Breaking The Day - Chapter 197

Shanxue was shocked for a moment, then stepped forward and looked below. He saw not just a small pool of blood, but there were corpse bones and clothes as well.

With a gramce, Shanxue said, “My my, what a pity! I was merely fooling around with him! I did not expect this, in the end he...he...hey!  Come now, collect his remains for me. I’d like a proper burial for him, yes! A graceful and proper send-off! You, yes you, come and collect his corpse for me.”

The handmaiden who spoke prior pointed to herself, and said frighteningly, “Me?”

“Was I not clear? Now come here!” Shanxue said impatiently.

The handmaiden stepped forward. Trembling, she knelt on the ground, resisting the urge to vomit as she picked up what was left of Xue Man - a smudge of blood and flesh. She held the mash in her hands, refusing to look at the gory smudge she was holding. She stared at Shanxue and asked nervously, “Master, where should he be buried?”

Shanxue laughed, “Nonsense, he shall be buried in my backyard of course! Oh, and remember to bury him under the camellia flowers, even in death this pitiful slave can still serve a purpose. He would be so much happier if he knew this, wouldn’t you agree? Hahaha!”

The handmaiden grinned reluctantly, as did the other handmaidens as well in response. They watched as the handmaiden left for the backyard and looked back at the blood stains on the ground. They usually resented this Xue Man, but at this moment, they felt sad as if they had lost one of their own!

Qian Shanxue who stood atop of Heavenly Solitary Peak was very well regarded. However, the fate of those who served him would be no better than the bloodstain on that very tile!

Shanxue waved his hand signalling all the handmaidens to leave. After they left, he clapped his hands and black-clothed monk who retreated before quickly appeared again.

Shanxue’s smile suddenly disappeared as if his face transformed, “Go and investigate, find out exactly what relationship Li Chengfeng has with the Grand Senior Sister! Why did they go to the forbidden area and what did they do there? They even met several times after that, I must know why!”

The black robed cultivator looked rather helpless, “The forbidden area is really well hidden, how could we know what did do when they ventured there?” 

Shanxue was furious, he turned to the black-robed cultivator with a horrifying look and left him just three words, “Figure! It! Out!” 

The black-robed cultivator shuddered and began sweating nervously at the forehead. He bowed and said, “Yes, sir!” Then cautiously backed out of the room and disappeared in a flash.

At this moment, Grand Senior Sister had left the Heavenly Solitary Peak and returned to Hidden Sword Court. She tried her best to look unbothered while suppressing her desire to look for Chengfeng immediately, she wanted to murder him to keep things quiet. 

It wasn’t until she returned to her loft and was separated from Ah Xiu that her expression changed. She removed her hood to reveal her long and fiery-red hair, and began pacing back and forth in her room with her eyebrows tightly furrowed

“Calm down, don’t worry! They haven’t come looking for you, so it must mean that the brat hasn’t revealed the matter yet.” The Grand Senior Sister said to herself softly, “But why didn’t he say it? Could it be… he’s threatening you?”

The Grand Senior Sister gazed intently, and a murderous aura boiled within her beautiful eyes.

Then, there was a loud knock at the door, and a gentle female voice called out, “Grand Senior Sister?”

“What is it!?” The Grand Senior Sister turned her gaze to the door, staring sharply at it.

Just then, a crackling sound at the front of her gate appeared as shards of ice started to form. These sharp popsicle shards began to shoot out from the door like arrows, and a woman’s cry of agony was heard. 

The Grand Senior Sister came back to her senses, easing her gaze and withdrawing her magic, the ice at the door slowly melted away. “What is it?” she then asked calmly.

Resisting the pain, the girl at the door spoke, “The Grand Senior Brother, Qian Shanxue of the Hidden Brocade Court has sent a courier to deliver a large amount of Cloud Mist Tea, would you like to receive it now?”

The Grand Senior Sister said indifferently, “No, you can use it yourself! I want to rest for a moment. I’m fine, don’t...don’t bother me with anything.”

“Understood…” The lady at the door quietly said as she left hastily, afraid she would be hurt by the Grand Senior Sister’s powers again.

The Grand Senior Sister waited quietly in her room for a moment. After she released her true Yuan Qi field and made sure no one was watching, she carefully set up a forbidden spell in her room. If anyone came within three meters of her room, she would be warned about them.

When the Grand Senior Sister was done setting up her spell, she equipped her Invincible Golden Body. And in a flash, she had already left Hidden Beauty Court.

After only a few breaths of effort, the figure of the Grand Senior Sister appeared near Li Chengfeng's residence. She did not rush forward, but quietly hid her figure, observing whether this was a trap. 

The Grand Senior Sister watched quietly from a distance, and a small fireball started to burn in her palm. The fireball revolved around her hand, and would immediately follow her mind to its target at any time, instantly slamming into her target, destroying them.

When the Grand Sister Senior had quietly observed her surroundings, she could sense that there were three presences within the house. She thought to herself, ‘Three people? Seems like they’re all there! Hmph! There’s no need to waste any effort now.’

Readying her hand, the Grand Senior Sister was about to release the fireball to destroy Chengfeng’s house and burn everyone inside to ashes. 

But just then, the front door creaked open and a shadowy figure exited the house. The Grand Senior Sister suddenly smothered the fireball in her hand, and with a flash she retreated.

The man who came out of the house was a large, tall man named He Zhu, behind him followed a dejected Su You and Tian Jun.

Su You let out a sigh, “It’s already been this long...It seems…Junior Brother Chengfeng won’t be coming back.”

“Should we...should we return to the mines and search again?” Tianjun said with a sad expression.

He Zhu grumbled, “I’ve been telling the both of you that we should have gone down there to save him, but you two…”

Before Su You could refute, a figure suddenly flashed before him, and in that instant a beautiful figure appeared in front of him, her long, fiery red hair flowing lightly.

Su You was taken aback, and then shocked, he immediately stepped back and gave a vigilant and respectful salute, “Master!” He exclaimed.

The other two were just as surprised as they also quietly saluted.

Su You spoke, “Did you come here for…”

Before he could finish speaking, the Grand Senior Sister glanced at them sharply, then looked at the wooden house behind them, and asked coldly, "Where is he?"

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