Breaking The Day - Chapter 206

Chengfeng smiled brightly as he shouted at Su You and Tianjun, “Senior Brother Tian, it’s me!”
Su You turned his head around with all his courage, and saw that Chengfeng was waving at them at his front door. Yuehan was also there, standing behind him as she let out a huge laugh.

Su You asked tentatively, “Junior Brother Chengfeng?”

Chengfeng smiled and said, “Have Senior Brother Su and Senior Brother Tian forgotten your Junior brother already?”

Su You and Tian Jun were surprised and happy. Tian Jun cautiously asked, “Junior Brother Chengfeng,’re’re not dead?”

“It would seem I’m not.” Chengfeng said smiling.

Su You was extremely delighted as he quickly explained, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, we… we thought you had already perished underneath Shiwu Mountain and that you were vengeful that we couldn’t save you… so you turned into a demon to seek revenge on us.”

Chengfeng smiled, “The sky has unpredictable clouds, and humans have unpredictable luck. How could I possibly blame Senior Brother Su and Senior Brother Tian?”

Tian Jun breathed a sigh of relief, “You don’t blame us, we’re good!”

Su You curiously asked, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, how did you escape?”

“That’s a complicated one, but simply put: we found a mine tunnel that led directly to the back of the mountain, we simply followed it out.” Chengfeng replied

This was an explanation that Yuehan and Chengfeng had discussed and agreed on beforehand. Chengfeng and Yuehan were the only two that successfully escaped after the earthquake had occurred, if anyone were to find out about this and carried out an investigation, there was no way they wouldn’t be investigated.

If they had accidentally revealed what had actually happened, not only would it raise suspicion, it might also lead to them exposing everything that had happened beneath Shiwu Mountain.

Think about it, if anyone else knew that Chengfeng had found one of the five heavenly swords, wouldn’t everyone try to fight for it?
Tian Jun asked curiously, “There’s a mine tunnel in the spiritual crystal mines that leads directly to the back of the mountain? Then the black rats, did you encounter them?”

Chengfeng smiled bitterly, “Of course we did. The two of us were escaping alongside the black rats for a good while, and it was them who led us out of the mining area.”

Su You palmed his face, “Of course! That’s how!”

Su You said with a look of admiration, “I was just thinking that there are so many fork roads in the Shiwu mountain’s spirit crystal mining area, and Junior Brother Chengfeng was able to pick the correct one to escape, it would have been incredible luck. But in the end you followed the black rats out of the mountain!”

Tian Jun nodded as he praised him, “This is also thanks to Junior Brother Chengfeng’s quick thinking during a crisis, if it was someone else, I’m pretty sure they would have been scared to death. Who would even think about escaping with the herd of black mice? Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!”

Chengfeng let out a laugh, just as he was about to speak, he suddenly heard the sound of a bell ringing. Tian Jun and Su You listened closely and heard the bell ring eighteen times. Their expression changed as they looked at each other, “The Spiritual Mountain conference?”

“What Spiritual Mountain conference?” Chengfeng asked confusingly.

Su You and Tianjun looked solemn, and Su You said, "This is the bell that summons all of the Spiritual Mountain Sect’s disciples, and all of them must be present.”

Tian Jun said, “It must be because of the earthquake at Shiwu mountain!”

Su You sighed, “Yes, Shiwu mountain is the heart of the Hidden Sword Court, if something this serious has happened, I’m afraid Shiwu mountain can’t be saved!”

Tian Jun said angrily, “I’ll say! This earthquake was definitely a ploy executed by the Hidden Sword Court. It could have happened any time earlier or later but no, how is it that it happened right at that moment?”

This sentence gave Chengfeng a shock. He remembered what he reasoned with Yuehan at the foot of Shiwu mountain: This earthquake must have been man-made, not a natural disaster!”

But, who could have done this?

Chengfeng felt that he might have had a slight idea, but he was quickly unsure again..

Su You said to Chengfeng, “This is also a coincidence. We were just passing here today and saw some white smoke rising in the air, and we went to investigate out of curiosity but we definitely didn’t expect to be reunited with Junior Brother Chengfeng. If it weren’t for that, Junior Brother Chengfeng might have missed the Spiritual Mountain conference.”

“If you miss the Spiritual Mountain conference, you will be held accountable for a year in confinement, or expelled!” Tian Jun added.

Chengfeng was taken aback, then hurriedly said, “Then shall we leave?” He looked at Yuehan, and said to Su You and Tian Jun, “Does she need to attend as well?”

“That won’t be necessary,” Tian Jun replied.

Su You spoke, “Wouldn’t hurt if she did, the four heavenly courts will start to take attendance in a bit. However, with Hidden Sword Court and our current situation… There’s really not much attendance to take for us now. We’ll take the numbers that we can get.”

After the four had finished discussing, Chengfeng and Yuehan quickly followed Su You and Tian Jun from the teleportation point of the Hidden Sword Court to the main mountain of the Spiritual Mountain Sect — Prayer Mountain.

When Li Chengfeng waited for the dazzling light to go away, he found that this place felt rather familiar to him. It was a huge stone house that was shaped like a ring. Five stone platforms stood in the middle of the house facing east, and one stone platform stood tall in the middle. It was the tallest of them all, and a seat was situated  on the top, it was difficult to see the whole picture, but it still felt majestic and inviolable.

On the side of this stone pillar, there were two stone pillars on the left and the right, which are leveled in sequence, with a seat on the top of each one, but its scale was much smaller than the center seat.

Just below the five stone pillars were flights of stairs which led to seven floors. Each flight of steps were ring-shape, its stone steps were leveled in a sequence and its gaps were clear. 

Below the stone steps was a circular field, in the center of the field was a three-person cauldron, and nine sticks of incense of different lengths were inserted in the middle of the cauldron.

This was the stone clearance room that he had entered after clearing the second test when he took the three test examination!

Crowds of people filled the stone chamber, their chattering voices filled the air. The teleportation point in the centre of the circular field constantly lit up. Many disciples of Spiritual Mountain Sect had transported themselves here, and then went to their respective areas according to the space provided by each of the four heavenly courts.

Among them, the Hidden Modest Court had the largest number of people. They stood close to the left side of the central stone pillar. There were at least thousands of disciples standing under the area of the seventh level. Most of these were beginner disciples. The disciples who stood above the seventh level, did so accordingly to their respective cultivation levels.

Chengfeng observed carefully and found that the disciples standing at the bottom had red stripes embroidered on their sleeves, the orange striped disciples stood on the first level, and the yellow striped disciples were standing at the second level. At the seventh level, were cultivators who wore long robes with black stripes on their sleeves, and the number was so small that there was only one person. This person had a long beard under his jaw, and it seemed that he was obviously a senior veteran among the Senior Uncles.
Chengfeng followed Su You and Tianjun to the area where the Hidden Sword Court was located. He then realised that the area of the Hidden Sword Court was originally the largest. It was obvious that they used to have the largest number of people before, but currently there were only a handful of people left standing on Hidden Sword Court’s area. With just the few of them, it looked rather pitiful when compared to the rest.

Among them, the Grand Senior Brother who was standing on the third level saw Chengfeng and Yuehan. He was taken aback for a moment, then a brilliant light burst into his eyes, but quickly dissipated. 

Qiu Chu and An Tong, who were next to the Grand Senior Brother, immediately glanced at each other then quickly lowered their heads. Qin Mieqin and Ouyang Nan who were on the level below exchanged glances, then hung their head low from feeling apologetic and ashamed.

Chengfeng took Yuehan to stand at the forefront which did not have any stairs or levels, it felt so embarrassing and conspicuous, because there were no other people from the Hidden Sword Court that stood there, it was only the two of them! Even Su You, Tian Jun, Zuo Fei and He Zhu who came afterwards stood on the levels.

Chengfeng himself felt very awkward. He quickly mimicked the movements of the Grand Senior Brother and the rest. Suddenly, Chengfeng felt like there was a needle on his back, as if there was a substantial force pointing at him from behind.

He then looked up subconsciously, only to see a red-haired woman standing at the highest point in the area of ​​the Hidden Beauty Court glaring daggers at him.

In an instant, Li Chengfeng began to sweat profusely as he felt a chill run down his spine!

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