Breaking The Day - Chapter 211

Qian Shanxue was no ordinary person. He quickly collected himself, and asserted angrily, “These are two entirely different matters! Hidden Sword Court would greatly benefit from the collapse of Shiwu Mountain, everyone knows this!”

Chengfeng shot back, “My servant is beautiful and alluring, everyone knows this!”

Qian Shanxue refuted angrily, “I, Qian Shanxue, have as many servants as there are clouds, and they’re all prettier than yours! Why would I sexually assault your little handmaiden? Where is the motive?!”

Chengfeng slapped his hands together and replied with great certainty, “Well said! The Hidden Sword Court is weakest among the four courts, especially since Shiwu Mountain is Hidden Sword Court’s territory. If Hidden Sword Court had indeed caused the destruction of Shiwu Mountain, that would put us in an even more precarious situation! Shiwu Mountain’s destruction would also mean dashing all hopes of rebuilding Hidden Sword Court. Why would we do such a thing to ourselves? What is the rationale behind this?”

The crowd watched in amazement as the Chengfeng and Qian Shanxue exchanged a war of words, like a metaphorical battle of missiles and rockets.

Qian Shanxue is normally petty, narrow-minded, and insincere. Both Hidden Modesty Court and Hidden Brocade Court secretly despise him, but only kept their mouths shut out of fear of his influence and position in the courts.

Hence Chengfeng’s confrontation with Qian Shanxue greatly excited some members of the crowd.

With regards to fighting skills, it is without a doubt that Qian Shanxue could easily crush Chengfeng with just a finger. But it seemed that with regards to the skill of debating, Chengfeng clearly trumped Qian Shanxue.

It made sense anyways. A pampered prince who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who dared cross him? No one dared to even debate him. This mindset of his had garnered him a lot of enemies.

But as for Chengfeng?

This was a kid who grew up in the bustling city. At the age of ten he spent his time near the brothels. He would squabble with other people on the streets almost on a daily basis. He would argue with pimps and sisters in the brothels. He did not care for manners or respect for whoever he was squabbling with.

It was only someone like Chengfeng who could take down the princely Qian Shanxue. Qian Shanxue’s eyes were bloodshot with anger.

People in the crowd began to gossip and nodded, “It makes some sense.”

“Maybe it’s not Hidden Sword Court’s doing? Then who did it?”

“So it was the Dragon path?”

“But it was such a coincidence! I don’t believe it!”

Ouyang Nan interjected loudly, “Whatever Chengfeng said is true!”

Qian Shanxue glared at him. He huffed and insisted, “Where is your proof that I’ve violated her?”

Chengfeng shot back, “You accused Hidden Sword Court of being the culprit, where is your proof?”

“When Ouyang Nan procured the items, there is your proof! If you’re not satisfied with the treasurer, I can find more witnesses! If those items aren’t for forming large-scale destructive arrays, what else are they used for?”

Chengfeng guffawed and bowed towards Kong Yunzhen. “Uncle Kong, kindly sentence Qian Shanxue!”

The crowd gasped, Kong Yunzhen asked curiously, “Why though?”

Chengfeng pointed a finger at Qian Shanxue and explained, “According to his logic, whoever possesses the item of crime, he is therefore the culprit! Based on that logic…” Chengfeng’s finger fell to point at Qian Shanxue’s lower half and continued, “Brother Qian Shanxue possesses a penis and a set of eyes, therefore those are the evidence that he sexually assaulted my servant!”

The crowd erupted with laughter. Many of them clapped and laughed at Chengfeng’s joke.

Chengfeng had taken his nonsense to a whole different level, a level void of logic nor reasoning.

Many of the female cultivators from Hidden Beauty court blushed. Some giggled, some gossiped, some remained silent, some even observed Chengfeng with interest.

Ouyang Xiu angrily piped up, “Grand Senior Sister, this upstart had the audacity to insult Brother Qian Shanxue! Why aren’t you…”

Grand Senior Sister glared at her, and she immediately swallowed her words.
Grand Senior Sister continued to observe the scene. She had witnessed unusual scenarios before, and she knew Chengfeng was an especially unusual person, but she had never expected that he would have such an extraordinary ability at outsmarting his opponents, with techniques appearing out of nowhere!

Qian Shanxue seemed as if he was about to explode from anger. He ranted, “You dare embarrass me in front of everyone! You insolent brat, I’ll kill you!”

He dashed, seemingly towards Chengfeng. Suddenly the reflection of a sword’s blade flashed before them, and a longsword fell from the sky. The blade of the sword fell in front of Qian Shanxue, forming a deep crevice in the ground beneath them. The crowd watched in awe, it was indeed Hidden Sword Court’s famed, legendary sword: Heaven Splitting Sword!

Qian Shanxue momentarily froze. He stared at Grand Senior Brother and coldly asked, “Grand Senior Brother, you wish to fight me?”

Grand Senior Brother replied calmly, “You’ll get that match in a month’s time, what’s the rush? We, Hidden Sword Court, may be dwindling in numbers, but that doesn’t mean you can step all over us!”

Kong Yunzhen forcefully rapped his sceptre, and a ring of light formed in the middle of the room. The room shook violently, and the room fell silent.

Kong Yunzhen shouted, “Disgrace! No regards for decorum!” He pointed towards Grand Senior Brother and Qian Shanxue and scolded, “The both of you, how dare you fight in this room!”

Grand Senior Brother said, “Uncle Kong, I was merely preventing someone from killing a member of the room.”

Qian Shanxue shot back, “And who is that?”

Chengfeng chuckled, “Brother Qian Shanxue was clearly agitated by my words, so naturally there is your motive and proof!”

Kong Yunzhen angrily asked, “Quit your nonsense, Li Chengfeng! Even if Qian Shanxue had looked at your servant several times, that doesn’t count as sexual assault!”

This statement emboldened Qian Shanxue, and he rushed to say, “Uncle Kong is wise indeed! Even if I had looked at her several times, that doesn’t mean I sexually assaulted her!”

Chengfeng smiled confidently, which sent shivers down Qian Shanxue’s spine. He spoke boldly and embarrassed him greatly in front of a huge crowd. It was a disgrace!

Chengfeng faced Kong Yunzhen and spoke slowly, “The saints once said, ‘see no evil’. I’m sure everyone here has heard this before.”

So this was what he meant!

The hall erupted with laughter once more. Even Grand Senior Sister, who was normally stoic and expressionless, had a slight quiver to her lip, indicating a degree of amusement.

Qian Shanxue looked as if his mouth was stuffed with faeces. He had studied literature since he was a child, how could he not know this?

Kong Yunzhen was at a loss of words, for he suddenly understood how Qian Shanxue had felt. He had been outsmarted by a lowly disciple in front of everyone. It was embarrassing!

Kong Yunzhen was incensed, “Based on Qian Shanxue’s status in the courts, why would he steal a gaze at your handmaiden?”

Chengfeng dared not cross Kong Yunzhen, but he didn’t want to lose the momentum. He quickly replied, “But if we were to change the position and status of the victim here, then would we be able to obtain Brother Qian Shanxue’s motive and proof?”

By now Kong Yunzhen was fuming, but he entertained Chengfeng regardless. “Go on, who is it?!”

Chengfeng turned towards a corner Hidden Beauty Court, and looked at the girl with a head full of fiery red hair, “What about Grand Senior Sister?”

Loud murmurs swept through the crowd, Qian Shanxue stared at Chengfeng with a violent gaze, and Mieqin and Ouyang Nan looked at one another. Mieqin stammered, “I think he’s really lost it?”

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