Breaking The Day - Chapter 208

Although Kong Yunzhen was also from Hidden Brocade Court, compared to Qian Shanxue, he was a cultivator that had been excluded by his peers. Especially because when he started his cultivation, his family was fairly wealthy, but after a few decades of cultivation, he became negligent in taking care of his home for a long period of time , thus, his family fortune began to decline. In the end, he went from starting as a well respected rich cultivator to one of the poorest from Hidden Brocade Court.

“Bankrupt families” like his naturally despised people like Shanxue who was born with a golden spoon. 

Kong Yunzhen subconsciously said, "Oh? Shanxue, what proof do you have? Why do you say that this was a man-made disaster, and not a natural one?"

Shanxue stood tall with his slender figure, in order to show his maverick, he specially modified his gray cultivator robe and embroidered snow white trims on the edge of his collar, the bottom edge of his robes and on his sleeves. Which made him look unordinary and chic.

Most of the female cultivators in the Hidden Beauty Court’s eyes lit up. They were whispering to each other and pointing.

Shanxue gracefully smiled at everyone and said, “Think about it, everyone, this natural disaster came so suddenly, how many years have passed since the Spiritual Mountain Sect experienced any natural disasters? And why didn't it happen any earlier or later? But right at that moment?”

“What do you mean didn’t happen earlier or later?” Yunzhen coldly snorted.

Shanxue looked at the Hidden Sword Court’s Grand Senior Brother and said, “For that. You must ask the Grand Senior Brother!”

Saying this caused some tension in the court, and all eyes were now on the Grand Senior Brother of the Hidden Sword Court.

Thoughts immediately flashed across Chengfeng’s mind like a flash of lightning, instantly illuminating his mind that was once full of chaos and darkness!

So that’s why!

No wonder the Grand Senior Brothers all tried to drive me away when they saw me coming to the Hidden Sword Court!

Chengfeng and Yuehan looked at each other, and in their hearts they both figured it out: The earthquake was the Grand Senior Brother’s doing!

But what was this all for? Didn’t he know that this earthquake they have orchestrated would kill many people? Or even kill their brothers of the same court?!

Li Chengfeng suppressed the anger in his heart. He glanced at Yuehan and motioned to her to observe any changes, but questions kept coursing through his mind — why did their Grand Senior Brother do this?

Grand Senior Brother slowly stepped forward, he raised his head and spoke in a deep voice, "Shanxue, where are you coming from? What does this earthquake have to do with me?"

Shanxue sneered, “Oh? What does it have to do with you… Shouldn’t you know best?”

The Grand Senior Brother replied, “I’m not sure about this, please have Senior Brother Shanxue explain!”

Shanxue scoffed, flicked his sleeves and said, “Then I shall! Let me ask you, where did the Hidden Sword Court’s Ouyang Nan go a few days ago?”

The Grand Senior Brother seemed to have expected such an interrogation a long time ago. "He had a task.” Grand Senior Brother replied.

Shanxue quickly followed up, “What task!”

Grand Senior Brother answered, "Cheng Village asked for help from the Sect, they wanted us to send a cultivator to drive away demonic monsters in the mountains."

Shanxue smiled cunningly, “Oh? When did he depart?”

“Six days ago,” The Grand Senior Brother responded.

Shanxue quickly asked, “And when did he return?”

“Two days ago!” replied Grand Senior Brother”

“So what you’re saying is, he was there for a total of four days? Correct?” Shanxue interrogated.

“That’s right!” The Grand Senior Brother replied.

Shanxue pulled out a small fan out of nowhere, and opened the jade fracture fan with a snap. Fanning himself with a smile, he replied, "Great, I was waiting for you to say that sentence!" As he said that, he turned his head towards Yunzhen, "Senior Uncle Kong, please allow me to call up a witness."

As Yunzhen watched Shanxue take control of the entire conference, he was unhappy. But seeing that everyone’s attention was now on Shanxue, there was nothing he could do. All he was able to mutter was, “Alright.” 

Shanxue took out a small bell from the sleeve and shook it gently. The bell was crisp and its ringing spread throughout the room. After a while, two white lights flashed in the teleportation point of the stone chamber. A black-robed servant of Shanxue had brought an old man with the appearance of an old farmer to the field. The black robed servant took the old man towards them, then walked back to the teleportation point and disappeared instantly.

When the old man saw this scene, his legs were trembling in fright. He knelt down subconsciously, and kowtowed to the cultivators in all directions, "It is my honor to be in the presence of such admirable cultivators"

Some of these cultivators looked at the old village chief grinningly, some looked contemptuous, and some were calm, acting as if this person did not exist at all.

Only Li Chengfeng was stunned when he saw the old man. Because this was the old village chief he had met when he scammed in Cheng Village.

Although he knew that the old village chief himself was not that great of a person, but seeing him kowtow pitifully to the cultivators, he couldn't help feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

Because it reminded him of the time his mother kowtowed to Sun Boren.

Shanxue's figure moved and disappeared from his position in an instant. He immediately appeared in front of the old man as he smiled and bent over to help him up. His voice was soft as he spoke to the village chief, " Old man, don’t be afraid, whatever I ask, you just have to speak the truth."

When the Grand Senior Brother saw the village chief of Cheng Village. His brows were slightly furrowed, but they soon dispersed. His eyes were drooping, and no one could tell what he was thinking at the time.

However, Ouyang Nan was slightly disturbed, and he quickly glanced at Mieqin beside him.

Mieqin quickly hinted him to calm down. 

Ouyang Xiu of the Hidden Beauty Court who was present looked at Shanxue like an idiot in love and whispered, “Senior Brother Shanxue is so courteous. Even to a commoner he is so polite.”

“One female cultivator immediately nodded in response, “Exactly, if it were me, I would have gotten rid of him immediately, how dare he soil the grounds of our Spiritual Mountain!”

They were talking quietly, but Huang Nishang at the bottom of the Hidden Beauty Court kept staring at Chengfeng. Her face was veiled to cover the obvious scars on her face, and her eyes were filled with hatred.

On the field, the village head of Cheng Village was shocked and flattered as he replied to Shanxue, "Yes, yes. Whatever the Lord Cultivator wants me to say, I’ll say it!"

The Grand Senior Brother raised his eyebrows, but as soon as he was about to speak, Shanxue quickly rushed in to say, "No, no, no, you can answer whatever I ask, just answer us with the facts of what actually happened. Do you understand? Remember, do not make up any lies, otherwise, you may not be able leave this hall today."

The head of Cheng Village was so scared that he was about to kneel down and kowtow, but he was quickly pulled up by the Grand Senior Brother’s hand. An invisible force had stopped him from kneeling. He quickly said in fear, "Yes, I will be a hundred percent honest. If there was one lie coming from my mouth, I curse the sky to strike me with thunder!"

Shanxue slapped the fan on the palm of his fan and said, “Very well!”

He loosened his grip on the arm of the Head of Cheng Village and questioned, "Then I ask you, have you ever met this cultivator, Ouyang?" Shanxue walked towards the Hidden Sword Court and pointed to Ouyang Nan.

The head of Cheng Village took a closer look. Chengfeng felt really guilty and quickly lowered his head slightly. Fortunately, the village head did not recognize Chengfeng at all. His eyes passed Chengfeng and fell on Ouyang Nan. Ouyang Nan stared at him and said: "Old man, you better think clearly, don’t forget about me because of your deteriorating eyesight !"

Mieqin glanced at him speechlessly, then said with a low voice, “What does deteriorating eyesight have to do with forgetting about you?”

Ouyang Nan was furious, he turned his head and glared at Mieqin, and whispered angrily, “Even 
Mieqin snorted softly, and turned his head.

The head of the Cheng village carefully examined him and said, “I’ve indeed seen him before!”

Shanxue smiled lightly, “Then when did he arrive in Cheng village?”

“Six days ago.” The head of Cheng village replied.

Shanxue then asked, “And when did he leave?”

“Five days ago.” The head of Cheng village replied.
Shanxue smiled and said, “Oh? Then that means, Cultivator Ouyang only spent one day in Cheng village? Then...Grand Senior Brother…”

Shanxue’s smile turned sharp, “You said Senior Brother Ouyang was away for four days, and according to my investigation, he was in Cheng village for only one day. Where was he for the other three days?”

The crowd was in complete silence, and everyone looked at Ouyang Nan who was sweating non-stop!

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