Breaking The Day - Chapter 223

Chengfeng stood frozen, watching an excited Zhao Xiaobao run over. Grand Senior Sister, as if about to laugh, looked at Zhao Xiaobao then at Li Chengfeng and said flatly. “This must be your servant, Zhao Xiaobao, right?” 

Chengfeng wanted to deny it but he had an idea and quickly laughed. “Yes, he is!” 

Grand Senior Sister replied, “That’s great.” 

He could hear a thick killing intent in her flat tone, even feeling the air around him quickly warming up! 

His goosebumps raised, he felt as if he was back at the forbidden area! 

Chengfeng laughed heartily and looked at her condescendingly. “What did you think Zhao Xiaobao went to do?” 

Her gaze shifted slightly, looking at Zhao Xiaobao with uncertainty. 

He said loudly to the running Xiaobao, “Xiaobao, have you done what I told you to do?” 

Xiaobao was now near enough to see Grand Senior Sister and notice that something was wrong. He slowed down and chirped, “All done.” 

Being swindlers from a young age, they had worked together countless times. Now something felt wrong and Chengfeng’s left hand was stuck to the outside of his pants, thumb curled at the second joint of his index finger. 

Xiaobao recognised their secret gesture immediately: danger! We’ll go with the flow!

To be swindlers, they obviously must have a secret language that no one else understood. He invented a set of gestures just for inconvenient situations like this. 

Seeing Zhao Xiaobao understand, Chengfeng had a boost of confidence and smirked at Grand Senior Sister. “You really thought I went to the conference unprepared, knowing I would meet you?” 

Grand Senior Sister seethed with anger, glaring daggers at him for a long time before suddenly yelling, “Get the heck out of my sight!” Then, she turned to leave. 

He yelled loudly at her turned back, “No way, didn’t you promise to teach me cultivation?” 

She halted suddenly. Her anger had clouded her thoughts so much she’d forgotten about their agreement. Turning to look at him, her fist clenched, wanting badly to beat this lowly face to pulp, she forced through gritted teeth, “Come back if you dare!” 

Then, she disappeared in a flash, leaving as a ray of green light. 

Chengfeng cupped his mouth like a megaphone and yelled, “Tomorrow at 7am, same place! See you there!” 

He was so loud that Grand Senior Sister could hear every word mid-air. Her blood boiled, almost falling from the sky. 

Grand Senior Sister thought, ‘I’ve suffered since the day I met him. Is this my arch-nemesis now?’ 

She radiated even stronger killing intent. Gone with the agreement! I must find a chance to kill him off! 

Chengfeng could not help but heave a sigh of relief when Grand Senior Sister left. He turned to glare at Xiaobao, who stood far away with a sheepish smile. 

Chengfeng glared and waved. “Get your butt here!” 

He sighed, running over with his full luggage sacks and smiled apologetically, “Master, what happened…” 

“I was almost dead because of you, do you know that?” 

Xiaobao smiled sheepishly while Chengfeng rolled his eyes. “You could have chosen any time and yet you came back at the wrong time! Right, is everyone alright at home?” 

Xiaobao gasped, then quickly explained everything in excitement and a hint of brown-nosing. While he stuttered, Chengfeng still felt his heart race listening to the story. Just the thought of it made him sweat. 

What would have happened if he hadn’t sent Zhao Xiaobao back? 

He had considered many enemies but not the servant serving Zhan Qisheng! 

So that was why he didn’t see this servant with Zhan Qisheng! 

Traumatised, he patted Xiaobao’s shoulder hard. “You did well this time. Is my mother alright? What about the rest at home?” 

Xiaobao smiled. “Madam is well. She doesn't want you to worry, even sent some stuff over.” 

As he spoke, he took out the wooden box usually brought around with him.  Chengfeng opened it and saw jewellery and accessories. They were obviously his mother’s things, she did not even have time to sell them.

Chengfeng almost cried. Forcing a smile, he kept it carefully. 

Wanting to lighten his master up, Xiaobao asked, “Young Master, what relations do you have with that… Liu Sumei?” 

He smiled bitterly. “You met her together with me, why are you still asking me that?” 

“No way, answer the question! Don’t avoid it, what are you afraid of…” A sarcastic voice came. Chengfeng did not need to turn around to know that was a jealous Su Yuehan. 

He said exasperatedly, “There’s nothing between us! I don’t know why she’s so nice either…” 

While Su Yuehan knew she was being unreasonable, she couldn’t help but complain, “So that means she has fallen for you!” 

He laughed. “Me? I’m a broke man, who would want me other than you?” 

Su Yuehan roared, “Wow! So you mean I’m blind and have no taste?” 

“No way! You’re such a tasteful person, you saw the potential in this uncut gem! This talent is hard to come by!” answered Chengfeng quickly. 

She was sour. “I’m not the only tasteful one, what about Lady Liu.” 

Chengfeng was angered. “This could go on forever! I don’t know why she helped me but while this is a very important thing to us, it might be a very simple, negligible act to her. Maybe she did not think much of this deed at all.” 

Su Yuehan looked at him seriously, enunciating every word. “Li Chengfeng, I’m telling you this! No one in this world would think lightly of defending you against the Zhan family! This is an act that would bring fatal consequences!” 

Chengfeng scratched his head, going insane. “I KNOW! How will I ever repay her?! Also, you could just stop it already? Sumei and I haven’t spoken more than ten sentences between us, I don’t know why she’s helping me! I’m going to get very annoyed if you bring her up again!” 

She rolled her eyes, knowing that he might actually get angry if she triggered him again. She was smart enough to stop here so she quickly smiled. “I think.. Rather than worrying about Liu Sumei, you should spend your time worrying about Grand Senior Sister. You need to learn cultivation from her tomorrow!” 

He looked up, covering his face in agony. “I think we should just talk about Liu Sumei then!” 

Su Yuehan almost laughed. “Let’s talk when we get back, are you planning to stand here all day?” 

The three of them walked back, sharing their day and the traumatic experiences- especially when Zhao Xiaobao heard of the incident within Shiwu Mountain. His eyes turned into circles, sweating and gasping at every point.

They had walked a distance when Su Yuehan pointed far away. “Look!” 

Chengfeng and Xiaobao turned to see a group of people chasing after a young man. The young man sprinted towards Chengfeng the moment he saw them, screaming, “HELP! HELP!” 

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