Breaking The Day - Chapter 195

Just when Li Chengfeng and Su Yuehan barely escaped with their lives, an undercurrent had just begun to surge within the Spiritual Mountain Sect.

Spiritual Mountain, Hidden Brocade Court, Heavenly Solitary Peak.

The Hidden Sword Court occupied five mountains and sixteen peaks, while the Hidden Brocade Court possessed seven mountains and twenty-eight peaks. Among them, nineteen of these peaks are considered the "turf" of every living major cultivator of the Hidden Brocade Court. Only when the cultivator’s cultivation rank had reached a certain level, that they could be qualified to open up a mountain and occupy its peak. Not only that, these cultivators even had the power to name the mountain, which was equivalent to putting out a decree to the world — that this was the cultivator’s spiritual residence.

Or in layman's terms — This was their territory!

Among the younger generation of Hidden Brocade Court’s disciples, there was only one person who was qualified enough to open one mountain and occupy its peak alone, and this person was the Grand Senior Brother of Hidden Brocade Court— Qian Shanxue.

Qian Shanxue also had his own loft residence in Jinxiu Valley, but he rarely went there on weekdays. More often than not, he lived alone on this lonely mountain.

The Heavenly Solitary Peak was located among the many peaks occupied by Hidden Brocade Court. It was not conspicuous, but it was unique.

Ordinary mountain peaks often had well-crafted mountain roads for people to climb up, but the Heavenly Solitary Peak does not. Or one could say that since Qian Shanxue occupied Heavenly Solitary Peak, other than changing its original name from Dongyuan Peak to Heavenly Solitary Peak, he had also destroyed the mountain roads leading up to the peak himself. He even summoned his magical weapon to chop off all the "branches and leaves" of Heavenly Solitary Peak, turning it into a lonely and bald mountain that was sliced away by axes and knives.

Surrounding the peak were other undulating mountains, with jungles and rivers that rose and turned. However, the Heavenly Solitary Peak was completely flat, as if a straight peak was suddenly pulled up from the flat ground. This peak was as straight as a ruler. Other than the majestic and fluffy green pine trees that adorned the mountain, its surroundings were almost fully covered with jagged yellow-brown rocks, which made it look proud and lonely. As if it was signifying that it was a mountain that wanted to stand out amongst the others.

Because Qian Shanxue had destroyed its mountain roads, this made it impossible for any ordinary people to climb up the mountain at all. The only way anyone could get there was to teleport from the foot of the mountain to the top through the directional teleportation point. Without special permission, this kind of teleportation point cannot be activated at all.

At this time, on the top of Heavenly Solitary Peak where the Feiyun Court stood, Qian Shanxue was slowly playing the famous song "Nine Battles of Hell". Behind him were ten beautiful women in exquisite dresses. They sat in the row to the left and right of him, among them, some held a pipa, some held a guzheng, some playing a Yangqin, some playing the flute, some playing a big drum, while some were playing the chime.

In the front hall, there were also eight beautiful dancers in colourful dresses wearing majestic headpieces and feathered buns as they danced to the music.

They were playing the last chapter of "Nine Battles of Hell", which told the scene where the Spiritual Mountain Sect had followed the Emperor to fight in the Nine Prisons and returned with a big victory.

This piece of music was created by the Pipa master of its generation, Sun Wannian. However, it was originally a pipa song.

After being adapted by Shanxue, it changed from a solo to an ensemble dance that spread all over the world.

Shanxue had not only composed the harmonization for other instruments but even arranged the stunning four-act dance for the "Nine Battles of Hell".

Qian Shanxue had proved his amazing talent to the world— that he was not only a talented cultivation genius, but he was also a talented man in music, chess, calligraphy, martial arts and the arts.

At this moment, the Grand Senior Sister was sitting on the front seat of the hall, squinting her eyes as she drank her tea, dressed in her simple cultivator robe. Only the three purple stripes on the sleeves of her robe reminded everyone to be wary of her presence. It was a sign that this was a major practitioner whose cultivation base has achieved the Invincible Golden Body. And if she rose to one more rank, she could impose a heavenly calamity with just one touch and reach the immortal realms.

The Grand Senior Sister pursed her plump red lips and took a sip of her tea. She could immediately tell that this was Cloud Mist tea of excellent grade. They were made from cardamoms picked by virgins in their delicate years and placed on their chests, using the fragrance of their virgin bodies that penetrated into the tea leaves. It was a type of tea with a unique fragrance.     

Moreover, these are the first three handfuls of tea leaves picked from the Cloud Mist mother plant from the Cloud Mist pit. Only such tea leaves could acquire such faint immortal scent, its taste fascinating to those who enjoy it. 

This kind of tea was hard to find, and if one had money, they couldn’t even have the chance to see what it looked like.

Sitting next to the Grand Senior Sister was a beautiful woman named Ah Xiu, who was staring admirably at the Shanxue as he played on his instrument in the hall.
As the Grand Senior Brother of the Hidden Brocade Court, Qian Shanxue was the dream lover of almost all the female disciples from Hidden Beauty Court. He was handsome, tall, and extremely talented. Not only was his family background prestigious and wealthy, but his cultivation level was also the same as that of the Grand Senior Sister. To achieve the Invincible Golden Body was a feat only very few young cultivators could attain.
Almost everyone in the Spiritual Mountain Sect believed that Shanxue and the Grand Senior Sister were a perfect match made in heaven.

After Shanxue had finished playing the song, Ah Xiu clapped immediately with admiration. Her face was flushed with excitement. The Grand Senior Sister however, calmly clapped twice. It was rather obvious that she was not interested in dance and music.    

Qian Shanxue had a slender face, as well as slender eyes and thin cheeks. He smiled and nodded at Ah Xiu who was applauding enthusiastically. But his seemingly gentle face showed a scent of aloofness and inaccessibility. Yet when he was looking at the Grand Sister Senior, there was a hint of admiration in his eyes.

Qian Shanxue's finger plucked the strings of his instrument, and just about to speak, he suddenly heard a cry from outside the hall. The scream was piercing to the ear, immediately wiping out the elegant and noble atmosphere within the hall.

A hint of unnoticeable discomfort quickly flashed across Shanxue's face, his fingertips tugged lightly on the strings. Only the handmaidens who had served him the longest knew that this was a sign before Shanxue lost his anger.

The handmaidens who were close to him noticed this detail, and they all quietly moved away.

Shanxue's face remained unchanged. He raised his eyes slightly to look at the gate, and saw a person rushing into the lobby. It was Xue Man with a bruised nose and swollen face. He cried and shouted, "Master!  Master! You have to help me, Master!"

"Oh? What happened?" Shanxue waved his hand as he replied with a condescending smile, and all the dancers in the hall immediately stepped back. They passed by Xue Man one after another, casting him a glance of contempt before they all left accordingly.    

Xue Man cried, "Master, someone doesn’t seem to respect you at all. He drove me out of Shiwu Mountain, and even beat me up. It is a small matter for me to endure the pain, but to let the Master's respect be lost in the process was what made me feel ashamed and angry..."

Shanxue’s veins started to pop on his forehead, kindness was one thing he was not known for. Shanxue was famous in the Spiritual Mountain Sect for his retributions, but because he was with the Grand Senior Sister, he tried to maintain his demeanour. He interrupted Xue Man’s sentence with a smile, " Since you were so embarrassed and angry, why did you not end yourself on the spot?"

Xue Man's cries stopped abruptly. He looked at Shanxue in horror, and couldn't say anything in fear that he might add fuel to the fire.

Seeing Xue Man's reaction, Qian Shanxue suddenly let out a guffaw. He smiled at the Grand Senior Sister who was standing beside him: "Look at him, shivering in fear like a quail."

The Grand Senior Sister was unimpressed, her face was expressionless. Ah Xiu giggled on the side as she replied, "It really does seem so."

Qian Shanxue smiled at Xue Man: "I was just joking with you, why are you so afraid."

Hearing this, Xue Man sighed in relief as he smiled awkwardly.

"Who is this person that is so bold? They knew that you are my servant, yet still dared to be so presumptuous?" Shanxue asked quietly.

Xue Man wiped his tears and said, "Master, I had already gone to gather some information. It was Li Chengfeng and Qin Mieqin from the Hidden Sword Court who dared to be so presumptuous!!"

Qian Shanxue's face was indifferent, but the Grand Senior Sister's eyes moved slightly, her hand that held her teacup lightly trembled. It was not obvious to others, but the Grand Senior Sister’s heart was set off by a storm as she thought to herself, ‘What?! So that guy is still alive!’

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