Breaking The Day - Chapter 202

The infamous Nine Hells was not just a simple pass. Located on the west side from the Northwest of Daqi, it was a territory that expanded into an extremely large area with complex terrains.

The Zhan Family who were entrusted with this land had divided the Nine Hells according to its topography. The outermost parts of the Nine Hells were divided into seven sections, namely the Sunset Plain, the Blood River Mountain, the Sky Swallowing River, the Valley of Valor, the Lake of Decapitation, and the Tomb of Souls.

In the hundreds of years of bloody battles and tug-of-wars, the Emperor of Daqi had organized three attacks against the Nine Hells. Among them, the Zhan Family were the main force as the frontiers on the battlefield, and other major cultivators from different sects acted as assault elites. Among them and the monsters and demons of the Nine Hells, as well as the subordinates of the King of Nine Hells, Hades, fought violently.

Countless disciples from the Zhan Family had lost their heads in this vicious bloodbath. The place where their blood flowed into was then called the Blood River Mountain, and the valley where they died in battle is called the Valley of Valor, and the lake in which they were ambushed was called the Lake of Decapitation. The hills where they were surrounded by monsters and beasts, but swore to fight until their deaths was called the Tomb of Souls.

In this part of the Nine Hells, behind the name of every territory that sounded murderous and grim, was the bloody history of Zhan Family’s warriors.

In order to resist the invasion of the Nine Hells, countless great cultivators and generations of Zhan Family disciples have died in battle. However, many more generations of Zhan Family disciples were selected once again, armed from head to toe, and then sent to war as they battled with the Nine Hells, repeating the vicious cycle.

But when these courageous Zhan Family disciples were sent to battle, they never hesitated. They fought passionately as if they did not fear death. This was because each generation of the Zhan Family had excellent leaders leading them to countless victories. Zhan Fenghou’s eldest son, Zhan Qitian, ​​is the most outstanding among them!

As the setting sun was misted by the remnants of smoke, many banners were broken, severed arms and limbs scattered the lands, and huge demons were lying on the battlefield. These large demonic creatures were scattered throughout the plains like small hills, with countless warriors from the Zhan Family lifelessly lying on top of these carcasses. Some of them were still holding onto their broken spears that had pierced into the heart of these demons. From a distance, these demons looked like a hedgehog covered with thorns. Even in death, these warriors from the Zhan Family were still hanging onto their spears, as if the two had integrated into each other. Some of them dangled as they hung onto the body of the demons with their spears, tightly clutching their spears even in death.

Other warriors were crushed under the demons’ bodies, upon closer inspection, only their arms or a leg could be seen. The rest of their bodies had been crushed entirely underneath these gigantic creatures.

The blood of these soldiers flowed slowly, mixing with the emerald coloured blood of the demons they had slaughtered, painting the battlefield in an eerie dark colour.

These men were all Zhan Family’s most gifted warriors from the Hell’s Legion— one of the most elite armies in the world. Each of their soldiers was as powerful as a high-level cultivator. However, in this terrifying battlefield, they were all shred to pieces, one by one. 

During this vicious battle, the Hell’s Legion had won another victory under the leadership of Zhan Qitian. But this victory was extremely tragic, as disciples from the Zhan Family had suffered many casualties.

The surviving soldiers searched around on the battlefield in an orderly manner. Some of them were responsible for collecting undamaged weapons, and some were responsible for searching for the damaged weapons, transporting them to the carriage behind them, and then sending them back to be repaired.

Some of them were responsible for identifying disciples from the Zhan Family who had not yet died from the battlefield and then transporting them to their camp for treatment, while others are responsible for identifying the identities of those who had lost their lives.

Zhan Qitian was wearing a dragon-printed armor that was densely packed with multiple cracks from his days in the battlefield. These cracks were proof that he had battled countless demons who attempted to claw and slash him. If an ordinary person were to closely inspect his armour, they would be in awe with how it was still intact! Not only could it still hold its shape, but the owner who was wearing it could still perform activities as usual!

Everywhere Zhan Qitian walked, the surrounding legion envoys stood up immediately. They respectfully pounded their chests with their fists and straightened themselves up to salute Zhan Qitian. Those who served under him would usually admire Qitian with an enthusiastic and passionate gaze.    

This tall man looks too young to be in his current position. He used to have a beautiful face, but the years of fighting had left his handsome face with three distinctive scars. One of the scars was located near the brow on his left and stretched to the bridge of his nose. If he were to blink and close his eyes, the complete scar from between the brows, through the eyelids, and then to the bridge of the nose could be seen.

The second scar he has was on his right cheek, a straight line all the way from top to bottom. While the third scar was on his chin. These three scars were medals left by a demon's claws that scratched his face.

Zhan Qitian walked through the sea of ​​blood and the mountain of corpses. He scanned the surroundings indifferently, and asked the adjutant who was accompanying him, "How many have died?"

The adjutant said bitterly: "More than 1,000 people had died in battle and more than 3,000 people were injured."

Zhan Qitian was silent for a while, and said, "Half of my legion has been depleted..."

 "Yes..." The adjutant sighed, sadness laced his eyes. However, his despair quickly turned into one of confusion and anger, "Young Master, what is the reason for us to do this? Filling this bottomless-pit with countless generations of disciples from the Zhan family? How many people have lost their lives along the way? Is this hell hole really worth our sacrifice?!"

Zhan Qitian glanced at him, "Once we are able to reclaim the Sunset Valley, this will all be worth it!"

The adjutant asked, "Young Master, I don't understand!"

Zhan Qitian coldly replied, "You don't need to understand! You just need to follow me!"

The adjutant was taken aback, he opened his mouth to say something, but quickly swallowed his words. "Yes!" he replied, as he quickly bowed his head in respect.

Zhan Qitian said: "Pass my order down, we will set up camp here tonight. Immediately transfer the Mighty Martial Legion and the Mighty Deity Legion up, we’ll replace the Hell’s Legion with them. Let them go back to rest. At the same time, send up the Deity Soldier Legion, let them immediately set up camp, and create a pass! Three days later, the Nine Hells will definitely fight back! We need to be ready!"

The adjutant looked terrified. As he pounded his chest and was about to leave, the ground suddenly began to shake. A huge hill was suddenly arched between the ground more than 20 meters away from Qitian. In a flash, a demon had shot up from the ground!


In the center of the battlefield where the corpses piled up like mountains, this demonic python was more than 30 meters long. After it broke through the soil and soared into the sky, it roared at Zhan Qitian, charging towards him.

Across a long distance, everyone smelled a poisonous scent that made them nauseous. The weaker soldiers were already turning blue and began to vomit blood before toppling onto the ground.

The legion envoys and officers who were closer to Qitian rushed towards him in horror, desperately trying to stand in the middle of this reckless demon and Qitian.

In their opinion, they can die 10,000 times, but Zhan Qitian absolutely could not be harmed! It was a supreme honor of the entire Hell Legion to be able to die and sacrifice their lives for the Dragon King.

Zhan Qitian stared coldly at the maniacal demon that came in like a wave of anger. His face was unwavering, void of any fear or panic.

Zhan Qitian pushed his hands to the side, and two circular shields formed by yellow sand suddenly appeared around him, pushing away all the people who came to rescue him.

Afterwards, Zhan Qitian stared at the ferocious python demon and sneered disdainfully. The palms of his hands slowly raised to his chest, and two tumbling flames appeared within his palms. The flames quickly converged and formed a ball. One of the fireballs turned into a red dragon, while the other transformed into a white dragon.

Zhan Qitian raised his hands, his palms facing outwards, as he clasped both of his palms together, the flaming dragons in his palm immediately spurted from his palms!

"Dragon Flames Soul Destroying Wave!!"

This is the famous ultimate technique of Zhan Qitian. The two dragon flames were only small at first, but after it travelled two or three meters away, the small pillar of fire immediately became a big pillar of fire. When it travelled five or six meters away from Qitian, the two pillars of fire had already turned into a majestically fierce flame dragon!

These two mad dragons roared, blasting forward with a powerful growl that swept everything in its way!

Everyone saw Zhan Qitian unleashing the Dragon Flames Soul Destroying Wave with both hands. The two soaring pillars of fire immediately swallowed the incomparably large python demon entirely. The sight of it was amazing, the huge body of the python demon was engulfed by the dragon flames in an instant. It was burnt into a crisp within seconds, not even a piece of its scales remained.

These two mad dragons rushed towards the sky, engulfing everything that was in its way. If it weren’t for the huge remnants of ashes on the ground and the nauseating smell of something burning in the air, it was as if the mad python demon had never appeared before.

A maniacal demon, this was a powerful creature that was capable of killing a hundred elite warriors, but in the hands of Zhan Qitian, it couldn’t even last for a second!

This was the famous cultivator of its current generation, the one which was proclaimed as the first Dragon King in the world! This man is Zhan Qitian!

Although the legion envoys on the field had seen this scene occur countless times, they still cheered in unison with excitement and enthusiasm, "Dragon King! Dragon King! Dragon King!!!"

Zhan Qitian's face remained unchanged until he suddenly sensed an unprecedentedly powerful aura falling from the sky. He raised his head and looked towards the clouds, and saw a frail and weak figure falling from the sky with a longsword on her back.

This person was a woman with beautiful features, a soft oval face, small cherry mouth, apricot shaped eyes and peach cheeks, and a small beauty mole under her eyes.

It was Zhao Feiyue!

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