Breaking The Day - Chapter 194

Yuehan crawled ahead, but she found herself stuck. She inhaled deeply, several cracks could be heard from her body, and her chest shrank slightly. This allowed her to crawl for another metre, to which she can reach for the crystal.

Yuehan stretched out her fingers, and like iron hooks, she grabbed the spirit crystal from the wall.

Another tremor pulsated through the mountain, and several cracking noises could be heard from the cave she was in. Yuehan’s heart raced, and she quickly crawled out of the crack. Suddenly the inside of the cave collapsed, and massive rocks came crashing down, sealing the crack tight.

If Yuehan had been any slower, it didn’t matter if she was a thousand-faced demon or not, even a demon from the deepest parts of hell would’ve been crushed into pieces!

Yuehan knelt on the ground, she coughed up a mouthful of blood. She raised her head and looked around for Chengfeng. But he was nowhere to be seen!

Yuehan felt cold. She trembled all over, as if all of her energy had dissipated from her body. Her mind spiralled out of control, and a sinister thought raced in her mind. He abandoned you! Just like any other man, he abandoned you in the face of danger! You mean nothing to him! Why would he even stay for you!

Tears welled up in her eyes and fell freely onto the ground. She clutched the crystal in her hand. She wanted to scream and smash it to pieces. But suddenly, a familiar figure emerged from behind her.

He rushed towards her, took her by the leg with one hand, and her waist with the other, and scooped her up. They dashed away from the cave, and he yelled, “What were you doing in there for so long?”

Yuehan looked at him, at a loss of words. She was still crying, and she stuttered, “You, you…”

Chengfeng gritted his teeth while he ran. “I just took a leak, why are you crying like this?”

Yuehan pursed her lips and laughed, “You couldn’t hold it?”

“Nonsense! This is my first pee since we came down to the mines.” Then Chengfeng suddenly laughed, “Oh, I know. You thought I'd abandoned you, didn’t you?”

Yuehan scoffed, “If you did, you wouldn’t have the crystal!”

Chengfeng chuckled, “You think I care about that? I care about…”

Yuehan’s eyes twinkled. She suddenly perked up, and kissed Chengfeng on the lips. His eyes grew wide, and pushed her face aside with his forehead. He said angrily, “Dammit, I can’t see! Can’t you wait for the kiss? Damn you’re thirsty!”

Yuehan was a little ashamed. But with Chengfeng’s last sentence, her face grew red and her hands wrapped around his neck. She nestled tightly in his embrace, and almost greedily inhaled his strong, masculine scent.

She felt a warmth course and flow within her chest, as if something was growing.

Yuehan recognized it, it was a sign that her heart was developing again.

Could it be… is he really the one?

She didn’t dare pursue the question. She was afraid of disappointment. She was afraid of being hurt again.

She just clutched the person that held her, as if clinging on for dear life, savouring the warmth in the moment.

To live for a hundred years, only to look towards a young man. The mirror reflects the tune of the opera, which tells the tale of the heart.

Enjoy immediate happiness, but do not dwell on the pain of the past. Like waking from a drunken slumber, forever drifting in limbo.


Chengfeng ran along the stone path. There was a boulder ahead of him, Chengfeng tossed the tile towards it. With an explosion, it cleared the way for him and Chengfeng dashed out of the cave.

Suddenly, Chengfeng’s eyes lit up. The space around him opened up, and the light was no longer the blue piercing light of the crystals, but soft, gentle sunlight. The ground beneath him was no longer hard rocks, but soft snow. Chengfeng had yet to celebrate, and he continued to dash for another hundred metres. He was afraid that Shiwu Mountain behind would collapse, crushing them to death.

But fortunately, only the inner parts of the mountain collapsed. A smoke of dust escaped the cave, as the mountain continued to collapse in the opposite direction.

Although far away, Chengfeng could hear the rumbling and booms of the mountain, which rang loud like thunder.

Chengfeng entered the forest. Once he made sure they were safe, he collapsed on the snow, and leaned against a tree. The both of them panted heavily.

Chengfeng’s face was pale as he gasped for air. His breathing was so heavy that it sounded like a cow’s bellow. He looked over at Yuehan, and asked, “Why are you panting? I was the one who ran, not you!”

Yuehan’s face grew red, and she glared at Chengfeng’s hand.

Chengfeng realised his hand had passed into her top, and was grabbing her breast. Chengfeng blushed and laughed, embarrassed, “It wasn’t intentional!”

Although she had escaped, her mind was addled with many complicated thoughts. She saw the clear sky and lush, green trees, she felt out of time and out of place. She felt like she had just died and came back to life. For now, she had no idea where to place her love in this icy, cold world.

Chengfeng saw that her face was lowered and red, thus he assumed she was feeling awkward. He casually mentioned, “Say, why is it that, of all times, Shiwu Mountain chose to collapse today? Would you say we were fortunate or not?”

Chengfeng looked at the sword, and then the two mahjong tiles, and the glowing crystal in Yuehan’s arms. He sighed inwardly.

Although the trip was fraught with danger, they had a good harvest.

He was the biggest beneficiary of Shiwu Mountain’s collapse, and maybe for a long time, no one else would possess another crystal as large as Chengfeng’s.

As for the Heaven Splitter Sword, although it was broken, but it could be fixed. Plus, there was the spirit crystal, which might just restore the sword’s legendary power!

But he would have to hide the sword and spirit crystal, otherwise, he would have a large bounty on his head!

If others found out about these two items, death would be certain for him!

Yuehan said quietly, “I think… someone caused it.”

Chengfeng was surprised. He sat upright. “Why though?”

Yuehan replied, “Do you remember about the squirrel you brought with you?”

Chengfeng was shocked silent. He suddenly understood as an epiphany washed over him!

If a collapse was about to occur, there would have been some indicator below before the quake. Squirrels are highly sensitive to matters like these. But if this was a cultivator’s doing, there wouldn’t be any signs. Hence, the squirrel hadn’t noticed!

Chengfeng angrily ranted, “That bloody son of a gun, you dare hurt me? Once I find out who it is, I’ll skin them alive!”

He turned towards Yuehan, and saw her eyes were forlorn and her nose trembled. He asked curiously, “Why do you look so guilty?”

Yuehan looked at Chengfeng sideways. Her eyes were soft, she gave her breasts a quick glance and Chengfeng understood. He hadn’t retracted his hand from her breasts, and he cracked a joke, “I was worried that they might be cold, so I massaged them for you.”

Yuehan was so ashamed, she twisted her body and forcefully removed herself from his hand. She collapsed onto the snowy ground and scoffed, “Pft!”

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