Breaking The Day - Chapter 198

The Grand Senior Sister did not name him, but Su You immediately understood that she was referring to Li Chengfeng. His eyes had a slightly strange look, but soon he lowered them. He said in a deep voice, "Master Chengfeng went to the Shiwu Mountain to mine. But he didn't return..."

The Grand Senior Sister shot them a glare, “Has he died in there?”

Su You and Tian Jun looked at each other, then Su You nodded slowly.

“Did you see it for yourself?” The Grand Senior Sister asked.

Slightly embarrassed, Su You shook his head.

“Then how can you say he’s dead?!” The Grand Senior Sister said sharply.

Tian Jun responded instinctively, “But Grand Senior Sister...Shiwu mountain collapsed, anyone inside would surely have been crushed to death.”

The Grand Senior Sister stared at the both of them and asked, “Did you watch him descend?”

“We followed him down there.” Su You replied.

The Grand Senior Sister said as she looked at them bottom up, “Then how is it that you returned but not him?!”

“They were just more careful and were able to escape!” He Zhu responded.

Su You’s face turned hot, he glared at He Zhu and helplessly said to the Grand Senior Sister, “Grand Senior Sister, Junior Brother Chengfeng went into the deepest parts of the mine to collect spirit crystals, we were mining spiritual jades outside. When they wanted to go in to save them after the earthquake, the path was already blocked off. We...then we just escaped on our own.”

The Grand Senior Sister stared at them, and she was caught in hesitation for a while, staring at the three of them back and forth, as if to distinguish the authenticity of their words.

He Zhu almost spoke out of enthusiasm, but Tian Jun squeezed him tightly on the back. He Zhu might be slow but he was not very stupid. He immediately understood and swallowed his words.

Su You responded: "If the Grand Senior Sister doesn't believe me, you can go to the people who escaped near Shiwu Mountain and ask if we went down with him."

The Grand Senior Sister stared at them, “I know, I will go and check it out. If you have any news to report on him, do so immediately! Am I clear?!”

Su You shuddered, lowered his head and replied, “Understood!” But as he raised his head, the Grand Senior Sister had already disappeared without a trace.

A gossip-hungry Tian Jun at the side curiously asked, “Hey, hey, what do you guys think is going on between Chengfeng and the Grand Senior Sister? Why is it that even the Grand Senior Sister known as the ‘flaming iceberg’ is interested in his whereabouts?”

Su You rubbed his chin, then said, “In spite of the Grand Senior Sister’s prowess, she’s still a woman! And no matter how weak Junior Brother Chengfeng is, he’s still a man - a handsome and strong one at that! We can all agree that Junior Brother Chengfeng is indeed a rare specimen, even Grand Senior Sister must have noticed.”

Tian Jun smiled as he said, “Never would have thought Junior Brother Chengfeng would be having an affair with the Grand Senior Sister. This is really something.”

He Zhu coldly snorted, “What use are your compliments now? He’s already dead.”

Su You and Tian Jun grudgingly laughed at what He Zhu said. Just as they wanted to speak, a humming sound could be heard followed by the crack of a whip with two strokes at Su You and Tian Jun and immediately drew blood from the cheeks of the two.

After those two strokes, the whip disappeared instantly, as if it had never been there before!

The Grand Senior Sister’s voice could be heard in the distance, “One more word from you and you are as good as dead!”

Su You and Tian Jun covered their faces in horror. How would they dare to speak now? They looked at each other, regretting in their hearts that they stayed here and caused this mess.

In a flash, they quickly disappeared, leaving He Zhu in a daze. He had not even noticed the appearance of the flaming whip. All he heard was two loud cracks and saw his two brothers running away with blood on their faces.

He Zhu was stunned for a moment, then he cried out for his brothers as he also began running, fearing that the whip might appear to hurt him as well.

After the three of them fled, it wasn’t long before the sky was filled with drifting snow,making the already silver-clad lands even whiter and more solemn.

In a jungle far from Chengfeng’s residence, there is a place where snow cannot reach. It appears as if not a soul was present, yet a pair of footprints decorated the ground under a tree.
As the snow drifted above this footprint, it suddenly touched something and instantly melted away, vaporizing into a white mist, masking this entire space in a steaming white fog.

The Grand Senior Sister hid under the tree, quietly watching Chengfeng’s residence from afar, waiting for the perfect moment to act.

As someone of the Grand Senior Sister’s prowess, it would stand to reason that she didn’t need to do this at all.

However, the Grand Senior Sister knew that this task was far too important and difficult. She couldn’t afford to disclose any clue about her goals to anyone. She could not afford to be even a bit careless.

Undoubtedly, someone as insignificant as Chengfeng shouldn’t have made her this tense, but what he knew caused her many sleepless nights. Not to mention, despite her affinity for cultivation, she was also top ranked among the younger generation of the Hidden Beauty Court. Even the Martial Uncles from previous generations were very optimistic that she would become the second female Sect Master to come from the Hidden Beauty Court.

However, among the Martial Uncle’s generation within the entire Spiritual Mountain Sect, only eight of them had achieved the Invincible Golden Body and only three of them were ranked higher than the eighth heavenly levels. Regarding the current Sect Master who had long since shown his face among them, legend has it that his cultivation had already reached the ninth heavenly levels, only one more step was needed for him to become an immortal.

If the secrecy of her plan is compromised, the Grand Senior Sister was sure that no matter her level of cultivation, she would not be leaving the Spiritual Mountain Sect alive.

Her own death would be a trivial matter, the execution of the task came first!

Nearly a hundred years of planning and designing this plan, now that success is within arm’s reach, any mishaps now would be unacceptable!

If it wasn’t for fear of arousing suspicion, she would have even killed Su You and the others.

But she knew if she did that it would have been hard to predict the consequences.

The Grand Senior Sister clenched her fists and fixed her gaze onto Chengfeng’s residence. She didn’t dare to go to Shiwu mountain to investigate, nor did she dare to allow Ah Xiu and her men to investigate, lest her behaviour arouse suspicion towards herself.

She was always smarter, more elaborate in her schemes than others. But now, all she could do was utilize the most brain-dead strategy in the world!

This just filled the proud Grand Senior Sister with intense anger.

It wasn’t long before the Grand Senior Sister had already waited until nightfall. She had already achieved the Invincible Golden Body, thus the cold winter night did not bother her. Standing in the shivering cold weather like that for a night, a month, even a year would be an easy task for her. She could wait.

But then, because she was acting unbeknownst to others, she suddenly disappeared in a flash.

Outside the door of the Grand Senior Sister’s room in the Hidden Beauty Court, Ah Xiu quietly approached her room. Seeing that she was about to trigger the array set by the Grand Senior Sister, she returned to the room in an instant before Ah Xiu could trigger the spell she had cast.

Though this spell would deter others and alert her of any intruders, if triggered, it would definitely have raised some questions. Why would the Grand Senior Sister set up this sort of spell in her room?

Like any regular person in their home, why would they suddenly lock their doors?

When she reached the front door, Ah Xiu stopped on her tracks. Without knocking, she quietly called, “Grand Senior Sister? Grand Senior Sister?” 

“Didn’t I tell you not to bother me if there was nothing important?” Grand Senior Sister replied from her room in disdain.

Ah Xiu helplessly replied, “The Court Master has returned, and she wants to see you right now.”

Not long after, the door creaked open. Grand Senior Sister was wearing a long cultivator robe, the hood of the robe covering the top of her head as she spoke coldly, “Where to? Let’s go.”

Ah Xiu gently nodded, then proceeded to guide Grand Senior Sister to the destination. She did not understand why but although Grand Senior Sister’s facial expression is just like usual, her demeanor and aura was giving off a menacing scent. It was as if she was a volcano ready to erupt, she looked calm and collected on the outside, but within her she was about to burst with rage at any moment. 

After half an hour after Grand Senior Sister left her post outside Chengfeng’s residence, Chengfeng and Yuehan were seen limping towards their quarters as they supported each other.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, they had narrowly escaped their deaths!

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