Breaking The Day - Chapter 217

As the confrontation between Chengfeng and Grand Senior Sister occurred, matters were escalating in Spiritual Mountain Sect, as well as within Cheng’an City.

For Xiaobao, his return to Cheng’an city was good timing. It was a little like returning to a hometown. After all, he was still an abandoned slave, expelled from the Li family. Chengfeng had asked Xiaobao to send letters back home, but it was also for another reason, to announce to everyone in Cheng’an City that he, Li Chengfeng, was doing well in Spiritual Mountain Sect!

It serves as a warning to those who plan to hurt his family, warning them to not take advantage of his absence.

At the same time, it was to also give his mother a sense of purpose, as to allow Xiaobao a place back home.

Xiaobao naturally knew the intentions of his young master, so he retrieved Chengfeng's mount from the small town at the foot of the Spiritual Mountain Sect, put on a Hidden Sword Court cultivator’s uniform, and went straight to Cheng’an City.

In the month of him leaving the Li family, Xiaobao felt like it had been ten years. He grew up in the Li family and regarded himself as a family member. After leaving the family, he felt like he was stuck between different worlds, and there is an indescribable fear and loneliness. Xiaobao was terrified.

When Xiaobao rode his horse to the home in Cheng’an City, it was almost evening. He hurried to the closing doors of the city and returned to this familiar place.

“Oh, isn’t it Xiaobao?” The guard at the gates asked as he spotted the unbelievably beautiful boy coming towards him. He chuckled and let Xiaobao in. “What are you wearing?” he asked.

Xiaobao forced a triumphant reply, “This is the Spiritual Mountain Sect’s uniform. Big Brother Zhong, can’t you tell?”

The guard surnamed Zhong was surprised. “Where did you steal this from?”

Xiaobao stammered, “Hey, this is my uniform! I am a cultivator of the Spiritual Mountain Sect!”

Maybe because it’s from mixing with the wrong crowd, but because Xiaobao had spent most of his time with Chengfeng, his credibility had dropped and people doubted him. The guard suspiciously said, “Don’t lie to me! The other day I saw your master. The servant accompanying him was a girl, not you!”

Xiaobao smiled gleefully and said, “Yeah, I’ve left him. So, I’m now a cultivator of the Spiritual Mountain Sect!”

The guard looked at Xiaobao in admiration and awe, and said, “Well, it really is true that even a chicken or dog can ascend to heaven!”

For some reason, when Xiaobao heard the word “dog”, it triggered some unpleasant memories. His face turned red and neck swelled with anger. He shouted at the guard, “You’re a dog! Your whole family are dogs!” Xiaobao then turned around and left.

The guard was left standing staring at where Xiaobao stood, scratching his head. “What the heck… what did I say? Why’s he so mad?”

The other guard who watched the whole conversation chuckled, “He’s now a cultivator, of course he’s gonna have a temper! He used to be a servant for the Li family, but now compared to us, he’s in a much better position!”

After his explanation, the guards seem to understand. From the way they see it, after one dons a cultivator’s uniform, it seems like a promotion that separates him from the others.

The guards chuckled and turned towards the long line of pedestrians behind them, “Hey, the gate’s closed, the gate’s closed! The gate is closed for today, the ones at the back, don’t bother queuing anymore!”

The people in the line began to panic. A merchant at the front of the line forced a smile, “Sir, have a little mercy, my cart is filled with fresh seafood. If I leave it out for a night, it’ll rot!”

The guard surnamed Zhong chuckled, “Now’s wintertime, leaving it for a night out won’t be a problem!” As the guard said this, he turned to the other direction, but his hand was secretly placed next to the cart.

The merchant noticed, and quickly placed a silver in the guard’s hand. He chuckled, “That was a good joke! But these seafood are ordered by Master Sun’s family. If it doesn’t reach them in time, we might get in trouble.” The guard surnamed Zhong chuckled and hid the silver, “So it’s for the Master Sun! Why didn’t you say so? Let him in!”

The merchant forced a smile, and hurried into the city.

The lights all around the city lit up. Xiaobao returned to the familiar Li family street. From afar, he could see lit up lanterns of the Li family houses, the dim yellow light luminated the horses parked at the front of the houses.

“A visitor?” Xiaobao was surprised. He walked towards the door, and found the door was ajar. It was frighteningly quiet inside.

Xiaobao’s heart shook, something felt off. He hesitated but didn’t push the door. He decided to climb over the wall and enter.

The Li Mansion, to Xiaobao, was too familiar to him. He could navigate his way through it with his eyes closed.

After entering the house, Xiaobao quietly walked towards the lobby. Nearing the lobby, Xiaobao flipped himself up towards a beam. His nimble body maneuvered like a monkey, his lower half was hooked on the beam, and his upper half was peered into the hall. 

But what he saw, it gave Xiaobao a shock!

In the hall, the Li family, Li Chun, Green Bead, Asparta, Agatha were tied from head to toe, and their heads were covered in black sacks. They were huddled together, like lambs awaiting slaughter. Some of them were quivering, some didn’t move at all, and some could be heard sobbing.

In the middle of the hall, there was a middle-aged man arrogantly relaxed in the hall and sipped tea.

Half of the hall’s candles were lit. The man sat near the candles, half of him was shrouded by shadows, but his other half was illuminated by the candlelight. Xiaobao felt like this person was familiar, but he couldn’t recall.

Who is he?

He looked to be in his forties, his skin dark, and his fingers were thick. He was definitely a practitioner of martial arts. On his sleeve, there was an insignia of the Yellow Sand...

Xiaobao’s mind raced, suddenly a realization struck him!

He’s one of the Zhan family’s Fourth Young Master, Zhan Qisheng’s two servants, Uncle Li!

Xiaobao has a deeply-ingrained memory of his own young master’s close hand-to-hand combat against the servants of the Zhan family, and the opponent’s tyranny still felt fresh.

Is the enemy taking revenge now?

What now?

Xiaobao’s mind raced and quickly thought of an idea. Rescue them? No, he’s not strong enough against them. His own master may not be afraid of spells, but he sure is!”

Not rescue them? Who is he then?

Find someone else to help with the rescue? But in the city, who can he look for?

Xiaobao clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. He was in a panic and at a loss, and then suddenly, he thought of someone. That’s right! This person will definitely turn things around!

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