Breaking The Day - Chapter 200

Chengfeng had a dream, at the beginning of the dream Zhixi was playing the guqin at her place upstairs. Along with the crowd, he was looking at her admirably from below her quarters.

As soon as Zhixi was done with her song, she began to dance gracefully. But in a blink of an eye, she turned around and transformed into the Heavenly Immortal Nu Feiyue. 

Nu Feiyue danced softly in front of him with anger and joy in her expression, her sleeves looked like flowing red clouds as she swayed them around with colorful ribbons.

In the hall, beautiful maidens were playing a melody, while Nu Feiyue danced slowly as the music played. As the music flowed throughout the room, her dance was delicate and beautiful, the feet that showed under her skirt were fair and clean, and her steps were as light as a fairy.

Suddenly, Nu Yuefei made a huge twirl, and the flowing sleeve on her arms seemed to have encapsulated the beautiful maiden within the radiant brilliance of her red flowy fabric. 

At this moment, Li Chengfeng saw that after the radiant brilliance had faded, the dancing maiden smiled at him with bright eyes. Her smile was beautiful and full of meaning, but this face had now become Su Yuehan.

At that moment, Li Chengfeng seemed to be standing between a dark void and the heavens that was gleaming with light. As if within the depths of his soul, a thin string that has never been touched, was lightly plucked inadvertently and softly, emitting a warm and refreshing spiritual sound from his heart.

Like a soft spring breeze, the bits and pieces of memories they shared swayed quietly before his eyes.     

He remembered the time where they were on the edge of life and death, and began to quarrel on their grievances.

"Why risk your life to save me? Don't you know you might die?"

"You saved my mother's life, so of course I want to save yours in return! Don't be so full of yourself! I’ll have you know! There are so many girls who like me! If they were to hold hands and form a circle, they could line the entire city of Cheng’an!... Ah...Ah! Don't move! this tree will break at any moment! Hey! Don't move! Let’s wait for my mother and the rest to come and rescue us!"

“You stupid bi*tch! If you want to die, go slither elsewhere to die!”

"Young Master, as long as you are willing to climb, nothing would be difficult in the world!"

"Bullsh*t, there is nothing difficult in the world if you just give up!"

“As your servant… I’m here to lay for the Young Master”


 "Enough! From now on, you are not allowed to talk anymore!"


“Not even an ‘Oh’ !”

"Alright, alright. What do you want to say?" " I’ll let you say it, just say it!" "Say it, you have to say it!"    

"I...want to be released." "What's so funny about this!"

"If you’re not the one planting the crops, could it be you want to let me, the Young Master, do the farming?"

“I’m not planting! Not! Planting!”

“If you don’t, I’ll send you back!”

“Send me back then! I don’t want to plant crops!”

“Have you gone insane from the rain? What are you laughing for?”

“The reason why I’m laughing is because… Having lived for so long, this was the first time I’ve encountered such a matter.”

"Master, in this situation, make a poem!"

"There are no doors, no windows, no tiles, it’s a run down house with broken fences. Why do you think I would have the mood to write poetry?"
"Master, that was a good poem! There are no doors, no windows, no tiles, broken houses with broken fences. The sun, moon and stars are above my head, but my heart is at home. Young Master, did I continue the poem well?"

"I don't care who you are, and I don't care what you want to do! But I tell you, as long as I am here, you are never allowed to hurt him anymore!"

The  scenes of his memories with Yuehan made Chengfeng grin slightly even in his sleep, until he suddenly dreamt that this figure from his dream had come to his bed. After giving him a light kiss, the figure opened the door and walked away. Never to return.

Chengfeng was suddenly jolted awake. And almost immediately, he searched for the figure in his dream, but after he looked around, he felt his heart sink.

Chengfeng's heart was pounding, he jumped out of the bed in a rush with a heavy heart as he felt like the sky was falling.  Ignoring the fact that his feet were bare, he rushed out of the house without wearing his coat.

As soon as he rushed out, Chengfeng saw a trail of footprints in the snow leading towards the road. He was surprised and delighted. What was shocking was that his dream turned out to be true, and Yuehan had left him! But the good news was that she didn't go far, and her footsteps in the snow were still clear.

Chengfeng ran wildly, chasing after her for two or three miles. Finally, caught up with the familiar and delicate figure on the mountain road.

 "Su Yuehan!!" Chengfeng cried loudly with all his strength.

Yuehan trembled, she stopped on her tracks but did not turn back.

Chengfeng ran so much that he felt his body giving out as he panted,  "Where are you going!"

Su Yuehan turned her head slightly, it was the face Chengfeng was so fond of, but her expression and voice made him feel as if they were strangers, "Young Master Li, what does me going anywhere have to do with you?"

"You are my handmaiden, where you go has everything to do with me!" Chengfeng retorted furiously.

Su Yuehan sneered, "That was just before. From today onwards, I am no longer your servant, and I am no longer a servant of the Li family! I am Su Yuehan!"

Li Chengfeng was stunned, Su Yuehan's tone frightened him and made him extremely anxious!

Li Chengfeng had encountered all kinds of dangerous situations, but he had never encountered such a situation before. He was speechless for a while, he seemed to choke whenever he wanted to speak, rendering him mute.

Seeing that he was oddly quiet, Yuehan snorted as she sneered, then turned around and continued to walk forward.

As soon as Chengfeng was about to chase her, he saw Yuehan looking back slightly, "Master Li, if you continue to chase me, I will immediately disappear in front of your eyes! You will never see me again in your lifetime! You...can’t you just let me leave like an ordinary person?"

Li Chengfeng stopped immediately, his expression was filled with pain. He felt as if his heart had been punched as a dull and painful ache coursed through it. He cried out with tears in his eyes, "I don't care who you are. I don’t care what you have done before! But I know that you are Su Yuehan! You are my Yuehan!!!"

Yuehan raised her head and tried to keep her tears from shedding. She desperately controlled her voice to make it sound cold, "I am no one's Yuehan, let alone yours."

Chengfeng shouted loudly,  "If you don't want to be a handmaiden, then don't! But don't leave me! Have you ever thought that if you were to leave, what am I supposed to do? How can I practice with peace of mind? And if I can't practice with peace of mind, how could I possibly protect my family in the future? Can you bear to watch us being wiped out in the end?!"

Yuehan was silent for a while, then replied calmly, "Then what about me? Who will protect me? Do you know what I am? Do you know why I stayed by your side? Do you know how many enemies I have? You know how many lives and blood I have on my hands? Do you know if I am a good person or a bad person?"

Chengfeng snapped back, "I don't know, I don't know all of these, but these are not important! The important thing is..."

Yuehan turned away, before replying sternly, "Why is it not important! The Zhan family’s fourth son has already marked you. If my enemies came for us, what would you do? Are you not afraid of endangering your family?  Alright, I’ll tell you. I am a demon, a demon with a thousand faces that everyone in the world despises and kills! A demon with a thousand faces who hides and kills without mercy!! Do you want to be enemies with the entirety of Daqi? Do you want to make enemies with the entire world?!!! "

Chengfeng was stunned. He stared at the angry Yuehan blankly, speechless once again.

As Yuehan witnessed Chengfeng's demeanor, she smiled, but her smile was sad and indignant. She turned around one more, and began to walk away.

After walking for a few meters, she suddenly heard a voice behind her, "Hey! Yuehan!!"

Chengfeng's eyes were extremely resolute, and his voice was firm, "I will protect you!!"

Yuehan's eyes turned red in an instance, but she turned her face away, sarcastically replied, "With just you alone? Please, protect yourself instead!"

Yuehan smiled sadly and turned to leave.

Chengfeng watched the figure drifting away, he couldn’t help but call out, "Yuehan! I don't know why you said what you said! I don't know why you stayed by my side, and I don't know what you did before! But all I know is that your heart is warm! I have not only seen it, but also touched it! It is warm!!!"

In the end, Yuehan’s figure had left. She gradually disappeared from Chengfeng's sight. He was hoping for her to finally look back at him, and run into his arms.

But Chengfeng was disappointed after all. He watched as Su Yuehan left his field of vision. He finally couldn't bear it and rushed towards her direction, but when he reached the corner at the foot of the mountain, he couldn’t see her figure nor footprints any longer. It was just as she said,  if he tried to catch up to her once more, she would disappear before his eyes and they would never see each other again.

Chengfeng burst into tears in an instant, he couldn't help but scream loudly: "Yuehan, I’ll be here waiting for you!! Even if you don't come back, I will always wait for you!!!"

Chengfeng’s voice echoed throughout the snow-capped mountain, reverberating in the rugged hills. He didn’t know if she could hear these words, but just as he was unaware, Yuehan was not far away. Hiding behind a tree, she burst into tears, crying a river.

Yuehan bit her hand as she cried silently. The tears that leaked out were countless painful memories that she had experienced, and countless happy memories that passed by in an instant.

On the snow-capped mountain road, a black magpie stopped on a tree branch. It curiously watched the two people crying across a few trees, their tears rolling down, dripping into the snow. In the white snow, there were many small pits on the ground. Unsure if it was their tears that melted the cold snow, or snow cooled away their hot tears.

It was just as the saying goes, “The same deep starry arch, but tonight would never last. For whom is this midnight vigil in winds and dews?”

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