Breaking The Day - Chapter 190

“I can’t believe… you found the Heaven Splitter Sword that went missing for decades along with the Court Master!” Yuehan’s eyes grew wide, but she subsequently sighed.

Chengfeng couldn’t help but caress the legendary sword in his hand. His face was red from excitement, and he seemed to feel a lot better.

Because he saw hope within the Heaven Splitter Sword. But it wasn’t just the hope of protecting himself from danger, it was the hope of restoring the name of the Cleansing Moon Li family!

“Didn’t he say, this is the first of the five legendary swords?” Chengfeng asked as he inspected the sword.

Yuehan gave the sword a complicated look. She admired the sword, but she wasn’t envious or possessive about it. The reason is simple: demons are incapable of using magical items.

Demons had their own unique path of cultivation, one that doesn’t rely too much on magical items or formations.

Hearing Chengfeng’s question, she replied, “Yes, there were originally only four legendary swords. One of them was the one Princess Zhao Feiyue brought back from the Nine Heavenly Levels, Tianhe God Sword; another one is from the head of the Universe Religious Sect and Daqi National Advisor’s Dragon Killer Sword; the Thoughtless Flowing Fist’s Sect Master’s Thoughtless Sword; the Phoenix Hibiscus Court’s Master, Qu Wanru’s Flying Spiritual Mountain Sword.”

“When Chao Tianque rose to power, he revealed the Heaven Splitter Sword to the world. Since then, there are the five legendary swords that we come to know. Furthermore, when Chao Tianque wielded the Heaven Splitter, he won every battle he fought and never suffered a single loss. As for the other four swords, their last known victory in battle was about two hundred years ago. People have heard about the swords, but hardly seen them in real life. That’s why they rank behind the Heaven Splitter Sword.”

Chengfeng listened as he felt the sword in his hand, assessing its weight. He noticed the handle of the sword had an indent about the size of a goose’s egg. He was surprised. He felt the indent and asked, “What’s this?”

Yuehan took a look. “This indent is for spirit crystals. Seeing as its original spirit crystal is missing… so for now, it’s not as powerful as a legendary magical item, it’s just another spiritual weapon for the time being.”

Chengfeng was taken aback. “Then why were the rats so afraid of it?”

“Although the sword may have lost its magic, it’s still one of the five legendary swords. This sword has taken the souls of countless victims, so it possesses a deadly aura. An ordinary person cannot sense it, but weaker and more sensitive life forms can sense it. It terrifies them.”

Chengfeng had never asked why Yuehan knew so much about matters like these. It didn’t even occur to him to ask her why she used magic earlier.

Similarly, Yuehan never asked if Chengfeng had suspicions towards her. This caused her to fret greatly.

She had no idea if Chengfeng had noticed that her identity was false, and she wouldn’t know how Chengfeng would take it.

She was currently in a weak state. Now that Chengfeng had the Heaven Splitter Sword in his hand, regardless of magic, as one of the five legendary swords it has the astounding power to cut through the hardest of armour. Should the blade even touch her, the pain would be that of a dragon’s flame, a pain so great that it could kill a demon like Yuehan.

Don’t tell me… my days of being part of the Li Family and with Chengfeng won’t end like this, will they?

The thought ached Yuehan’s heart. She had hardly experienced such a sensation. She had never experienced such indecisiveness, such tenderness, and such heartache.

In her heart, there was only an infinite emptiness.

Once an inseparable pair, a crack had now emerged between them. The both of them weren’t sure on how to face it, but they chose to temporarily ignore it. But the crack remains, and once they escape, they’ll have to face the crack eventually!

Chengfeng finally put the sword down. “Yuehan, follow me to look around, see if there are any paths we can use to get out.”

Hearing Chengfeng call her by her usual name, Yuehan’s heart warmed slightly. She smiled slightly. “Why don’t you rest, Master?”

The pain and exhaustion returned to torment Chengfeng. He grit his teeth and focused his strength. “We’ll have to get out of this place first. I can’t stay here for another second!”

Yuehan gritted her teeth as well and smiled bitterly. “We’re not quite sure of the situation outside too.”

Chengfeng packed up the bone shard and Heaven Splitter Sword. He and Yuehan helped each other up, and slowly made their way out of the stone path and returned to the cave with the pool. They both scanned the area, and noticed there was a rather secluded opening near the pool.

Chengfeng and Yuehan looked at each other, and he laughed, “There’s always a way out! Apparently Shiwu Mountain’s mine can access the back of the mountain.”

But Yuehan sensed that Chengfeng’s laughter was rather forced. An uneasy thought came to her: if they get out of here, how would she face him?

Will they laugh and joke around like before? Will that unconditional trust still be there? Will they still have fun as before, like master and servant?

Yuehan’s heart ached again. She was fidgety and anxious. She quickly glanced over to Chengfeng, he was hobbling towards the opening even though he was gravely injured and exhausted.

Thoughts swarmed Yuehan’s mind: Look at yourself, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You want to call yourself a handmaiden? Haven’t you been lied to so many times? He doesn’t even think about you, it’s all lies!

Yuehan’s fingers transformed. Her nails grew sharper and paler, drained of blood. Just like her face.

Yuehan followed Chengfeng like a walking corpse, while fighting battles in her mind. A cold, emotionless voice hurled insults and warnings towards her in mind, but she couldn’t help but recall the fond memories she had when she got to know Chengfeng.

In the last hundred years, these were her happiest memories. They came from a time free of worries and anxieties. They were like the clearest of all pearl necklaces, so pure and beautiful.

Stuck in her thoughts, she suddenly bumped into Chengfeng. The both of them groaned in pain. Yuehan felt like she was awoken from a dream, but she saw Chengfeng carefully listening to something.

“Listen! You hear that?”

Yuehan cocked her ear. “Sounds like… wind?”

Chengfeng laughed. “Correct!”

He excitedly quickened his pace forward. But Yuehan’s expression dimmed slightly as she tried to keep up with him.

The pair walked about a hundred metres, and suddenly the sound of wind became a lot louder now. Chengfeng could even feel some of the wind blowing towards him.

They walked another hundred metres. Illuminated by the light of the spirit crystals, Chengfeng noticed that their path had come to an end. A giant rock blocked their path, thus forming a dead end. The rock had a gap of a finger’s width, and the rock was covered in cracks. Behind the cracks and gap, one could see the faint glow of blue light from behind the rock.

Yuehan noticed the dead end too, and she sighed a soft breath of relief. Instead, she asked, “Master, looks like a dead end. What do we do?”

Chengfeng raised the Heaven Splitter Sword in his hand and smiled gleefully. “There’s always a way out! With this, I’ll create an exit!”

“How? The sword doesn’t even have magic in it!”

“No worries, didn’t you say earlier? Regardless, it’s still a pretty powerful weapon. It’s so sharp, it’ll cut through this boulder!”

Before he continued, he said to Yuehan. “Stand back a little, I don’t want the shrapnel to hit you.”

Yuehan took a few steps backwards, but Chengfeng said, “A little further back.” Yuehan took a few more steps backwards.

Chengfeng inhaled deeply, and adjusted his breathing. After recovering slightly, he raised the Heaven Splitter Sword high above his head!

He was going to perform the Li family’s Torch The Sky technique. This was an exceptional technique of the Li family’s sword techniques. This will definitely work!

He focused his gaze. He shifted his legs, the energy travelled from his feet, to his back, and to his shoulders. Combined with his weight, the powerful energy transferred to his hands and sword!

This sword might just even cut air itself!

The legendary Heaven Splitter Sword had not been seen in action for the last many decades. Its swing created a graceful arc, the intricate carvings on its blade gorgeously reflected the cerulean light of the spirit crystals!

The ancient sword made its move, cutting past thousands of seasons, days and night. It was a sight to behold!

Chengfeng roared, “Cut!!”

Suddenly the Heaven Splitter Sword broke upon contact with the boulder!

A deafening clank sound could be heard, and Chengfeng saw as the sword broke into two. It spun mid-air, and landed on the stone wall next to Yuehan.



Huh? Something isn’t right. Wait! Wait wait wait wait!

Chengfeng’s eyes boggled at the sight of the broken Heaven Splitter Sword in his hand. He then looked over to the other half that stabbed the stone wall, and then back at the one half in his hand. “What the hell, I said I wanna break the boulder in half, not break the sword in half!!”

“This ain’t it, isn’t this supposed to be one of the five legendary swords?”

“What the bloody hell just happened?!”

“This, this has gotta be a fake!”

“Oh, god damn it! This isn’t the Heaven Splitter Sword. We should just take out the ‘Heaven’ on the sword and call it ‘Split’!”

Chengfeng was absolutely incensed and he unleashed a fury of cusses.

Yuehan’s face grew red. Just moments ago she was depressed and anxious. But now she couldn’t help but laugh. Chengfeng spun towards her to shoot a murderous glare, but she couldn’t take that seriously, and found herself guffawing even harder.

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