Breaking The Day - Chapter 201

Chengfeng didn’t know when he realised that he was in love with Yuehan, let alone when he had regarded her as part of his life, and what he didn’t know was that he didn’t know from when she began to become a part of his life.

Was it from when they were bickering at the bottom of the valley?

Was it from their usual quarreling and joking around?

Was it her charming face? Her quirky personality?

Was it when she rescued him without concerning her own safety? Was it because she had never left his side? 

Love doesn't know where it began, but continues to grow deeper.

Why are there sorrows and joys in this world, life and death?

Chengfeng had never thought about this issue before, and it was only today that he suddenly understood— If there was no separation of joys and sorrows, life and death, how can one know how important another person is to him?

Just like how Chengfeng currently felt after losing Su Yuehan, his heartache seemed to be splitting him inside out. He had no will to continue his cultivation, he felt that the world had lost its color.

Strictly speaking, this was Chengfeng's first love in this world.

Growing up from a child to an adult, he had almost forgotten the memory of his life before her, and in his previous world, he was just an apathetic scholar, there was no goddess who could win his favor.

When he first came to this world, Li Chengfeng poured his love into Liu Zhixi, but quietly, this person had become Su Yuehan.

No matter how much longing one had looked up to someone in the world, its sentiment would never be as good as the companionship and time spent with another.

With his days filled with Yuehan’s company bit by bit, and having endured the suffering of life and death together, they formed love formed like strands of endearment, quietly stitching their fate together. And before they knew it, they were intertwined.

This kind of feeling was far different from his brotherhood with Zhao Xiaobao. When Zhao Xiaobao nearly died in order to save Chengfeng, he felt so much pain as if he had broken his arm. From then on, life seemed to be disabled and incomplete.

But if Su Yuehan disappeared, he would have felt as if his soul was gone with her, as if he had become a zombie, a lifeless vessel.

But, will she come back?

Chengfeng stood idly in the snow waiting,

He was barefoot and wearing just a thin shirt. Although there was no snow in the sky, the extreme cold temperature had caused his lips to turn white and blue, and his body began to tremble a little bit.

Su Yuehan, who was hiding behind a tree not far away, watched this scene quietly. She was heartbroken and sad. With her experience and her sharp mind, she could see that if she stayed with Chengfeng in the future, he would face a plethora of terrible consequences

She wanted to grit her teeth and leave him, but she also wanted to stay still and watch over him.

"He won't be able to hold on for long. His body may be fine, but right now he is physically weak. Maybe he won't be able to hold on any longer, and he will go back."

Yuehan thought in her heart.

But after a long time, the sky began to fall and it began to snow once more. The snowfall was only sporadic at first, but it did not take long before it turned into a light shower of snow, and after a while, heavy snow began to fall. In just a short while, Chengfeng almost became a snowman.

Although before this, Chengfeng had kneeled in front of the mountain when he was begging the Grand Senior Sister for help, but at that time Chengfeng was in good health and he was not injured. The most important thing was that he was wearing thick clothing that protected him from the cold. There were also thick warm leather boots under his clothes, and Yuehan later brought an extremely warm fur cloak for him to stay warm.

But now, Chengfeng was still recovering from his injuries. Only his physical body was good for now, but the loss of his vitality from this would not be easily replenished.

At this moment, he was standing barefoot in the snow, with a single shirt on his body. He only held on for half a day before he began to tremble, his hands and feet shivered, and his lips had turned blue.

He can't keep this up for long, he can't!

Su Yuehan bit her lip, her eyes fixated on Chengfeng as his body began to sway with the wind and snow. Her heartache as if she had been stabbed by a knife, as if she could feel what he was feeling. 

After waiting for a few more hours, the sky was already dark, and Chengfeng was now coated with so much snow that he became a snowman. After he swayed a little from where he was standing, he staggered and fell into the snow.

Su Yuehan suddenly straightened up, she subconsciously wanted to rush over and help him. But as soon as she moved slightly, she held herself back again. She gritted her teeth as she tried to convince herself, ‘He is very cunning, this might be a ploy of his to lure you back!’

Yes, it must be so!

Yuehan gritted her teeth and suppressed herself once more, until the heavy snow had covered the entirety of Chengfeng's body, almost integrating him into the mountain road. At this moment, Yuehan finally couldn't bear to see him suffer and was about to rush over to pull Chengfeng out of the snow.

But as soon as she moved, she saw two figures approaching from a distance. It was Zhao Yibai and Qu Tongqiu, who were carrying their bags. They were walking along the mountain road, but did not dare to speak during the blizzard, for fear that they would be fed with a mouthful of snow if they were to open their mouths.

Yuehan saw the two walk up to Li Chengfeng and walked over him without realizing it. This was when she realised he had really collapsed. After the two people had left and disappeared from her sight, she quickly rushed out, using both hands and feet to dig Chengfeng out of the snow.

At this moment, Chengfeng’s body was already freezing all over, his face was now blue and his lips were black.

When she saw him in such a state, Yuehan’s heart ached. She remembered the scene where she had waited according to her promise and finally died a tragic death, although she had forgotten about this scene deliberately. But this pain was always vivid in her mind.

If anything had happened to Chengfeng, and he were to descend into the nine levels of hell, would he blame me? What would happen to the Cleansing Moon Sect and the entirety of the Li family?    

Su Yuehan mobilized her true yuan and rubbed the skin on Chengfeng’s body vigorously to boost his warmth.

After a while, Chengfeng finally coughed and woke up. After seeing Yuehan, he was taken aback,then he laughed,  "This is not a dream, right?"

Yuehan suppressed her tears as she replied, "Young Master, your servant is back."

Chengfeng smiled weakly, "I knew you would be back."

"Young Master, how did you know?" asked Yuehan.

Chengfeng smiled, "You forgot something that was here with me, so I knew you wouldn’t go too far. You would definitely come back for it."

Yuehan helped Chengfeng up, and the two walked back. "So, what is it?" she asked.

Chengfeng pointed at Yuehan's heart as he smiled, "You left your heart with me!"
Yuehan smiled, and then groaned, "Ptui, so shameless! I did not!"

Chengfeng grinned, "My heart was also left with you. And if you were to run away with it, I wouldn't be able to live."

Su Yuehan couldn't help the tears dripping down her face again. She wiped the corners of her eyes and said with a bright smile," Young Master, when did you find out that my heart was lost to you?"

Li Chengfeng smirked, "Try and guess?"

Su Yuehan groaned, "Young Master, tell me!!"

"Go back and take good care of your Young Master, then I will tell you." Chengfeng giggled. 

Su Yuehan grimaced, "Don't think about it! If you don't want to say it, don’t!"

She and Li Chengfeng laughed and bickered as they returned home. Although it was already midnight, and they were cold, tired and hungry, at this moment they felt as if they had inexhaustible strength in their bodies, and their hearts were full of warmth.    

Especially Yuehan, she felt as if there was a power beating rhythmically in her chest, and she quietly said to herself, “I will learn to love again, just as if I had never been hurt before!”

As Yuehan thought of this, she smiled gently and pointed to Chengfeng at a cloud that had suddenly begun to turn red, which was rather striking in contrast with the dark starry night. "Young Master, look, what is that?"

Chengfeng looked at it and said with a smile, "It's probably the heavens blushing because he couldn't stand the two of us."

"Hey! Young Master! Where do you think you’re touching! How shameless! How can you be so inappropriate when we’re outside!"

"So do you mean that, we can start making some noise when we go back?"

"Ptui! How shameless!"

The two of them pointed to the red clouds that appeared suddenly on this horizon and joked, but what they didn't know was that at this time, something that was going to shock the entire world was brewing within the Northwestern Zhan Family far away. 

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