Breaking The Day - Chapter 213

Chengfeng had expected Qian Shanxue’s reaction. He immediately ducked behind Grand Senior Sister and yelled, “Oh my god, Qian Shanxue wants to kill and get rid of the evidence!”

Grand Senior Sister had no intention to stand in Qian Shanxue’s way. She sidestepped and gave an opening for Qian Shanxue to attack Chengfeng. But before she could move, Chengfeng dropped his voice and whispered into her ear, “If I die, everyone will know what happened!”

The sentence terrified Grand Senior Sister, and sent shivers down her spine!

Grand Senior Sister immediately whipped her sleeve, and sent Chengfeng floating away like a falling leaf. She clapped her hands together and immediately formed an ice wall in front of her. Qian Shanxue’s palm collided with the wall, and a loud crashing noise was heard. The half-metre thick ice wall crashed into pieces, scattering pieces of ice across the floor.

The crowd was shocked senseless!

What’s going on? Grand Senior Sister and Qian Shanxue are fighting over a newbie?

Why… did she protect the new disciple?

Unless… is there something between them?

Qian Shanxue glared at Grand Senior Sister and gnashed, “Grand Senior Sister, why protect the brat?”

Grand Senior Sister replied coldly, “As long as I’m here, if you’re going to kill even a single ant, you’ll have to get through me!”

The sentence was unexpected, especially to all the young male disciples of Spiritual Mountain Sect who secretly liked Grand Senior Sister.

Chengfeng, who she had sent flying away from the stage, had nearly rammed against a wall but was quickly caught by someone. Chengfeng turned to look and it was Ouyang Nan.

Ouyang Nan winked and laughed, “Brother Chengfeng, you’ve got quite the mouth! Not bad, I’ll acknowledge you as my disciple. I’ll remember your help today!”

Chengfeng laughed, “Nope, I didn’t help you today.”

Ouyang Nan smiled, “You did!”

Chengfeng laughed, “You don’t think I’m a traitor anymore?”

Ouyang Nan lightly slapped Chengfeng’s shoulder, and said, “With what you just said, Qian Shanxue will want to skin you alive! You, a traitor? Just wait for him to boil you alive!”

As the both of them continued to converse softly, Qian Shanxue had been thoroughly angered. This anger was far more intense than when Chengfeng mocked him.

In Qian Shanxue’s eyes, this was a betrayal.

He had pursued Grand Senior Sister, but it did not bother him that she didn’t reciprocate. After all, Grand Senior Sister never acknowledged anyone. It was as if she was devoid of emotion. No one had ever seen her cry or laugh.

She even had the same cold, indifferent expression towards her Master. It seemed that nothing could trigger any emotions from her.

Hence her nickname of the Flaming Iceberg.

Due to her indifference, Qian Shanxue had also treated her with similar indifference. But Qian Shanxue had realized: Hell, something is bloody off!

She had actually fought me, for a lowly, ant-like kid?

What did she just turn me into?

I, Qian Shanxue, am no greater than a lowly, working-class kid?

He stared daggers at Grand Senior SIster. His glare grew colder, his hatred grew more intense. If prior to this, he had disliked her, it had been replaced with a burning hatred and anger.

Qian Shanxue was indeed an arrogant man. In his eyes, he was greater than any other man!

Qian Shanxue chuckled creepily, “Well well well, I did not expect that from you, Grand Senior Sister!”

Grand Senior Sister barely looked at Qian Shanxue and said, “Qian Shanxue, what’s important now, is to discuss which court should rebuild Shiwu Mountain’s mining production. No need to instigate.”

Qian Shanxue gritted his teeth. “Grand Senior Sister, do you know what you’re saying?

“Of course. You?”

Qian Shanxue bellowed, “You are instigating a conflict between the three courts! Whoever develops and clears up Shiwu Mountain, they’ll get to own Shiwu Mountain!”

Qian Shanxue’s words struck a chord with everyone in the crowd, many who hadn’t even realized the severity of the situation.

But Kong Yunzhen had been through a civil war himself. His face turned pale. He turned to Grand Senior Sister with a grave expression, “Whatever Qian Shanxue said, is it true?”

Grand Senior Sister casually replied, “Anyone can accuse anyone of anything. Who said that whoever clears up Shiwu Mountain, gets to own Shiwu Mountain?”

Qian Shanxue chuckled slyly, “Alright. Now let me ask you, how did ownership of Shiwu Mountain come about?”

Grand Senior Sister locked eyes with Qian Shanxue. “I don’t know about that. But what I do know is that you, Qian Shanxue, do not have to put on a show right now. Unless… you’re thinking of the Mountain?”

The crowd grew uneasy, especially those from Hidden Beauty and Hidden Modesty Court, who suddenly became alert.

They were all fellow cultivators, they knew the importance of Shiwu Mountain. Spiritual Mountain Sect had lost many of their cultivators for Shiwu Mountain.

Qian Shanxue mulled over it… and the reason was not as simple as just exposing Hidden Sword Court.

Many of the young disciples among the crowd pricked up.

“No wonder Qian Shanxue had come prepared, he had set his targets on Hidden Sword Court! That was his plan all along!”

“But, this isn’t related to Shiwu Mountain’s ownership.”

“You’re so dumb! Capturing the culprit who destroyed Shiwu Mountain requires great effort. Rebuilding Shiwu Mountain requires great effort too. How is one gonna be rewarded for these efforts?”

“I see! So Qian Shanxue is planning to direct ownership to Hidden Brocade Court?”


“Luckily Grand Senior Sister exposed him. Or else… if Hidden Brocade Court owns Shiwu Mountain, we Hidden Modesty Court would suffer! After Hidden Sword Court falls, the next one will be ours!”

Hidden Modesty Court has the most members, who possess the strongest fear and paranoia. With the crowd growing excited, the normally quiet Hidden Modesty Court’s Court Master, Li Xuanming, spoke with a serious tone, “What Grand Senior Sister said makes some sense. We have to properly discuss the ownership of Shiwu Mountain.”

Qian Shanxue’s plan had been exposed by Grand Senior Sister. He gritted his teeth and spat, “So? Shiwu Mountain, who owns it?!”

Grand Senior Sister calmly said, “Your court, Hidden Brocade Court, possesses the most money and magical items, and never cared for Shiwu Mountain’s spiritual rocks and jades. Hidden Beauty Court should own and manage Shiwu Mountain. We have perfectly managed Spiritual Mountain Sect’s external affairs for a hundred years now. With Shiwu Mountain in our care, it is certain to be in good condition.”

Shouts of agreement and approval from Hidden Beauty Court rang out, “Grand Senior Sister is right!”

Qian Shanxue shot back, “Pft! You guys barely managed some minor affairs, and now think you’re qualified to manage the mountain?”

Li Xuanming interrupted, “Hidden Modesty Court has the most members. With the mountain in our care, we will send members out to guard the mountain. We guarantee that no disaster shall befall upon the mountain any more!

“You lot? A bunch of weaklings, so what if you have the numbers?”

Hearing Qian Shanxue’s insult, Hidden Brocade Court’s Huangfu Song joined in. “Correct! We Hidden Brocade Court have both skill and resilience, hence we should be the ones!”

No one dared counter Qian Shanxue and Huangfu Song. Suddenly, an argument erupted between the Hidden Beauty and Hidden Modesty Court. People were tussling and shouting at one another.

Hidden Brocade Court too shared animosity between the other courts, and joined the quarrel.

The quarrel quickly escalated. In a matter of seconds, fights between the three courts broke out in the room!

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