Breaking The Day - Chapter 191

“What’s so funny?” Chengfeng marched towards Yuehan, embarrassed and incensed from breaking the sword. As he was about to raise his hand to jokingly hit her, sharp pain shot up his arm and throughout his body. He groaned and slowly lowered his arm, and his wounds began to bleed again.

Yuehan hurriedly ripped a part of her sleeve off, and used it to bandage Chengfeng’s wounds.

Chengfeng observed Yuehan, and noticed that her hair was white. But there was a unique kind of beauty to her looks that moved him. Yuehan realized Chengfeng was looking at her, and she raised her head to meet his eyes. The both of them locked eyes for a second, but quickly darted their gaze away.

Yuehan had a slight blush on her cheeks, which contrasted her overall fair and pale face. It gave her an exquisite, dolled up beauty. After Chengfeng looked away, he found himself at a loss of words. He didn’t know what to say. The both of them suddenly felt awkward, and it felt as if the air around them got a lot warmer.

In the quiet cave, it was as if there was an unseen connection between the both of them, which fettered within their hearts in the form of affection and companionship.

This unseen connection  is not a physical object that can be felt, but the both of them sensed it in their hearts. They knew that without the other person, their hearts will experience a sense of excruciating pain and forlorning.

As Yuehan finished bandaging Chengfeng’s wounds, she asked, almost in a whisper, “Master… are we going to die here?”

But upon asking, Yuehan did not feel scared or worried. Instead, she was somewhat happy.

If they can’t get out from here, then she won’t have to face the issue. As long as they’re in the cave, she doesn’t have to make the difficult decision or face reality. As long as they can hide away in this little safe space, they can rely on each other’s help, warmth, and feelings.

It was at this moment, Chengfeng understood why Uncle Chen decided to stay in the cave for fifty years.

Everyone will reach a point in their lives where they are at their weakest and most vulnerable. In those moments, reality is often difficult and painful. They’d want to distance themselves away from reality, hide away in a remote corner, and live their lives quietly. It’s as if nothing bad ever happened.

Chengfeng quietly observed Yuehan. His alert eyes gradually softened. He extended his hand and lightly tucked the Yuehan’s hair behind her ear. His finger touched her cheek, the part where it blushed, and it seemed as if her cheeks grew a lot warmer.

Yuehan lowered her head, she couldn’t bring herself to look Chengfeng in the eye. But Chengfeng placed a finger under her chin, and raised her head slowly.

Her face came to meet his, and their eyes connected. This time they did not look away from each other.

His face is so handsome, Yuehan thought, more handsome than any other man she met or seen in her life. But what mattered the most this time, is that she could sense warmth and love in his eyes.

She had been deeply hurt before this, and after being a demon, she harboured deep contempt and hatred for men, for she saw that they were only capable of hurt and greed.

Even as a thousand face demon, she now saw: in his eyes, he only saw her. She could see her reflection in his eyes, a reflection of her that was in a bliss of happiness and love.

Chengfeng said softly, “I told you not to follow me, but you insisted.”

Yuehan wanted to lower her head, but Chengfeng didn’t allow her. He nudged her from her chin again and their eyes connected once more. She replied softly, “I… was worried you might be in danger. So… I decided to follow.”

Chengfeng observed Yuehan, and then he smiled. “Thank you.”

His gaze gave her butterflies, and her heart raced. But upon hearing him thank her, she was slightly disappointed. But she couldn’t dwell on the disappointment, for she felt Chengfeng held her chin, and sensed a warmth coming towards her. He softly placed his lips on hers.

Yuehan’s eyes grew wide. She didn’t know how to respond. She wanted to move away, but as she gripped Chengfeng’s arm, she hesitated. The warmth and tenderness relaxed her. The once cold, loathed thousand face demon melted under tenderness.

Then, their lips parted.

Yuehan felt that their kiss was short, like when a dragonfly lightly touches the water, but also felt everlong and memorable. She looked at Chengfeng, at a loss of words. She instinctively touched her lips.

In Chengfeng’s heart, the once persistent image of Liu Zhixi evaporated away. It was now replaced with this beautiful, mellow, quirky, and sometimes gluttonous handmaiden.

He knew she wasn’t as simple as she might seem. But he felt it: she loved him.

Just like every other young adult, they’ve once pursued an unreachable counterpart. But life finds a way to put two people together, and deeply intertwine their lives. From there, images of one another are casted deep into their minds, making them unforgettable to one another.

Yuehan saw Chengfeng lean forward, coming closer to her face. Her breathing and heart quickened. She closed her eyes, as if waiting for something to happen.

But instead, she felt a painful tap on her forehead. She opened her eyes and rubbed her forehead in annoyance, while glaring at Chengfeng.

Chengfeng laughed, “Take it easy now! If we’re gonna kiss, we’ll do it once when we get back!”

Yuehan’s annoyance was replaced by anxiety. What did he mean? Get back? If we get out of here, will things go back to the way they were?

As Yuehan’s thoughts raced in her mind, Chengfeng stood up. He had rested for a while and restored some of his energy. He walked to the other half of the sword, and pulled it from the wall.

As he was pulling, he chuckled bitterly, “You think this one is a fake?”

Yuehan gathered her thoughts and focused. “I think it’s the real one.”

“Why though?”

“People can be fooled, but rats can’t be fooled by that sword. Their fear was very real. Furthermore, the sword was found here, which matches with the time and location when it was lost. The possibility of it being a different sword is very low.”

Chengfeng nodded. “I think so too. But the Heaven Splitter Sword is supposed to be legendary, why did it break in half?”

Yuehan looked over to one half of the sword in Chengfeng’s hand. She asked, “Master, don’t you think this sword is kinda weird? Why would it be encased in stones in the first place, making it look like some kind of stone stick?”

Chengfeng thought about it. “Maybe because it deteriorated over time? There’s little sustenance and sunlight in the cave, maybe it led to the sword’s current condition? That’s why the sword was so weak, and without magic, it broke in half.”

Yuehan nodded and said, “Perhaps it could be it. But where did Chao Tianque go? He disappeared, but left the sword here.”

It was a mystery to the both of them. They’ll have to travel a hundred years back in time, and ask Chao Tianque about it in order to discover the truth.

“Mm, the main thing now is… we have to get out of here, quick.” Chengfeng said while nodding.

But, how are they going to leave this place?

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