Breaking The Day - Chapter 207

Many people have not seen the real skills of the Grand Senior Sister, but they were merely afraid of her status, her power, her aura, her strength, and her unparalleled beauty.

With just by word of mouth, they gradually established an inviolable and domineering image of the Grand Senior Sister within their minds. Especially after the legendary story of her confrontation with the Heavenly Phoenix, which was still talked about to this day.

They knew that the Grand Senior Sister was powerful, but they were unaware of the true extent of her power.

But Chengfeng had not only seen it, he’d experienced it firsthand!

This was a tyrannical person who could kill him with a single lift of her finger. This was a strong woman who was an apex that stood on the top of the world's pyramid. She was a person that Chengfeng had to look up to.

If she wanted to, under the gaze of a crowd, she would just need to will it and shape one mudra, and Chengfeng would be obliterated.

Chengfeng resisted the urge to turn and run. He looked straight at the Grand Senior Sister, leaned forward slightly, and took a half-step forward with his right foot in an aggressive offensive posture.

Chengfeng's brave and relentless character once again saved his life at this critical moment!

The Grand Senior Sister stared at Li Chengfeng closely. As long as the other party showed any sign of guilty conscience and timidity, or wanted to expose her on the spot, she would immediately use thunder technique. Even if it caused suspicion in front of everyone, she wouldn’t even hesitate !

Because, if Chengfeng wanted to escape, it would mean that he had not planned anything behind his back. And that he was afraid that he would be killed on the spot!

If the Grand Senior Sister violently killed him right now, it would definitely raise countless suspicions, but the day after the Grand Senior Sister returned to her room, she calmed down and came up with a countermeasure. She had already made up her mind. Once she kills him, she will put the blame on the execution of Shiwu Mountain’s earthquake on Chengfeng! 

Similarly, if Chengfeng even tried to expose her, she would have struck him down with thunder!

But Chengfeng was unexpectedly confrontational about this!

This moment made the Grand Senior Sister exceptionally alert and hesitant!

This guy is so confident, why?

The Grand Senior Sister hesitated and her intense killing intent immediately diminished. Seeing the others so confident made her flinch and she did not dare to take the risk!

The Grand Senior Sister stared intently at Chengfeng, then looked away.

Li Chengfeng suddenly felt lighter, and the huge invisible pressure that was crushing him had been removed, making him secretly relieved. Only then did he realize that the clothes on his back were soaked in sweat.

Chengfeng and the Grand Senior Sister were having a secret battle of the wits. In their completely silent exchange, Chengfeng had merely escaped death’s door. It was only Yuehan, who had been observing him by his side, noticed that the atmosphere around him was off, which made her secretly worried.

However, Yuehan could barely keep herself from being discovered. However, her true identity as a demon was one that was the most difficult to discover in the world, especially after the sacrifice of her heart, which meant she has no demonic scent in her body. Even with supernatural powers and excellent cultivation skills, one would never see through her thue form. At this moment, she was no different from ordinary humans.

After seeing the Grand Senior Sister turn her head around, Yuehan finally let out a sigh of relief. After exchanging a concealed glance with Chengfeng, she began to mimic the Grand Senior Brother’s stance and hung her head low as well.

Soon, more and more people had entered the Stone Chamber, and Chengfeng’s enemies had appeared, one after another: Zhan Qitian, Huangfu Song, Ji Chunhua, Sun Boyi, Huang Nishang, and even Zhou Jieyi from Hidden Modesty Court. Zhou Jieyi subconsciously looked towards Hidden Sword Court’s direction, and spotting Chengfeng, he began to glare at him with murderous eyes.

Yuehan glanced over and whispered, “Young’s highly unusual, but now it feels as though you have enemies everywhere!”

Chengfeng smiled bitterly to himself, then he glared at Yuehan and quietly whispered, “Quiet!”

Just then, the last figure in the stone room flashed past. With a fat body, it was Jinbao.

Once he appeared, a loud voice shouted in the court, “Zhang Jinbao, you dare show your face here? Where are my goods?

“That’s right! The bastard already took my f*cking money, but he still didn’t send me the goods!”

“Zhang Jinbao, if you continue like this, this will be the last time we look to you for goods!”

“Zhang Jinbao, when will my Golden Azure Stone arrive?”

This choir of voices made Jinbao sweat profusely. He laughed nervously and kept on bowing. He was spinning like a top, laughing and apologizing repeatedly towards every direction.

Now there were waves of cursing across the stone chamber, and the voices of the people were boiling. Seeing that the solemn Spiritual Mountain conference was becoming as noisy as a market. Senior Uncle Kong Yunzheng who stood atop of the stone room wouldn’t take it anymore and commanded, “That’s enough!”

His voice shook the stone chamber, and the eardrums of the disciples with a lower level of cultivation felt screeching pain. It felt as if they had been punched in the chest, they hurriedly covered their ears in pain. Those with a slightly higher level of cultivation also turned pale, and immediately bowed their heads and said nothing.

Zhang Jinbao’s face was even more pale. He clutched his chest, lowered his head, and drilled through the crowd of disciples from Hidden Brocade Court like a headless fly, but none of the disciples in Hidden Brocade Court looked up to him. As he tried to squeeze over, no one moved an inch for him. Zhang Jinbao didn't dare to use force, so he smiled awkwardly among them as he slowly tried to find a path.

In the stone chamber, only Zhang Jinbao had not reached his place yet. He was sweating profusely, and he felt pins and needles on his back. When he was panicking, he saw a large empty space next to the Hidden Brocade Court and hurriedly stood over. Once he lifted his head after securing his space, he was greeted with a familiar face. 

Jinbao pointed at Chengfeng, “I-it’s you…” he gasped.

Li Chengfeng squinted at him, and immediately withdrew his gaze. Zhang Jinbao wanted to say more, but he heard Kong Yunzhen say solemnly at the upper stone platform: "The four heavenly court’s of the Spiritual Mountain Sect, is everyone here? Court Masters and Acting Court Masters, come out and report!"

Qian Shanxue of the Hidden Brocade Court who stood on the sixth step of the Hidden Brocade Court’s district said loudly, “All two hundred and three disciples of the Hidden Brocade Court are present.”

Jinbao’s expression changed drastically, he quickly raised his hand and said loudly, “Two hundred and four! There’s me, there’s still me!”
Disciples of Hidden Modesty Court and Hidden Beauty Court laughed quietly, Qian Shanxue glanced at him, and said calmly, "Then what are you doing standing in Hidden Sword Court’s area?"

Zhang Jinbao immediately jumped up and drilled towards the Hidden Brocade Court’s area. This time he didn't care anymore, relying on his wide and fat body, he squeezed into the first level. Wherever he passed, the disciples of Hidden Brocade Court looked at him with contempt, many of them covered their noses and concealed their faces, as if they were disgusted by him.

Kong Yunzhen resisted his anger as he watched Zhang Jinbao and his farce, he turned his head impatiently to look at the Hidden Beauty Court. Immediately, the Grand Senior Sister of the Hidden Beauty Court stood up and reported clearly, "Among the two hundred and sixty-two disciples of Hidden Beauty Court, twenty two of them are currently on a mission and could not attend.”

Kong Yunzhen slightly nodded, then turned to look at Hidden Modesty Court. Hidden Modesty Court’s sixth level only stood one person as well, this man was of average build and had an average looking face. He had long and slender eyes, but it was not much to look at, and his voice was extremely ordinary as well.  This man was Hidden Modesty Court’s most outstanding disciple, Li Xuanming.

Xuanming reported, “There are one thousand three hundred and thirty-four disciples of the Hidden Modesty Court, only one thousand two hundred and two of them are present. The remaining One hundred and thirty-two disciples are away on missions and could not attend.”

Kong Yunzhen looked at the Hidden Sword Court. Just as the Grand Senior Brother  was about to bow and speak, Qian Shanxue suddenly sneered: "There are only a few people in theHidden Sword Court. Do you really still need to count?"

A burst of laughter erupted on the field, and countless eyes fell towards Chengfeng and the others.

The Grand Senior Brother went silent for a moment, then exclaimed, “Eleven disciples of the Hidden Sword Court are present, eleven!”

Another burst of laughter erupted from the field, and many of them laughed and said, “With so little members, the Hidden Sword Court might as well be disbanded!”

Yunzhen looked at the Grand Senior Brother and lightly shook his head with a complicated look in his eyes.

Kong Yunzhen nodded and flipped his wrist, and a wooden staff flew out of his sleeve as it quickly began to grow larger. He slammed the wooden staff on the ground and made a dense sound, shaking the stone chamber slightly. "Since the Sect Master is busy cultivating at the retreat, and most of your Senior Aunts and Uncles are fighting in the war... Today’s Spiritual Mountain Conference shall be held by me!" boomed Yunzhen.

As soon as he heard this, Shanxue eagerly asked, “Senior Uncle Kong, is this Spiritual Mountain conference because of the changes to Shiwu mountain?”

Because of Shanxue’s unexpectedly harsh use of words, it immediately showed that what happened at Shiwu mountain was a man-made “incident”, and eliminated the possibility that it was a “natural disaster”.

Yunzhen gave Xanshue a displeased look, “The matter is yet to be properly investigated, why would you say there was a change to Shiwu mountain?”

The people in the Hidden Sword Court immediately raised their voices when they knew about the matter. They looked at Shanxue as he stared back at them. He sneered and said, “Senior Uncle Kong, as far as I know, the earthquake at Shiwu mountain, it wasn’t a natural disaster, it was orchestrated!”

After hearing this, Chengfeng was drenched in cold sweat, it seemed that this conference really was a murder banquet!

They’ve immediately made their intentions clear and are going straight for the kill!

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