Breaking The Day - Chapter 204

Just as Nu Yuefei and Zhan Qitian were about to engage in a battle of the Heavenly Nine Realms, Chengfeng and Yuehan returned back to their quarters, oblivious to what was happening.

Ever since the once rundown house was reconstructed, it was not as broken as it used to be. However, it was still very bare and the rooms only had the most basic of furniture, it was basically just a house with four walls.

Even Chengfeng’s original home was far better than this house, let alone comparing it with the extravagance of Brocade Valley from the Hidden Brocade Court. 

When Chengfeng and Yuehan returned to their quarters, although they had only left the place for less than a day, the two of them observed the surroundings of their familiar home and smiled at each other. The sweetness in their hearts made them feel as if they were on cloud nine.
Once a man and a woman have confirmed their love for each other, even if they were having bland meals or rendered homeless, as long as they’re together, they would feel both sweet and warm on the inside.
Chengfeng held in his desire to ask Yuehan about her past. Even though he had countless questions for her, he believed his own eyes and feelings. He believed she had herself in her heart and she loved herself. So everything else didn’t matter anymore.

Learning to play dumb is a very important thing among men and women.

“Young master, say...this Heaven Splitting Sword, what should we do with it? Can it be repaired before the Spiritual Mountain’s examination?

[T/L: Heaven Splitter Sword will be changed to Heaven Splitting Sword from now on!]

Yuehan was busy packing her things in the room, but Chengfeng’s scorching gaze followed her nonstop, which made her feel awkward and uncomfortable, and she quickly thought of a random question.

Chengfeng's attention had indeed been caught, he smiled wryly as he averted his gaze towards the Heaven Splitting Sword that had been broken into two pieces and covered by a cloth. He let out a sigh, “Really… it’s such a precious treasure but it can’t be used! How disappointing! Where should I go to get this magical weapon fixed? I don’t really think I should let Senior Brother He Zhu get ahold of it.” 

“I’m not saying that Senior Brother He Zhu would want to claim it as his own, but if we take a step back and think, even if he didn’t want it, if Senior Brother Su or Senior Brother Tian Jun found out, there’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t want it for themselves!”
Chengfeng thought of the chain of suspicion among cultivators that Senior Brother Mieqin had told him, that how trust between cultivators was hard to come by.  

Some magical weapons and True Yuan Pills are too precious. If they were to hand it to others, it would be the same as handing out their lives to them as well. Not to mention, sometimes comrades who trust each other with their lives would not be able to overcome the seduction of a precious treasure.  

Human nature is fragile, unless two sides form a bond with mutual benefit, or fall in love with each other like Chengfeng and Yuehan, who would sacrifice their lives for each other, a mere magical weapon would mean nothing to such a strong bond.

Yuehan nodded lightly and said, “Looks like only the Young Master himself can repair this sword. How about this, tomorrow I shall head off to Hidden Scripture Hall of Hidden Brocade Court and look for any helpful sources.”

Chengfeng let out a guffaw, “That’s too last minute! That won’t do, I’ve just escaped from Shiwu Mountain and just begun to learn how to forge magical weapons. If we do that, all our efforts would just be exposed immediately!”

Yuehan worriedly replied, “But… the Spiritual Mountain Examination is in less than a month. If we were to fail, doesn’t that mean that all our efforts to enter the Spiritual Mountain Sect would be for nought?”  

“We’ll figure it out as we go. No matter what happens, we have no time to waste sitting around sighing in vain and doing nothing!”

Yuehan asked, “Then are we attending the morning class tomorrow?”

“We’ll go, but I must go to Senior Brother Su and the others first. What if they think I’m really dead and leave Hidden Sword Court out of despair?” Chengfeng responded.

Yuehan sighed, “Why is the Young Master’s Cultivation path so difficult?”

Chengfeng was also a little disheartened, but he was a natural optimist. Seeing that the atmosphere in the room had become dull, he smiled saying, “Come come, you, come here.”

Yuehan confusingly walked over and said, “What is your command, Young Master?”
Chengfeng smiled saying, “No need for formalities here, no master, no servant...just me and you” He stretched out his hand and pulled Yuehan into his arms, gently hugging her. “Don’t furrow your brows so much, they might turn into wrinkles.” He added.

Yuehan laughed out loud, but her cheeks were blushed as she spoke, “If they were to appear, they’d appear already…” Suddenly, she turned her face around and looked at Chengfeng seriously, “Does that mean that if I were to grow old in the future, and my face became wrinkly, you’d be disgusted with me?!”

Chengfeng knew that Yuehan was at her most insecure and fragile state at the moment, he did not dare to make a joke. Instead, he firmly replied, “If you ever reach such a stage, I would be willing to give up all of my cultivation and become an ordinary old man. I would bring you and my family, and we would run to a place where no one could ever find us. Then, we can hold hands together, go rafting together, play instruments together, we can even count each strand of our silver hair together as well…”  

Su Yuehan's body gently nestled in Li Chengfeng's arms. Her originally stiff body was becoming softer and more relaxed. Her eyes were slightly red, but her face was filled with a happy smile. She grabbed Chengfeng’s hand, and put her palm in his, watching his big hand and her small hand intertwine, she secretly said to herself, ‘Is this the one that I will spend an eternity and grow old with?’

Could I, the thousand-faced demon, possibly be able to obtain this happiness?

I hope so...

Yuehan smiled in a daze, and without any warning, a pair of warm lips and gentle breathing approached her face. 

Chengfeng looked at Yuehan with her head tilted up as she grinned stupidly. Her indescribably delicate and pleasant appearance, especially her vermilion lips, were so tender and attractive, which was why he couldn't help but leaned over as he wanted to suck it in his mouth to taste it.

Chengfeng’s sneak attack on Yuehan was successful and her eyes widened. She was a little nervous at first, but soon relaxed as she gently responded to Chengfeng’s passionate kiss.

The two love birds pressed their bodies together, skin to skin as their tongues entangled with each other. Just like how dry wood would burn into strong flames, their desires have risen fiercely.    

Chengfeng's hand subconsciously touched Yuehan's breasts. As soon as he touched her, Yuehan was caught by surprise and subconsciously pushed Chengfeng away with her hands, only to touch something stiff.

Shocked, Yuehan immediately pushed Chengfeng away. 

Chengfeng was caught off guard and Yuehan used a lot of force this time, sending him flying into the wall, leaving the whole room in shock.

Chengfeng grabbed the back of his head in pain, and said angrily, “Are you crazy? Are you trying to kill your lover?”

Yuehan’s cheeks were red, she got up and lowered her head. She looked ashamed, but her tone was unspeakably serious as she said, “Young Master Chengfeng, am I such a shameless and frivolous person in your eyes?”

Chengfeng was puzzled and surprised. “I hadn’t thought about it that way!” He approached Yuehan, but she stepped back and still said with a serious voice, “Young Master Chengfeng, if you really do have me in your heart then don’t be so frivolous!” 

Chengfeng felt rather angry, ‘Haven’t we already made our feelings clear? Not to mention, I’ve already touched it once before, and she didn’t give such a huge reaction!’

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