li Chengfeng muttered the name to himself, watching Nunu leave. He still stared at the same spot long after she disappeared. 

He only snapped back to reality when he heard the loud click of a mechanism being activated next to him. 

He turned to realise that he was in a gigantic palace. It had a ten-metre-tall jade platform situated within, with one large pillar on both sides. Li Chengfeng estimated their diameters to be tens of metres wide, their heights more than a hundred metres tall! 

Such unfathomably large architecture naturally exuded intimidation, invoking fear in anyone who arrived. 

Li Chengfeng had completely lost his wit. What was this place? Why was he here?!  

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