Breaking The Day - Chapter 219

Uncle Li was sitting in the middle of the hall in Li Manor, sipping his tea, as if awaiting for something. A while later, a man clad in black came in, and dropped down to one knee in front of Uncle Li. He said, “Sir, the carriage is ready.”

Upon hearing this, Green Bead and Madam Xie began to struggle and groan, which indicated their hopelessness.

Uncle Li glanced at them, his gaze as if staring at a pile of rotting meat. He said, “Are all of the Li family members captured?”

The man in black hesitated, and then said, “There is one more…”

“Then what are you waiting for? Capture them all!”

The man in black spoke softly, “Earlier there was someone who crept in through the wall, but he ran off after peering in.”

Uncle Li glared at him coldly, “What the heck are you guys doing? Are the Zhan family’s Green Hornets idiots?”

The Green Hornets, the Zhan family’s meticulous personnel scattered across the globe, who specialise in espionage, stalking, obtaining intelligence, and any other secret tasks.

Although the Zhan family is large and successful, Daqi is just too vast. The Zhan family rigorously trained roughly three to four thousand Green Hornets, and scattered them across the land. It was like throwing noodles into a bowl of hot soup, it was practically invisible and insufficient.

These Green Hornet spies under Uncle Li’s command were manpower deployed into the major town of Tongan City, six hundred miles away.

Cheng’an City? The Zhan family’s influence did not stretch that far...

Although Cheng’an City is one of the important cities of the north, this statement refers to Daqi’s expansion up north, and refers to its status as a military site.

But as things became peaceful, Cheng’an City inevitably became awkward. Compared to its southern counterparts who had more economic activity, Cheng’an City lost its importance.

The Green Hornet lowered his head after the scolding. “By the time we noticed, he already escaped. Furthermore, he’s a cultivator and probably a local. He’s familiar with the place, so we lost him.”

He then raised his head to face Uncle Li. “Sir, shall we take them away quickly?”

Madam Xie heard their conversation clearly, and a desire to escape rose in her heart.

She did not say anything, but she knew that she could no longer provoke the enemy’s patience with them. They must accumulate strength and strike at the right time.

Madam Xie gripped Green Bead’s hand, and pinched her hard, then shook it slightly. Green Bead noticed, as quickly shut her mouth although she had nearly screamed.

They’re the backbone of the Li family. If they maintain their composure, the others will follow suit.

Uncle Li glanced at them, and chuckled. He looked at the Green Hornet and said, “No need, someone will come, then we’ll wrap things up.”

The Green Hornet was surprised. “Someone’s coming?”

Uncle Li looked outside, and then smirked. “They’re already here.”

The Green Hornet turned to see that the doors to the Manor were pushed open. Two ladies and a boy walked in. The foremost lady wore a white flowing skirt, and looked as if she was gliding in. Her face was stunning, with make-up done. Her normally calm, serene face revealed a little warmth.

The girl behind had a pair of crystal-like eyes, and she wore an emerald green handmaiden dress. She held a guqin in her arms. Although her attire indicated that she’s a handmaiden, her eyes showed spirit and energy, not at all like a servant’s.

Behind them, was a gorgeous-looking boy clad in a Spiritual Mountain Sect’s cultivator uniform. Uncle Li recognized and then laughed out loud, “So it’s you! What a coincidence!”

Xiaobao had called for reinforcements. He stood behind Liu Sumei, like a fox riding on the tiger’s influence, he commanded, “Release my family!”

Green Bead recognized Xiaobao’s voice. She was overjoyed and cried out.

Uncle Li shifted his gaze to Liu Sumei. He wasn’t certain of the reason behind her presence. He inquired warily, “Lady Sumei, what brings you here?”

Liu Sumei did not change her attire before coming, hence her simple dress. Apart from the make-up on her face, everything else about her appearance was simple and modest. No bright colours or patterns, nothing which indicated the usual fabulousness of an oiran, nor the legendary presence of a cultivator.

She made her way towards the middle of the hall and stood next to the Green Hornet. Ignoring him, she sat down on a chair and smiled. “I heard that someone was troubling the Li family, so I came to take a look.”

Liu Sumei spoke casually, like a neighbour coming for a visit.

Uncle Li frowned and said, “The Zhan family has nothing to do with the Phoenix Hibiscus Court. I advise you to leave while you still can, and not be an enemy of the Zhan family! This is the Zhan family’s token, have a look!” Uncle Li took out the family token, and threw it to Liu Sumei.

He had used some strength with the throw, and it flew towards her at blinding speeds. If it connected with her, it would surely damage her beautiful face.

But Liu Sumei only smiled and flicked her sleeve gently, and a gust of wind sent the token hurtling back to its sender.

The speed at which the token flew back tripled, which shocked Uncle Li. He immediately released Flowing Sand Armour, gathering sand in front of him as a shield. The token connected with the shield and smashing sound could be heard. Several cracks appeared on the sand armour.

Uncle Li’s hands oozed fresh blood, and the hand that gripped the token couldn’t stop trembling.

Liu Sumei smiled. “I don’t need to see the token. Furthermore, you’re right about how the Zhan family have nothing against the Phoenix Hibiscus Court. But whatever happens to the Li family concerns me.”

Uncle Li glared at her. “Oh, you wanna defend the Li family?”

“Not really, just returning a favour. I wonder if the Zhan family would be willing to give a girl like me some face?”

“Is this something about the Phoenix Hibiscus Court?”

“I’ve said it before, it’s a personal matter, nothing to do with the court.”

Uncle Li inhaled deeply. “I understand. If you insist, then you’ll have to bear the consequences!” Suddenly, Green Hornets clad in black appeared in the hall, surrounding them tightly.

Liu Sumei acted as if she hadn’t noticed the Green Hornets. She nodded at Little Bell, and took the guqin from her arms. She sat cross-legged with the guqin laid out in front of her. She smiled and said, “Everyone is all about fighting and killing, let’s not hurt the harmony. Allow me to play a song, if you think it’s nice, let them go. Sounds good?”

Uncle Li knew that she had agreed to a fight. If she fought with the guqin, it meant that it possessed terrifying magic.

But he possessed great experience in fighting, he had seen all sorts of fighting styles. Furthermore, there were innocent people in the hall, surely Liu Sumei wouldn’t use some technique that would harm them too. Of course she would play some sort of psychedelic tune.

And Uncle Li’s own strength was psychedelic techniques!

Uncle Li smiled, and said confidently, “Bring it on!”

Liu Sumei replied, “You can’t take back what you say!”

“Alright, let’s listen to the great Liu Sumei’s song!”

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