Breaking The Day - Chapter 210

Qian Shanxue looked at Chengfeng, both of their gaze intense. Like a hunter who spotted a prey, he smirked, and asked knowingly, “And you are?”

Chengfeng bowed towards the Hidden Sword Court crowd, and said, “A new disciple of the Hidden Sword Court, Li Chengfeng!”

Grand Senior Brother and Qin Mieqin looked at one another in confusion. They didn’t understand what his intentions were: is he here to help them or set them up?

If he was indeed a traitor, this would be the perfect opportunity to set them up!

Qian Shanxue laughed icily, “How dare a lowly disciple like you spout nonsense here?”

The crowd roared with laughter. Someone shouted, “Get lost, kid! Quit being rude!”

“Yeah! What the heck are you guys doing at Hidden Sword Court? The criminals are here, we can already punish them! Guards!”

Chengfeng didn’t flinch in the face of the angry crowd. Like a solid rock anchored in a torrent, he confidently and loudly said, “So looks like the Spiritual Mountain Sect only cares about rank and seniority? What ever happened to being reasonable?”

The crowd grew even more incensed. “You insolent brat! Quit your nonsense!”

Grand Senior Sister stood on the steps, and looked down towards Chengfeng. Chengfeng stood unyielding among the crowd, seemingly unaware of the distance between him and Qian Shanxue.

“What a ballsy kid…” Grand Senior Sister coldly observed Chengfeng as she thought to herself.

Kong Yunzhen rapped his sceptre and bellowed, “Silence! Silence!”

The crowd went quiet. Kong Yunzhen glared at Chengfeng unkindly, and said sternly, “If you’re not going to explain yourself, are you at least aware of the severity of the situation?”

Chengfeng smiled. “Of course! Although the precepts of the Spiritual Mountain Sect are strict, you’ll never get to punish me! Because the truth shall prevail!”

Kong Yunzhen secretly wished to eliminate Qian Shanxue’s influence. He smiled and said, “Oh? Care to explain?”

Qian Shanxue smiled too. “I too, am interested in what wisdom the young disciple has to offer.”

Chengfeng laughed in response. “Not much, just some lowly opinions of mine.”

Qian Shanxue laughed mockingly and said, “If so, then you should keep them to yourself and refrain from dirtying my ears with your words,”

Chengfeng continued, seemingly unbothered, “It may be my humble, lowly opinion, but it makes a great deal of sense! As the saying goes, ‘the most beautiful melody is one without noise, and the most magnificent object is one without shape’! Sometimes, the more lowly the opinion, the more reasonable and rational it is. It’s just that nobody seems to notice it!”

Kong Yunzhen looked at Chengfeng in surprise. His words carried a degree of meaning. If it came from an ordinary, low-ranked disciple, it would come off as absolute nonsense. But coming from a distinguished cultivator, those words were filled with wisdom and meaning.

He was indeed an uncut jade!

Kong Yunzhen looked at Chengfeng from top to bottom and mulled, ‘It’s such a shame he isn’t my disciple!’

Qian Shanxue chuckled and responded, “Fancy words. Alright, what tricks do you have up your sleeve?”

Chengfeng nodded and walked towards the centre of the crowd. He made his way towards Qian Shanxue and the both of them made eye contact. Chengfeng spoke, “Brother Qian Shanxue, do enlighten me, is it because of the sheer number of people who suspect one individual, therefore it serves as a sufficient reason to sentence that aforementioned person?”

Qian Shanxue frowned and replied unwillingly, “What are you trying to say?”

Chengfeng didn’t answer Shanxue’s question, but instead asked another question in response, “Another question, Brother Qian Shanxue, is it because the suspected individual possesses certain items on him, therefore he is guilty?”

Qian Shanxue chuckled coldly. “The item proves the guilt, it is undeniable.”

Chengfeng nodded. He turned and waved towards Yuehan, and said, “Come here for a minute.”

Yuehan was dumbfounded. She pointed at herself and stammered, “Huh? Me?”

Chengfeng nodded and smiled. His eyes gleamed with encouragement. Yuehan had no choice but to make her through the crowd and towards Chengfeng.

Yuehan stood by Chengfeng. She whispered in hushed tones, “What are you trying to do?”

“Don’t worry, just do as I say!”

Qian Shanxue interrupted, “You brats, where are your manners? What do you think you’re doing? Disgracing the Spiritual Mountain Sect!”

Chengfeng responded with mock surprise, “Oh so in your eyes, we are brats of the Spiritual Mountain Sect, but the outsiders you’ve brought are distinguished guests?”

Qian Shanxue’s face grew dark, “That’s not what I meant. They are the witnesses I’ve brought here!”

Chengfeng chuckled, “Then she is also a witness I’ve brought along with me!”

Qian Shanxue was taken aback. He shot back, “She is your servant. Don’t you know what a conflict of interest is? People like her cannot be witnesses!”

Chengfeng smiled knowingly. “I’m not talking about the case before us. I’m talking about another one.”

Qian Shanxue was surprised. “What case?”

Chengfeng stared Qian Shanxue down, and a mischievous smirk crept across his face. “I’m talking about the case where Qian Shanxue sexually assaulted my servant, Su Yuehan!”

The crowd erupted with chaos!

Grand Senior Brother, Mieqin and Ouyang Nan were speechless. They looked at one another with their mouths agape. Ouyang Nan stammered, “Is he insane?”

Grand Senior Sister’s eyes grew wide. Her red lips were slightly parted. She shared the same thought with Ouyang Nan, ‘Has he gone insane?’

As the crowd squabbled and gossiped, Zhan Qisheng observed Chengfeng from the crowd. His instincts were telling him that Chengfeng was not insane, but he was definitely up to something. He was playing a dirty trick!

An absolutely unhinged and unpredictable trick!

Qian Shanxue had an unusual expression. He slightly raised his head. He no longer had that cunning excitement, instead it was replaced by rage from being outsmarted!

This brat had insulted and embarrassed him in front of the whole crowd!

Kong Yunzhen had never liked Qian Shanxue, for he was a member of the Hidden Brocade Court. He spoke with raised eyebrows, “Li Chengfeng, you do know that if you have no evidence to support your claim, you’ll have to leave, right?”

“Of course! Once I explain, everyone will understand!”

Kong Yunzhen nodded, “The floor is yours.”

Chengfeng bowed towards Kong Yunzhen, and turned towards Yuehan and winked. He asked, “Su Yuehan, allow me to ask, has Qian Shanxue met you before?”

Yuehan lowered her head, and replied softly, “Yes.”

Qian Shanxue interjected angrily, “Nonsense! The first time I saw her was when she walked into the hall!”

Chengfeng continued while ignoring Qian Shanxue, “Then I shall ask you, how many times did he look at you?”

As if she understood, Yuehan replied with an ashamed expression, “Possibly three to four times.”

Qian Shanxue snapped, “Since when did I look at her?!”

Chengfeng immediately shot back, “Where is your proof that you did not look at her?”

Qian Shanxue was suddenly at a loss of words. He replied, “Where is your evidence that I had looked at her?!”

Chengfeng slowly turned towards Yuehan and smiled mischievously. “Allow the witness to provide her statement!”

Yuehan tried hard to not laugh. She maintained her shameful expression and acted accordingly. “It is indeed true that Brother Qian Shanxue had looked at me, about three to four times.”

Chengfeng maintained a poker face and insisted, “Is it three or four times? State it clearly!”

“Four times.”

Qian Shanxue was enraged. “I did not look at her four times!”

Chengfeng pointed a finger at Qian Shanxue and said, “Ah, now that you’re looking at her, safe to say you’ve looked at her four times now!”

Some members of the crowd couldn’t help but laugh upon hearing Chengfeng’s words.

As the laughter grew louder, Qian Shanxue became increasingly enraged. He bellowed, “Slander! It’s all slander! I…”

Chengfeng noticed his anger and turned towards Kong Yunzhen. “Uncle Kong! Does the conference hall forbid people from speaking?”

Qian Shanxue continued angrily, “The conference hall forbids slander and defamation!”

“Well then Brother Qian Shanxue, how can you prove that our words are slander?”

“How can you trust a lowly servant’s words?!”

Chengfeng stepped forwards and declared, “Then why should we believe a treasurer’s words? Or even a village leader’s words? Why should we trust what they say?”

Qian Shanxue opened his mouth to say something, but he was at a loss of words.

The crowd was in awe!

Almost everyone’s mouth was agape. Chengfeng’s words had demonstrated the flaw in Qian Shanxue’s witnesses, and this had caused Qian Shanxue to be completely shocked!

Even Ouyang Nan, who normally detested Chengfeng, was in awe. He thought to himself, ‘Bloody hell, this actually worked?’

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