Breaking The Day - Chapter 193

Yuehan stared at the mahjong tile in Chengfeng’s hand with her eyes wide open. She stuttered, “Master… master, this tile is a magical item? Oh, I remember now!”

Chengfeng turned to her and asked curiously, “You look surprised, what did you remember?”

Yuehan exclaimed, “I remember now! A hundred years ago there was this cultivator who really liked to gamble, he possessed this unique magic item, it was a mahjong set!” 

Chengfeng suddenly roared with laughter, but it caused his body to hurt all over. He coughed a bit and laughed, “What’s up with these cultivators? Why would they turn a mahjong set into a magical item? How are they gonna use it? Grab the opponent and force them to play a few rounds?”

Yuehan replied, “Don’t look down on him! That magical item is seriously powerful. It consists of a hundred and thirty-six tiles, but they can change into one thousand versions.”

Chengfeng tried not to laugh. “Yeah, right. It can turn into all of one suit, or paired tiles, or the Nine Gates, or even the Thirteen Orphans!”

Yuehan suppressed a smile and said, “Master, do you want to listen or not?”

Chengfeng tried to focus, and he replied, “Go on, this cultivator’s magical item is very powerful and can change into many forms, and?”

“That’s true! He used this item to defeat many powerful cultivators. But he was a gambling addict. He eventually placed a bet with someone, but alas, he gave away his mahjong set because he lost the bet. Afterwards… no one ever saw him again.”

Chengfeng looked at the tile in his hand and thought aloud, “Dad said the tiles are the Li family’s magical heirloom. Unless… did our ancestors win the mahjong set? If so, why are there only two tiles?”

“But this is too crude. Just a drop of blood and it considers you its master?!”

Chengfeng sighed, “Consider us lucky that the tile has such a crude way of recognising masters, unlike the Heaven Splitter Sword. Or else we would have to…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a shock travelled through the cave. The ground began to quake, and the top of the cave crumbled, especially where the dead end was. Cracks emerged on the wall, as if the entire cave was about to collapse.

Chengfeng said in a panic, “This place is about to collapse!”
Yuehan replied hurriedly, “Master, fetch the red tile you threw earlier, quick!”

“The red tile?” Chengfeng was uncertain. He aimed a hand towards the crater he created, and at a thought, a green light flew towards him and into his hand.

Chengfeng was surprised, and he felt a hard object in his hand. As he opened his hand to see, it was the Red Zhong tile he threw earlier, unscathed and whole again.

Chengfeng didn’t have the time to admire and analyze the item, he once again he threw the tile towards the dead end. The tile exploded upon contact with the boulder, its explosion as powerful as a cannon’s, causing the boulder to crumble into pieces.

“We did it!” Chengfeng yelled in joy. He grabbed Yuehan’s hand and dashed towards the newly-formed exit.

At this moment, their lives were at stake. The pain all over their bodies were numbed by the adrenaline. That dashed into the exit as rocks collapsed behind them.

The two entered the stone path. Chengfeng stuck his hand out, and the tile whizzed back into his hand. Chengfeng was delighted, this was indeed a good tile. It travelled with the flick of a hand! Furthermore, it had explosive power!

This was good. The Heaven Splitter Sword may have been broken into two, but the two magical heirloom tiles were proving to be really useful!

As Chengfeng thought to himself, the pair made their way to a forked path.

“Which way?” Yuehan asked urgently.

Chengfeng stuck a finger in his mouth to moisten it, then took it out to gauge the wind’s direction. He pointed left. “That way!”

As they were about to leave the area, Yuehan’s sharp eyes spotted something. She pointed towards it and said, “Look over there!”

Chengfeng’s eyes followed her finger and saw, at a much narrower cave located at the other side, had a luminous bright blue glow.

Yuehan exclaimed, “This must be where the large spirit crystals are!”

Chengfeng argued, “Come on, now’s not the time for crystals! Let’s go!”

Yuehan turned towards the light. “Master, I think it’s relatively safer here, I’ll take a look…”

Chengfeng stopped Yuehan and angrily said, “Are you out of your mind? You’ll die! I forbid you from going, you heard me? I forbid it!”

Yuehan gave Chengfeng a serious expression. “Master, once Shiwu Mountain collapses, you’ll never find another spirit crystal ever again. Without a quality crystal, you won’t be able to use powerful magical items. Without powerful magical items, how are you gonna become a powerful cultivator? How are you gonna protect the ones you love?”

The last sentence shook Chengfeng. He grappled with it, and looked behind him. Yuehan was right, although the cave was collapsing, the passageway they were in was relatively stable.

Chengfeng gritted his teeth. “Alright, you stay here, I’ll go!”

Yuehan stopped Chengfeng. “No, only I can go!”

Chengfeng was incensed. “Why?”

“Look at the size of it, only I can fit in there!”

Chengfeng gauged the size of the cave. It was roughly a metre tall and there were cracks, where blue light seeped through. Chengfeng concluded that he wouldn’t fit in the narrow cave, and only a girl as petite as Yuehan would make it.

But what if the entrance to the cave collapses and she’s trapped in there?

Chengfeng thought carefully. He gripped her shoulder and declared, “You’re way more important than the crystal! Hence, I forbid you from going!”

Yuehan’s eyes reddened, and tears welled up. But she quickly broke into a smile. She gave Chengfeng a quick kiss on the lips, and she dashed towards the entrance in a flash.

Chengfeng reached out to grab her, but his fingers slipped right through her.

Yuehan’s figure moved in a flash, and like a snake, she slithered into the entrance.

Chengfeng wanted to grab her out from the cave. But he knew that would be more dangerous for the both of them. He yelled out, worried, “Hurry up! I’ll be waiting for you!”

Yuehan abruptly stopped. She suddenly recalled an unforgettable memory. She turned to longingly look at Chengfeng. She pursed her lips and quickly crawled into the tight entrance.

The crack could only fit a small person. The deeper she crawled into the entrance, the tighter it was. It was as if it was specifically made for a small person to crawl into.

Yuehan endured the pain, and as she crawled for five, six metres, she saw a huge, bright spirit crystal.

This spirit crystal was as large as a goose’s egg. It was the brightest crystal she had ever seen. It was definitely the best spiritual crystal that ever existed!

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