Breaking The Day - Chapter 205

What Chengfeng did not know was that although Yuehan had a sense of belonging at this time, she was extremely fragile and sensitive, she was also timid and had low self-esteem. This was an extremely complicated feeling.

Though there was not a hint of resentment towards her when her true identity was exposed to the one she loved, she was still afraid and self-abased.

Especially since she had experienced so many things, what would he think of her if he found out? What if he thought of her as a promiscuous woman? Or a dutiful wife? What would happen then?

This was why Yuehan firmly rejected Chengfeng’s advances, as she hoped that he could see her as a precious and self-respecting lady. Even if this was what she had been all this time. 

Chengfeng saw Yuehan looking at him with a serious expression. Chengfeng had never seen Yuehan look this serious before, He would remember that, but his face showed anger as he said, “Now I’m angry! I’m going to bed!”

Yuehan stepped forward, and said solemnly, “Young Master, I will take care of you as you sleep.”

Seeing how Yuehan was distancing herself from him, he became a little displeased, he snorted from his nose as he walked to the simple table. Then he took out a pen and paper, scribbled down some words and handed it to Yuehan.

Yuehan almost laughed when she saw what was written on that piece of paper. It wrote: “I am very angry, and I don’t want to talk to you! Wake me up tomorrow morning!”

Sure enough, Chengfeng didn’t speak to Yuehan anymore. When they looked at each other, Chengfeng looked away, angrily changed into his sleeping gown, and rolled into bed on his own. After being tormented for the past few days, Chengfeng immediately went into deep sleep the second he laid down.

Yuehan saw his furrowed brows while he slept and couldn’t help but smile slightly. She stretched out her hand to stroke his eyebrows as she whispered, “He’s really a kid! How childish!”

Yuehan’s gaze was soft, her eyes were filled with tenderness. She gently caressed Chengfeng’s cheeks with her fingertips. His eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, cheekbones, ears, lips, they were all perfect to her, he was perfect.

Though Xiaobao was an exceptionally handsome man, to Yuehan, Chengfeng was the most beautiful man in the world.

As he slept, this man’s face was stern but handsome, but the owner of this face was sometimes so hilarious, it made her laugh until her stomach hurt.

Especially when Yuehan remembered some of Chengfeng’s past deeds, she couldn’t help but smile from the corner of her mouth. As she suddenly looked to her side, she walked to the table and wrote down something on a piece of paper as well, then she placed it beside Chengfeng. After washing up, she went to the next room and slept.

Despite there being no doors between the two rooms in the house, there was still an invisible wall between them, which made Yuehan unable to fully accept Chengfeng’s affection.

As Chengfeng slept, he once again entered another dreamscape. He realised that every time he entered this dream, he could easily make out the ten giant stone pillars even in complete darkness. 

But this time, Chengfeng realised that there was no longer a shining beacon of light coming from any of the stone pillars. These ten giant stone pillars were pitch black, Chengfeng couldn’t make out the images carved onto the pillars, let alone read the script that was carved on it.

“What’s this peculiar situation?” This was the first time Chengfeng had encountered such a bizarre situation since he had started to dream about this place.

Why am I having this dream again?

Why can’t I see anything this time?

What caused me to have this dream?

Chengfeng was puzzled. He tried to climb the stone pillar but just as his hand touched the pillar, he suddenly realized it began to collapse towards him.

Li Chengfeng's face was horrified. Just as he was about to turn around and escape, he was suddenly crushed by the stone pillar. He screamed as he was jolted awake, sweating profusely.

“Yuehan? Yuehan!?” Chengfeng yelled loudly. He glanced at the sky and realised the sun was already shining brightly, it was obvious that it was already past dawn. 

Chengfeng was a little angry, “Didn’t I tell her to wake me up at dawn? She has the audacity to be angry at me? This girl!”

Just as Chengfeng was about to leave his bed, he noticed a note lying beside his pillow. He picked it up confusedly, and immediately let out an angry laugh.

He saw the words written on the piece of paper: “Young master, it is already dawn, time to wake up.”

At this moment, Yuehan who was outside heard a ruckus coming from within the house. She walked into the house and looked at Chengfeng with feign innocence. Chengfeng smiled as he scolded her, “You little - seems like you’ve found a way to prank me huh? You’re not going to speak to me anymore, is it?”

Yuehan made a face at Chengfeng, then walked to the table and wrote down: “I won’t speak!”

Chengfeng puffed from his nose, “Fine by me, you won’t speak and I won’t either!” He said as he got up to rinse himself. After awhile, he noticed there was no breakfast and couldn’t help but to angrily write down: “No breakfast?”

Yuehan took the pen from Chengfeng and wrote, “There’s nothing to eat now! We’ve run out of food!”

Chengfeng glared at Yuehan as he wrote, “Then don’t you know how to make something else for us to eat?”

“I was in the middle of it, but you called for me!” wrote Yuehan.

The two of them had an angry stare down, although the atmosphere was odd, the two of them found it amusing. However, they tried their best to stop themselves from laughing as the both of them kept a sullen face and tried to act as if they were both angry.

Chengfeng rushed out of the house, wondering what Yuehan had prepared. But he was dumbfounded by what he had seen, this little rascal was planting seeds by the field at the front of their house! 

How was this edible?

Though it will bear fruit when it’s mature, wouldn’t it take forever for us to be able to eat?

Chengfeng thought for a while, then he used his immortal powers to accelerate the growth of the saplings, only to find out they were birch trees!

Chengfeng looked over at Yuehan helplessly, but saw Yuehan look away to the other side, lightly standing on her toes.

Chengfeng let out a sigh and headed back home to retrieve his bone spear, he then walked to the small river behind their house. After rolling up his pants and sleeves, he started to catch a few fishes with his spear.

No one had ever caught any fish in this small river, so the fishes here were plump and juicy. After Chengfeng had caught two of them, he gave them a quick cleanse and began to descale and gut them. He then went around the field to look for some vegetables and cooked them all within a little pot.

In just a moment, the pot gave out a delicious scent. This made Yuehan salivate, just as she was about to ask for a bowl, she suddenly felt that she would lose if she did. Not to mention, knowing Chengfeng’s past behavior, he would definitely use this against her in the future. This made Yuehan even more unwilling to eat a bite of his cooking. 

But Chengfeng helped himself to a few spoonfuls of fish soup and sighed with intoxication, “Ah, this is delicious!”

Yuehan couldn’t help it, she stepped forward and clapped her hands, “Young master, you spoke first!”

Chengfeng gave Yuehan a blank look, “Yes, I spoke, are you going to do something? Are you trying to corner me?

Yuehan angrily said, “I… it wasn’t on purpose.”

Chengfeng nonchalantly waved his hand, “There will be no more next time! I’ll temporarily forgive you for now!”

Yuehan hungrily stared at the soup Chengfeng had made, “Young Master, what did you make?”

Chengfeng kept a straight face as he replied, “I’m making a medicinal broth! It’s very bitter alright?”

Yuehan wrinkled her nose and stared at it for a moment, she couldn’t help but ask, “I’ll take a sip then, is that alright?”

Chengfeng let out a guffaw as he reached his hand to pat Yuehan softly on her head. Just as he was about to say something, they suddenly heard two familiar voices nearby.

“Senior Brother Su, has your eyesight failed you? There’s no one here.”

“Stop the nonsense, can’t you see that there’s white smoke coming from there? Who’s there? Let’s go have a look!”

Chengfeng was overjoyed and rushed to greet them. “Senior Brother Su! Senior Brother Tian!” He said as he smiled.

Su You and Tian Jun stared at him in disbelief. Tian Jun shrieked as he turned to run, “By the heavens!! A ghost!”

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