Breaking The Day - Chapter 222

Chengfeng had no idea what happened back home at Cheng’an, and he definitely did not know that his mother and father had narrowly escaped death.

Now he’s facing off Grand Senior Sister. He stared at her, and decided to take on the confrontation. He countered, “And what kind of person are you, Grand Senior Sister? Why did you take me into the forbidden area, ruin the array, and release the ancient magical beast? What was that beast? Why did you release it? What was your motive?”

Grand Senior Sister glared at Chengfeng, the danger in her eyes increasingly intense. “I’ve really underestimated you! Who ordered you to do this? Who’s your master? Did the Universe Religious Sect teach you that?”

In her eyes, this was most certainly a plot to expose her. She had been cunning and smart, being an insider at Spiritual Mountain Sect for several decades now, she had worked hard to obtain the Hidden Beauty Court’s Court Master position, and the jade access token to the forbidden area.

She was close to achieving her main goal, only for a weirdo like Li Chengfeng to show up.

If there was something she deeply regretted, it was bringing Chengfeng with her to the forbidden area!

Upon hearing Grand Senior Sister’s questions, Chengfeng thought of something. He was tempted to admit that he had a powerful Master behind him, wouldn’t that force Grand Senior Sister to reconsider her plot against him?

But he dismissed the thought. Chengfeng was sure that since his family wasn’t a powerful, renown family or sect, if they did their research, they’d easily find out the truth.

Chengfeng thought about his words, then said, “All of this is just a misunderstanding. I know what you want me to do isn’t simple, but I did not know it would’ve that difficult. Whatever you want me to do, I’m not interested in it. All I want is for you to not stand in the way. I just want to grow stronger, become a powerful cultivator, strong enough to protect my family.”

A tinge of dissatisfaction flashed across Grand Senior Sister’s eyes. “Is this about you and the Zhan family?”

Chengfeng was secretly shocked. He knew that this was another one of her traps. If he admitted that he had the support of some sects and cultivators, he would be a dead man!

Because Grand Senior Sister had already done a background check on him!

Although Chengfeng’s guess wasn’t correct, it was not far from the truth.

Grand Senior Sister had indeed run a background check on him, but she did not fully trust her findings. Because the information she had obtained could not explain why he managed to escape from the forbidden area, alive and unscathed.

But Grand Senior Sister’s questions were indeed a trap. If he admitted it, she would suspect him!

Although it sounded like a casual conversation, it really was a deadly and suspenseful game of cat and mouse. Each word had a hidden meaning. One wrong word could prove fatal.

Grand Senior Sister may be much stronger than Chengfeng, but Chengfeng possessed her sword handle, which was that one item that could end her. Similarly, although Chengfeng wielded her sword handle, he didn’t dare to get so excited, as to prevent any slip-ups.

So the both of them trod cautiously, observing one another with great caution, and also minding their own steps.

Chengfeng didn’t want to waste any more time with Grand Senior Sister on the topic, so he said, “Grand Senior Sister, I know what your worries are. You have your worries, and so do I. You have your secrets, and so do I. So how about we go our separate ways?”

Grand Senior Sister smirked. “Oh? Go on, say it. What’s your secret?”

Chengfeng was momentarily surprised. He knew that she was up for the challenge. From her perspective, Chengfeng knew her secrets, but she did not know what his secrets were.

To free himself from this danger, can he betray himself and reveal some big secret? Wouldn’t that send him out of the frying pan into the fire?

Chengfeng said, “If you’re not sure, we can make a deal.”

“What deal?”

“The deal I had with you from before, a clean slate!”


“You promise me three things.”

Grand Senior Sister grew incensed. “What three things?”

Chengfeng put out a finger. “Number one, you have to teach me cultivation.”

Grand Senior Sister’s eyes grew wide with disbelief. “What did you say?”
“Well this is beneficial to you too. I’ll be under your watch from day to night, aren’t you reassured by that?”

Grand Senior Sister glared at Chengfeng. “You know how to make a suggestion.”

To Chengfeng, Grand Senior Sister had practically agreed to his term. It was a good deal.

Most importantly, this was a measure to stave off anyone who may be plotting against him. With Grand Senior Sister’s influence, he wouldn’t have to worry about Zhan Qisheng’s threats anymore.

Furthermore, if she agreed to the term, Chengfeng gained himself another popular teacher.

The journey of cultivation is often unpredictable and uncharted. If he did not have a guide, and Chengfeng had to journey it alone, he probably would have lost his way or wasted his effort.

However, if he chose a tiger as his partner just to escape the pack of wolves, his relationship with the tiger isn’t without its risks either.

But damned if he did, damned if he did not. So Chengfeng gave an offer that Grand Senior Sister thought was too good to be true.

Grand Senior Sister was unwilling to agree immediately. “I too have a term!”

Grand Senior Sister chuckled painfully, “Grand Senior Sister, your last term nearly costed me my life. I’m afraid that the term you’re about to offer might just kill me off this time.”

“How about, you keep this little secret of mine, and I’ll protect your family? What do you think?”

Chengfeng observed Grand Senior Sister. His mind raced. Is this another one of her traps? Or is it a threat?

But if it was indeed a trap, this meant that she had others on her side, and she isn’t the only one.

The likelihood is strong with this one.

A normal person, who in the face of such a threat, would think there are only two answers to it: ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

If he agreed to it, this would free her from his threat. The both of them would have enough ‘weapons’ to keep each other at bay. This was not beneficial to Chengfeng.

But if he rejected it and pissed her off, how would he deal with that?
But Chengfeng was no ordinary person. He was beyond being reasonable.

Chengfeng chuckled, “Grand Senior Sister, you can’t blackmail me. You must know, even if you set your eyes on them, it’s useless. They know nothing of this matter, because I’m not so dumb as to involve them in this. Furthermore, although I came here to learn cultivation for my family’s protection, that doesn’t mean I’ll accept something like this.”

“Because threats like these will always persist. If there is a one, there’ll be a second time. And so forth. Why do cultivators eventually abandon their families? I’m sure you know the answer.” Chengfeng explained.

Grand Senior Sister glared at Chengfeng, and said coldly, “Let’s just say that your family doesn’t know about this, but what about your servants?” She then looked at the distant Yuehan, and spoke with a dangerous tone, “If I kill all of you here, wouldn’t that be my best option?”

This sentence terrified Chengfeng, but he mustered all of his strength to not show any fear.

Chengfeng laughed loudly, but Grand Senior Sister replied coldly, “You know, sometimes, the louder the laughter, the more guilty you are.”

Chengfeng’s heart raced. She’s definitely a challenge!

Chengfeng steeled his smile. “But sometimes, a loud laughter represents an impending success!”


“If you really checked me, you would’ve known that I have another servant, Zhao Xiaobao! Haven’t you wondered, why isn’t he with me?”

Grand Senior Sister’s expression changed. She stared at him for a while. “Is he really not with you?”

“Of course!”

Just as he uttered the last word, a faraway but familiar, excited voice rang out, “Master! I’m back!”

This was a voice that Chengfeng could easily recognise, even if he were cremated. Isn’t that Xiaobao?

Chengfeng turned, with a dumb look on his face, to find Xiaobao excitedly yelling and waving towards him.

At that moment, a tear trickled down Chengfeng’s face. Oh Xiaobao, why did you have to return at this precise moment? Is the universe really trying to screw things up for me?

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