Breaking The Day - Chapter 215

Chengfeng faced Yuehan with a serious expression and whispered, “To me, she’s nowhere close to you, she's not even comparable to your pinky.”

Yuehan feigned an indifferent and arrogant look, and rolled her eyes. She said, “Now then, tell me in what aspects am I better than her? Say it! If not, you’re an irresponsible prick!”

Chengfeng’s hand slowly enveloped Yuehan’s. He approached her ear and whispered, “Her breasts… are not as small as yours!”

Yuehan angrily poked Chengfeng’s side, but Chengfeng was ready to catch her hand. But Yuehan’s arm swerved and slipped past Chengfeng’s hand. Her finger stabbed Chengfeng’s side, deep into his exposed, unguarded flesh.

Chengfeng winced from the pain as his muscles clenched and cramped. He whispered through gritted teeth, “Hey that’s too much! I was just playing with you, can’t you tell?”

Yuehan glared at Chengfeng. “How would I know if you’re kidding?”

“Bloody hell, you can’t be serious! I’ve felt your breasts, you think I’ve even touched hers? You think I dare?”

“So if she lets you touch her breasts, you’ll actually touch them? You men are all the same!”

Chengfeng found the conversation amusing. As he was about to reply, he suddenly sensed a sharp, dangerous gaze fall on him. His face froze and turned, to find Grand Senior Sister’s cold, murderous stare on him. He quivered, as if there were countless needles on his back!

Don’t tell me, she heard the whole thing?

Chengfeng began to worry. If she heard it, he probably wouldn’t be able to make it out of this place.

But Grand Senior Sister turned away, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

The pain from being poked began to return and Yuehan angrily said, “You’re still looking! Your eyeballs are gonna fall out if you keep looking at her! Are you really comparing our chest sizes?”

Chengfeng replied in an annoyed tone, “Hey, that’s enough! Do you wanna lay the tiles on the roof? This is too much now! I think Grand Senior Sister heard our conversation,”

Yuehan was surprised. “Huh? Really? Then… will you get into trouble?” Yuehan’s spirit waned, but she quickly continued, “Good! Let her dig your eyes out, that’s for looking at her breasts!”
Chengfeng sighed, “Those who spend their time with less than desirable people will grow to have unfavourable qualities! It’s really come full circle!”

Yuehan grumbled, “What’s the matter? Regretting it?”

Chengfeng moved towards Yuehan’s ear and whispered, “Yep, I regret it!”

Yuehan temporarily froze and her eyes grew red. She whispered, “If you regret it, you can still run…”

Chengfeng stifled his laugh, and whispered back, “I regretted that I didn’t properly feel your breasts, so now I’ll have to make a decision. Let me feel it properly when I get back, maybe I’ll get it right this time…”

Yuehan gnashed her teeth and her face grew red with anger. She gripped Chengfeng’s arm and hissed, “Do you want to die? What if everyone hears this?”

Chengfeng grabbed her hand, and begged for forgiveness, “Stop fretting over it, if not your flesh will fall off! Are you gonna make me worry like that?”

Yuehan glared at Chengfeng, but softened her grip. She whispered, “You lied to me. You’re thick-skinned anyways, so it isn’t so surprising.”

Chengfeng grumbled softly, “Feel it, feel if it’s swollen?”

Yuehan felt Chengfeng’s side, and it was indeed from her poking. She felt a little guilty and slowly massaged and whispered, “I’m sorry… I didn’t think the swelling would be this bad.”

Chengfeng held Yuehan’s hand and chuckled, “I have another part that is pretty swollen. When we get back you can help me stroke it,”

Yuehan was stunned, and her face grew red with shame. “Go to hell!”

Chengfeng quickly dodged her finger and grabbed her arm. He laughed, “Just kidding, just kidding.”

Grand Senior Brother observed the pair from afar, and saw their oblivious behaviour. Their indecent joking and caressing were out of place, and he shook his head out of disappointment.

Qin Mieqin and Ouyang Nan noticed it too. Ouyang Nan whispered, “The joys of youth!”

Kong Yunzhen spoke, “If there are no disagreements by the courts, the Shiwu Mountain shall be temporarily put on hold. It’ll be investigated and managed by the ghostrunners. All courts are not allowed to interfere, and any who does will be punished severely!”

The crowd acknowledged Kong Yunzhen’s announcement with claps.

By now, the crows began to dissipate. Grand Senior Brother stepped into the teleportation array, to be teleported to Hidden Sword Court.

After a flash of light, Grand Senior Brother teleported Ouyang Nan and Qin Mieqin.

Ouyang Nan grumbled, “He asked the three other courts, but he never consulted us!”

Qin Mieqin huffed, and coldly said, “They think we’re done for! And people like that are not worth being consulted!”

Grand Senior Brother crossed his arms and paced the room. His eyebrows were furrowed, as if thinking about something.

Qin Mieqin asked, “Grand Senior Brother, what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking about… what is Grand Senior Sister planning?”

Qin Mieqin fell silent. He then said, “Her words conflicted herself, its meaning rather ambiguous.”

Ouyang Nan chuckled, “Ah, what do you guys say, do you really think she fell for little Brother Chengfeng?”

Grand Senior Brother scolded, “Nonsense!”

“I’m just saying!”

Qin Mieqin laughed, “In terms of looks, cultivation, and family, how is Qian Shanxue comparable to Chengfeng? Is she blind? To pick Chengfeng over Qian Shanxue?”

Ouyang Nan slapped his thigh and said, “I’m telling you, if I were her, I would definitely choose the kid! Qian Shanxue is a weirdo, just looking at him makes me uncomfortable! He doesn’t think of us as fellow humans!”

Grand Senior Brother said seriously, “There is no end to this matter yet. Grand Senior Sister is acting suspicious, we must continue to be wary of her!”

Qin Mieqin said, “Regardless, we started this, Qian Shanxue complicated matters, Chengfeng stirred things up, and Grand Senior Sister suppressed it… I did not know Grand Senior Sister was that good at persuasion. I fear that all of our efforts would be a waste!”


“A waste of effort?”

Chengfeng and Yuehan queued for their turn at the teleportation array. He whispered to her, “It definitely won’t be a waste of effort!”

Yuehan whispered back, “You said that Grand Senior Sister is intentionally stirring a war within the Spiritual Mountain Sect. But in the end, why did she suggest a solution that would quell the fighting over Shiwu Mountain?”

Chengfeng chuckled, “That’s just a trick! If she intentionally stirred a fight, even an idiot can sense something amiss. But she managed to wash off any suspicion in the end. As for linking the mountain and evaluation, think about it, doesn’t it indirectly lead to a fight over Shiwu Mountain among the courts?”

“Perhaps, but evaluations and killing one another, surely there’s a difference?”

Chengfeng chuckled, “When the fight truly begins, there won’t be a difference anymore! Oh right, we better hurry, or she’s gonna come for me…”

As his sentence faltered, a cold voice rang out, “Li Chengfeng, get over here!”

The remaining people in the crowd turned to look, and it was Grand Senior Sister, with a head full of fiery red hair, standing directly in front of Chengfeng, staring daggers at him.

Some people couldn’t believe their ears. Surely they’ve heard it wrongly? Definitely! Why would she secretly meet up with him? There must be something going on between them!

Chengfeng was at a loss of words. He must have misheard! Grand Senior Sister calling him out in front of everyone? Calling for a private meeting, just to kill and silence him?

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