Breaking The Day - Chapter 192

Chengfeng tried to figure a way out. He was never a pessimistic person, hence he believed that he’d find a way out of here eventually.

Chengfeng made his way to the dead end. He tried to mobilise some of the immortal energy, hoping to detect any plants he can manipulate.

But he could not detect even a trace of spiritual energy from plants. There was nothing he could use.

This was one weakness the technique had: its overdependence on the external environment!

Chengfeng tried another round of searching and detecting, but to no avail. He looked at Yuehan with a defeated look and asked, “Any ideas?”

Yuehan shook her head.

“Hmm, what if we put a spirit crystal into the sword, will that fix it and restore its magic?”

Yuehan thought for a while, and said, “I don’t know, never tried.”

Chengfeng dug out a spirit crystal, and placed it into the indent of the sword. But the crystal was about the size of a thumb, much smaller than the goose egg-sized indent. The minute he raised the sword, the crystal would fall off. How would it work?

Tossing the crystal away in frustration, he began to look for a bigger crystal, but after a round of searching, all of the crystals were roughly the size of a finger. None of them were compatible with the sword’s intent.

Yuehan chuckled, “A goose egg-sized crystal is pretty valuable. All of the greatest magical items require a crystal of that size. If it were so easy to find a crystal of that size, the magical items wouldn’t be that valuable to begin with.”

Chengfeng quickly understood that with regards to top-grade magical items, there are three aspects that make them valuable. First: the workmanship.

This didn’t refer to the physical build of the item by its creator, but rather the carvings of the arrays on the items.

These tiny array patterns are often complicated and intricate. The creator must possess great knowledge and mastery towards arrays and formations, as well as a high level of cultivation skill and insight.

The process of carving the array is like wielding a large amount of energy, and slowly transferring it onto the item bit by bit. Where the area is large, the act of carving the array is less difficult. After all, there is more space between arrays.

Essentially, every aspect of the magical item, from its fighting style to its strengths, all stem from the arrays carved onto it.

Second: the soul and spirit of the item.

In order for the item to truly release its strengths, and for it to fight a battle on its own, a soul has to be inserted into it. It can be any soul: it can be a magical beast’s soul, a demon’s soul, a human’s soul, or even an immortal’s soul. 

The insertion of different souls will influence the abilities and character of the magical item. If the soul had a bold personality in its past life, it will influence the item’s personality to be bold as well after insertion.

Therefore, the soul's own strength, intelligence, agility, quickness, and even stupidity will be passed on to the magic item.

Third: Quality grade spirit crystal!

For a legendary magical item, even if it possesses an intricate array, infused with a good soul, but if it lacks a quality spirit crystal, it’s merely an average item.

The array of the item determines its lower limit, the infused spirit determines its quality, but the thing that determines the upper limit of the item’s power is the spiritual crystal embedded into it.

The crystal is not only required to be large in size, it must also be capable of storing enough True Yuan magic. Similarly, it needs to possess sufficient amounts of light. A bright crystal indicates its strength, and its ability to withstand the powerful True Yuan magic of great cultivators. This contrasts with an ordinary spirit crystal, which will crack upon absorbing a great cultivator’s magic.

Chengfeng remembered the crystal used by Uncle Chen and he sighed, “Would’ve been great if that crystal didn’t break!”

Yuehan suddenly exclaimed, “If Uncle Chen had such a crystal, that means he found one here in the cave. Who knows, maybe we can find one too!”

Chengfeng snapped upright and said excitedly, “You’re right!”

The both of them rested for a while, and went on with their search. But the cave was filled with glowing spirit crystals, and within minutes of their search, they'd become dizzy from the lights. Even after a few rounds of searching, they could not find a single goose egg-sized crystal.

Chengfeng made several rounds and dug up many crystals. He was covered in sweat, and his wounds ached. Some of his wounds had even reopened, and fresh blood gushed from it.

Chengfeng was exhausted and sat flat on the ground. He looked at the dead end and muttered angrily, “Bloody h*ll, are we really gonna die here?”

Yuehan sat down next to him. As she looked at him, she thought to herself, ‘Maybe this isn’t such a bad way to go.”

Chengfeng was frustrated. He felt a little movement from under his butt, and he reached towards it with a hand. From his back pocket he felt a kit containing two square objects.

He hadn’t felt it during the intense fights, but now that he’s relatively relaxed, he felt it against his butt.

Chengfeng poured the objects out from the kit, but the “heirloom” his father gave him fell out. Chengfeng suddenly laughed, and picked up the ‘Red Zhong’ tile. The blood from his finger left an imprint on it.

He vented all his grievances onto the mahjong tile. “Hell, of all times you come here to mock me! Hurry up and piss off!”

The sentence reminded Yuehan of the moment when they fell into the bottom of the valley, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

Chengfeng glared at her in mock anger. “You dare laugh at me?” Chengfeng tossed the tile towards Yuehan’s side.

The tile flew past Yuehan and spun in the air. The bloody imprint had completely been absorbed by the tile, and the engraving on the tile lit up. It connected with the wall, and suddenly emitted a blinding light.


There was a loud noise, as if a heavy cannon hit the rock wall, and the wall suddenly collapsed, giving way to a large hole!

Chengfeng and Yuehan turned towards the hole with their eyes and mouths wide open!

What the heck just happened?!

He instinctively picked up the remaining mahjong tile, the blood on his fingers seeped into the tile almost immediately, and the tile emitted a bright green light.

Chengfeng was pleasantly surprised. “Damn Father, guess you’re right, this really is a family heirloom!”

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