Breaking The Day - Chapter 203

Zhao Feiyue wore a white dress. She descended from the sky, elegantly gliding from the above like an immortal. A long sword hovered beside her like a snake at different speeds, making it impossible to determine its location.

Zhan Qitian stared at Zhao Feiyue, and quickly distinguished her from the other party's clothes and her long sword. "The Nine Heavenly Immortal Zhao Feiyue?"

Zhao Feiyue stared at Zhan Qitian, with hostility and vigilance in her cold eyes, and her lips slightly opened, "Zhan Qitian, The Dragon King?"

Qitian arched his hands and said, “I am wearing my armor so it would be very inconvenient to bow, please excuse me!”

Zhao Feiyue stared at Zhan Qitian coldly, and she slowly said: "Zhan Qitian, do you know why I am here?"

Zhan Qitian was a smart man. He immediately noticed that the other party was harbouring hostile thoughts. His eyes and aura gave of a strong and hostile murderous intent. "Are you planning to kill me?"

Zhao Feiyue stared at Zhan Qitian without saying a word. Before she arrived, she had dreamt of a scene: A man wearing heavy armor and holding a long spear, stood on the top of the mountain of the Sunset Plains from the Nine Hells. This man was surrounded by thunder and lightning as the clouds started to warp and spin. As they kept rotating and twisting, lighting flashed through the clouds. Then, within the center of the rotating clouds, a hole had appeared. Golden light began to spew out from within the hole, as if the entrance of the nine heavens had been opened!

Two mad dragons flew from the top to the bottom of the hole. One of them crimson in colour, and rushed towards the man with the spear. The other mad dragon was fully white, and it screeched while holding its head up.

This dream is a tip given to her by the Nine Heavenly Levels, which gave Zhao Feiyue two important messages: One of these people must be the traitorous immortal! And he has a close relationship with the dragon!

And looking at the world, in terms of strength, the one who resembled the traitorous immortal the most as well as being related to the dragon, was undoubtedly The Dragon King Zhan Qitian!

As for the age of Qitian compared with the day the traitorous immortal came into the world, it wasn’t a matter of importance to Feiyue.

If she wished, she could alter her own age to a ten or twenty-year old.

If the Zhan family wanted to keep the matter hidden, it would be just as easy.

Moreover, the strange thing was that after the investigation, Feiyue discovered that Qitian’s documented birth record was only nineteen years ago, and there was no record at all showing that he was born twenty years ago.

This incident made Feiyue highly suspicious, so she personally confronted Qitian, with the intention of having a battle with him.

Just from exchanging fists, Feiyue would be able to immediately tell the authenticity of her opponent!

Feiyue stared at Qitian and stretched out her open hand to the side. Then the Tianhe God Sword that had been floating around her immediately vanished and appeared in the palm of her hand.

“I will trade my life to execute the traitorous immortal!” Feiyue proclaimed.

Qitian was surprised, then he smiled and said, “If you want a fight, then come!”

“Very well!” Feiyue nodded.

Zhan Qitian's figure floated slowly, he glanced at Zhao Feiyue, and then flew into the dense clouds in the air.

Zhao Feiyue was taken aback, and was a little surprised. At this time, there were thick clouds in the sky, and the dull thunder could be faintly heard coming from within the clouds. If they were to fight amongst the clouds, they would definitely attract thunder strikes!

This kind of thunder does not distinguish between friend or foe at all. They will strike at two people without any warning. And in this case, they even had to fight each other. One can imagine the danger and difficulty of this situation!

Zhan Qitian flew into the air. Seeing that Zhao Feiyue hadn't followed, he stopped. He then looked at her coldly, and taunted "Are you afraid?"

Feiyue raised her brows, then she sneered as she flew up with her sword.

All everyone saw was the two of them disappear into the clouds above, followed by thunder in the sky after a while!”

At first, the sound of lightning could be heard only sporadically, but gradually the sound became denser and more frequent. When the thundering sound continued one after another, lightning began to rush around wildly as some of them twisted like mad snakes in the clouds. Some even fell from the sky and struck the earth!

In this thunderstorm, fiery red light began to emerge from the electrifying clouds. The dark clouds that were originally on the sky seemed to be burnt red by the flames. This made half of the sky look crimson red.

And in this flaming fire cloud, there would be a streak of white light that pierces and wanders around its surroundings endlessly from time to time .

If the red flames burning within the clouds were like a tsunami with raging waves,then this white streak of light was like a small boat in the raging sea, always drifting calmly within it, no matter how hard the wind or waves hit it, it continued to stably float on top of it.   

This was just like how a fierce gust of wind cannot tear a floating leaf in mid-air.

The people on the ground looked up at this terrifying battle in the sky, and their eyes were filled with awe and fear!

The power of a seasoned cultivator was terrifying!

In their eyes, the Dragon King Zhan Qitian was like a god, and there seemed to be no monsters he could not destroy, no opponents he could not defeat!

But now this woman who seemed so delicate and frail faced Qitian’s fierce attacks head on!

At this moment, the burning cloud on one half of the sky above them had gradually spread to the other half of the sky. This fire cloud had stretched all the way, clearly showing the range of battle between the two, from one end of the sky to the other!

It had now not only covered the entire sky above the Sunset Plains of Nine Hells, but had also spread thousands of miles into the rest of the Zhan Family’s territory. 

The people in the city not only witnessed the burning red clouds across the horizon, they too could faintly make out a majestic roaring dragon and the white looming light from Yuefei’s sword.

They knelt on the ground in horror, bowing their heads towards the vision of the Nine Heavens from the clouds.

  The battle between the Dragon King Zhan Qitian and the Nine Heavenly Immortal Zhao Feiyue had spanned for three days and three nights. No one knows how they fought against each other above the Nine Heavens, what techniques they used, or how they ended this unprecedented fierce battle.

They only knew that in this battle, not only did the fiery cloud flames spread across thousands of miles of Zhan Family’s territory, but even from ten thousands miles away, people could vaguely see the red scorching clouds as well!

This battle has been recorded in history forever. In the "History of the Great Qi Dynasty", it was recorded as follows: December ninth, f the 27th year of Tianqi Dynasty. The Nine Heavenly Immortal fought against The Dragon King Zhan Qitian for nine days. It began at the Nine Hells and could be seen from the horizons. At the time, the fiery clouds could be seen from ten thousand miles away. The two of them fought a great battle that spanned three nights, then left on their own. 

And only Zhao Feiyue, who had ended the battle, knew very well in her heart. That Zhan Qitian was not a reincarnated traitorous immortal, because she had forced out his true strength. She knew that this was definitely not the cultivation technique used by the traitorous immortal.

But if Qitian was not him, then where WAS the real traitor?

Zhao Yuefei who was in the middle of the Heavenly Nine Levels  as she looked into a distance. She suddenly thought of a stupid plan, I’ll look for all the cultivaton Sects in the world, there will definitely be clues for me to find in the end!

When she had already made up her mind, she would go to meet the Grand Senior Sister of the Spiritual Mountain Sect: The Flaming Iceberg!

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