Breaking The Day - Chapter 212

It had seemed that, from the crowd’s perspective, that Chengfeng had gone mad. He had gone after Qian Shanxue, and now he targeted Grand Senior Sister. A new, lowly disciple of the Spiritual Mountain Sect had got on the nerves of the two most intimidating figures in the sect. They both stared at Chengfeng, fairly certain that he’d forgotten his place in the sect. How dare he drag Grand Senior Sister into this mess?

The crowd thought they saw Grand Senior Sister’s frightening long whip, her flame that burns everything to ashes, and her icy cold stare.

But after a while, the crowd didn’t see Grand Senior Sister lose her temper. They observed her warily and unsure of what would happen next.

But Grand Senior Sister herself was surprised. She herself had not expected that Chengfeng would drag her into this mess!

To call Chengfeng ballsy, would be an understatement!

She had been enjoying the commotion before this, but now that the attention was on her, she didn’t enjoy it so much anymore.

She was secretly worried and self-conscious, so she hesitated to say or do anything.

Why did he put her in the middle of attention? What for?

Is he because he’s fearless? Or is it some kind of warning?

Grand Senior Sister’s mind raced with thoughts, analyzing the situation. But as she remained silent, the crowd’s suspicions began to fester: Did Qian Shanxue really lust for Grand Senior Sister?

After a while, the crowd had realized: it was indeed true!

The both of them had similar appearances, mannerisms, upbringing, positions, influence, and even talent. If Qian Shanxue lusted for her, it wouldn’t be unusual.

Chengfeng’s casual statement had deeply festered within the crowd within minutes, which also fueled their excitement and prying.

After all, busybodies are everywhere. It’s human nature. Even amongst nobility and working class citizens.

A voice from the crowd rang out, “I’ve heard that Qian Shanxue had pursued Grand Senior Sister for the longest time. So it’s true!”

“Yeah, and I thought those were just rumours!”

“Rumours? I heard that Qian Shanxue always invited Grand Senior Sister to Heavenly Solitary Peak, to watch the dances he choreographed!”

“What about Grand Senior Sister? Did she accept his invitations?”

“Nonsense, if she hadn’t accepted his invitations, she wouldn't have gone to Heavenly Solitary Peak!”

“Nonsense! That doesn’t mean she can’t go to Heavenly Solitary Peak on her own!”

As the crowd squabbled and gossiped, Kong Yunzhen grew impatient. He rapped his sceptre once more, and the noise from the crowd died out. He angrily looked towards Chengfeng and said, “Li Chengfeng, you’ve spouted enough garbage today! You’ve made a mockery of the Spiritual Mountain Sect, with no regards to our teachings and precepts! You…”

Before he could finish, however, a voice spoke up, “Hold it!”

The voice came from a corner, and shocked the crowd, who excitedly looked towards the direction where the voice came from. It was Hidden Beauty Court’s very own Grand Senior Sister! 

Will Grand Senior Sister deal with the insolent brat?

The crowd watched as Grand Senior Sister calmly made her way down the steps and towards the stage. Her gaze was icy, prideful, and indifferent. It was as if a slight change in her expression will reveal her inner thoughts and expose herself towards the crowd.

Wherever she walked, the crowd parted for her. They feared if they had parted any slower, that frightening whip of hers would strike their faces.

As Grand Senior Sister made her way through the crowd and the crowd gawked at her, Qian Shanxue flashed his most awesome pose, or so he thought, and forced a laugh. “Oh Grand Senior Sister, perfect timing! Help me clear my name! I have always regarded you with the greatest respect and honour! This brat’s words are merely baseless accusations!”

Now that Grand Senior Sister approached them, Chengfeng was in no rush to talk. He observed her intently.

Chengfeng had not dragged Grand Senior Sister into the scene on a whim. Contrarily, he had carefully planned this.

If Grand Senior Sister wasn’t going to react, he would continue to stir things. The more he stirred, the better. After all it was a battle of tongues, not magic.

Comparing everyone’s verbal ability, Chengfeng was certain that he would not lose to anyone else here.

If Grand Senior Sister reacts, this would prove Chengfeng’s guess correct!

The first time Chengfeng entered the commotion, Grand Senior Sister decided to remain among the crowd. Hence, Chengfeng sensed something: Grand Senior Sister definitely had something to hide!

But what was she hiding? Chengfeng himself wasn’t entirely certain, but he could more or less guess!

Whatever she was hiding, she was hiding it from both the Spiritual Mountain Sect and outsiders! Furthermore, she knew she was being watched, so she had come prepared. This explains her hesitation!

As Chengfeng pondered, Grand Senior Sister approached them. Her eyes glazed past Qian Shanxue and Chengfeng, and she turned to Kong Yunzhen. “Uncle Kong, there is something I don’t understand!”

Kong Yunzhen replied, his eyes unmoving from Chengfeng, “Speak!”

Grand Senior Sister calmly continued, “It is unclear that the Shiwu Mountain incident was a natural disaster or caused by someone. But from the way I see it, this isn’t important right now. What’s most important now is to revive the mountain’s production. The evaluation is next month, or else quite a number of people may be disappointed with the outcome.”

The crowd was shocked, and a voice said, “That’s true! We have to quickly revive Shiwu Mountain’s production!”

Grand Senior Brother stepped forward and suggested, “Uncle Kong, since Shiwu Mountain was Hidden Sword Court’s territory to begin with, naturally we should be the ones to rebuild the mining area and production line.”

Qian Shanxue snapped, “You lot? Don’t tell me you want to drag this ‘til the next generation?”

Grand Senior Sister added, “Don’t tell me, you plan to delay this until after the evaluation ends?”

Grand Senior Brother replied, annoyed, “If our court comes last again in the upcoming evaluation, we’re at great risk of being disbanded. Do you really think we’d be that suicidal?”

Grand Senior Sister replied blandly, “Good that you know.”

Kong Yunzhen, who wanted to prevent Chengfeng from complicating the situation any further, quickly interjected, “We shall investigate the Shiwu Mountain incident in the near future. Our utmost priority now is to rebuild Shiwu Mountain’s mining production!”

Although Chengfeng had managed to pull Grand Senior Sister into the commotion, her last few sentences had managed to steer the crowd’s attention away from his topic. But there was something in Grand Senior Sister’s words that suggested a terrifying question, something only a few people had noticed.

Grand Senior Brother’s lips revealed the faintest of smiles. He lowered his head and retreated with a dissatisfied look on his face. He shared a look with Mieqin, as they both knew, whatever was about to happen afterwards, was what they were all waiting for: which court truly owns Shiwu Mountain?

Qian Shanxue observed Grand Senior Sister with a degree of suspicion. He noticed Grand Senior Sister’s words did not address Chengfeng at all, but had casually vindicated Chengfeng of his rudeness. Alas, even Kong Yunzhen himself did not pursue the brat any further, seemingly letting him off the hook!

Furthermore, what’s more suspicious was that they had fought tireless to prevent a conflict between the three courts that stemmed from the incident, but why did she intentionally steer the topic of discussion towards Shiwu Mountain?

Because if they were to continue debating it, the conflict would surely happen!

Grand Senior Sister… what is she thinking?

Qian Shanxue observed Grand Senior Sister with this sharp gaze.

As he was about to question her, an irritating voice quipped from his side, “Look, y’all saw it! He’s looking at her, look at his lustful gaze! Isn’t that sexual harassment!”

Qian Shanxue exploded with rage and he reached towards Chengfeng in a frenzy, “I’ll kill you!”

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