Breaking The Day - Chapter 216

Why would Chengfeng willingly follow Grand Senior Sister? He knows that he’ll be in deep trouble if he follows her. But he can’t express any of that right now. Unless, this was one of Grand Senior Sister’s probes?

Truth be told, Grand Senior Sister had never missed an opportunity to attack Chengfeng’s psychological defense. If she were to probe him, and smelled a rat, she would definitely tear him apart like some savage predator!

Chengfeng winked at Grand Senior Sister, and forced a laughter, “Grand Senior Sister, the last time you looked for me in private, it didn’t turn out so well. So, let’s not do that again.”

Everyone else heard it, and they were immediately intrigued!

As Chengfeng took Yuehan towards the teleportation array, the crowd observed him with a degree of respect and admiration. Anyone in the sect who talks to Grand Senior Sister like that is built differently!

Regardless of one’s seniority, skill of cultivation, or family influence, an act like this requires guts of a different kind.

Grand Senior Sister stared at him and watched him walk away. She chuckled internally, ‘I know you, Li Chengfeng!’

She watched as Chengfeng walked towards the array, and her eyes were suddenly downturned. She said, “You chose the place the last time we met, this time we can go to my place. Didn’t you spend the night waiting for me at my place before?”

This shook the crowd. What’s going on? They’ve met privately? This time they’re headed to her place? And it’s all so blatant? Why would she hook up with a little brat like him? Why isn’t she interested with the rest of us?

Unless…were they looking at this wrong?

The surrounding young men no longer admired Chengfeng, instead their gaze was replaced by some sort of frustration. Grand Senior Sister seemed so distant from them, and they knew it was futile to chase after someone like that.

Furthermore, Grand Senior Sister always had an indifferent attitude. In their eyes and hearts, she was an unreachable fruit, much higher than all of them. They wondered, what kind of man would suit a woman like her?

Qian Shanxue?

Everyone in the sect already knew the answer, Grand Senior Sister does not give a hoot about Qian Shanxue, right?

Or was it because of Chengfeng?

The brat is really something else. He must have accumulated the combined experience and skill of his previous lives, for him to be able to cause such a scenario!

Even the dumbest person would know that if one could become her cultivation partner, they could at least fight for another fifty years! They could even benefit from her name and influence! They would become a well-known figure in the world of cultivation, and help her with attacking other well-known cultivator’s thresholds.

In a matter of minutes, the crowd’s gaze towards Chengfeng was a mix of admiration, envy, regret, and hatred.

Most of the younger, first generation disciples did not fully comprehend the situation, but some more or less read the room.

Those include Zhan Qisheng, Huangfu Song, Ji Chunhua, and Feng Wenjuan.

They were fooled so easily, so how different were they from the average person?

Huangfu Song did not understand why, but he felt a lot more consoled. It seemed that the tricks Chengfeng played on him weren’t so embarrassing anymore.

But does that put Grand Senior Sister in the same category as him?

She certainly isn’t an ordinary person!

Zhan Qisheng looked at Chengfeng warily. He carefully hid himself within the crowd, as they carefully observed their new enemy.

Sun Boyi watched Chengfeng with disappointment and hatred. Should he pair up with Grand Senior Sister, would he still be able to enact his revenge? Impossible!

He must destroy this relationship of theirs! He must avenge his brother!

Grand Senior Sister pretended to not understand Chengfeng’s words. She nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll follow you.”

Chengfeng silently bit his lip. It was ironic. He wanted her to leave him alone, but she knew how to play the game better than he did. Chengfeng is now in an awkward spot!

Are you really a woman?

Are you really Spiritual Mountain Sect’s revered Grand Senior Sister?

Shouldn’t you be ashamed of yourself and leave?!

How did it end up like this?

Chengfeng did noy notice, but Grand Senior Sister’s ears, which were hidden by her hood, were red. Her arms, which were covered by her sleeves, were trembling, as if resisting the urge to kill.

Yuehan knew the severity of the situation. After sharing a quick look with Chengfeng, the both of them boarded the platform. On the way to Hidden Sword Court’s Eagle Mountain, Chengfeng’s mind raced to figure out a plan.

They were accompanied by Grand Senior Sister, whose expression resembled that of a death god. Chengfeng’s back was sweating profusely. He feared that if she were to lose her temper right now, they wouldn’t be able to escape her.

The journey was suffocating and long. Chengfeng didn’t dare slow the pace, and he could only harden his gaze. Upon reaching the mountain, he could no longer bear it. As he was about to turn to speak, Grand Senior Sister stopped as well. She scanned their surroundings. It was an open field, with no hiding spots. She emitted a faint aura of True Yuan to scan the area once more, and after confirming there was no one else, she spoke, “What do you want?”

Chengfeng exhaled, relieved that she broke the silence. He nodded to Yuehan, who then pursed her lips and looked at Grand Senior Sister with a worried expression.

Chengfeng patted her head. “Relax, if she were to kill us, you can die with me.”

Yuehan nearly said, ‘Then I’ll die with you.’

But she could not get the words out of her mouth.

Grand Senior Sister watched as Yuehan walked away, she suddenly said, “Did I give permission for you to leave?”

Yuehan froze, as she stood about ten metres from them.

Chengfeng understood. Grand Senior Sister was worried that Chengfeng intentionally separated Yuehan from them, so that she could escape the area in which Grand Senior Sister could control. That way, Yuehan could act as some kind of support to pin her.

Chengfeng smiled at Grand Senior Sister and said, “What are you trying to say, Grand Senior Sister? I don’t understand.”

She glared at him. “Who are you? You were gravely injured, awaiting death, but yet you walked out of there alive and unscathed.”

The sentence sent a chill down his spine. Chengfeng began to feel anxious.

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