Breaking The Day - Chapter 224

The sudden incident had caught Chengfeng’s group by surprise. Before they made a decision, this person was already approaching. 

Chengfeng’s eyes focused and recognised him. This was the scholar who was the first to step into the clouds during the Spiritual Mountain Sect’s 3 tests but fell halfway. 

This scholar was dressed in Hidden Modesty Sect’s robes, dishevelled, tattered and his face swollen and bruised. 

This person pounced before Chengfeng and kowtowed, his tears flowing, “Help me, help me! My heroes, help me!” 

Chengfeng pitied him, his brows knitted when he saw that the group of HIdden Modesty disciples behind included one he was familiar with-- Zhou Jieyi! 

Zhou Jieyi became highly cautious the moment he saw Chengfeng, hatred in his eyes when he yelled, “Li Chengfeng, this is an internal matter of the Hidden Modesty Court, stay out of this!” 

After the conference, Li Chengfeng’s name had spread like wildfire and every young disciple knew his name. He had first stood up to Qian Shanxue and then seemed to have a flirtatious relationship with Grand Senior Sister, many now unanimously agreed that he was now an equal to them both. 

Seeing Chengfeng sticking his nose in, the four other Hidden Modesty disciples became guarded as if meeting a powerful enemy, some even nervously pulling out their weapons. 

Chengfeng shuddered and privately wailed to himself. Although he had improved greatly, facing four cultivators like this still spelt trouble. 

Although his heart pounded, his expression was still as a lake as he stared at Zhou Jieyi and the rest coldly. “This is the Hidden Sword Court. Since you’re on our turf, it is naturally our business!” 

Zhou Jieyi gritted his teeth. “This man is a traitor of the Hidden Modesty Court, he betrayed the sect and we shall deal with him accordingly. He can run to the corners of the world and it will still be our business and nothing can protect him! Killing traitors is exactly in accordance to the rules, Li Chengfeng, do you think you can do whatever you want, bending rules just because you think you’re better than the rest of us? 

This was a huge accusation, a scary one too. If the accusation worked, then the entire Hidden Modesty Court could lawfully attack Li Chengfeng. 

Then Li Chengfeng would never have a day’s rest in his life! 

While it was a terrifying accusation, Chengfeng thought nothing of it. He smirked coldly, “If what you said is true, then it is naturally your court’s business. But now you’re in the Hidden Sword Court’s territory, do we not have the right to even raise questions?” 

Hearing an opportunity, the scholar quickly looked up, his face smeared with blood and mud, crying, “Senior Chengfeng, I didn’t want to betray the court either, they had me cornered!” 

Undoing his long robes to reveal green and purple patches, he cried, “Look, look at this! They hit me! And here!” He lifted his trousers to reveal burns on his thighs. Although it was winter, his skin was still rotten and it was a revolting sight. 

Chengfeng, Xiaobao and the rest felt angry in an instant! 

The scholar cried, “I ran only because I could not stand it anymore! If I don’t run, I’ll die in Hidden Modesty Court! It doesn’t matter if I die but what about my poor mother? She still wishes her son to make a name for himself! If I die, they will bully my mother! Mother, it’s all my fault, my fault!” Crying ugly, he pounded on his chest, stomped his foot, then kowtowed again. 

The agonising wails touched Li Chengfeng, understanding the scholar’s pain and situation. 

Li Chengfeng was never one to steer away from injustice. They were going to kill this man, how could he hold his tongue? 

Chengfeng’s eyes reddened, glaring at Zhou Jieyi’s group. “Is that true?” 

Zhou Jieyi smirked. “He’s playing tricks on you. He tried pushing responsibilities assigned by his seniors away, that was why we punished him so he would remember our precepts!” 

The scholar yelled angrily, “Nonsense, that’s not what happened!” 

Angered, Zhou Jieyi stepped forward but Chengfeng stepped forward first with a sharp glare. They fell backwards subconsciously from the aura. 

The Hidden Modesty disciples hesitated, wary of getting themselves in trouble but also wanted to catch the traitor. 

Chengfeng spoke to the scholar, “Explain!” 

The scholar wiped his tears and said loudly, “Senior Brother, my name is Han Tianxing and I entered the sect the same year as you. But I entered the Hidden Modesty Court and didn’t rank first twice like you did.” 

Zhou Jieyi piped, “So you mean Hidden Modesty Court isn’t good enough for you?!” 

Chengfeng glared at him and turned to the scholar. “Get straight to the point.” 

The scholar nodded. “When I first entered the sect, the two seniors wanted me to pay a fee but I refused. Then, they sent me to Crescent Valley on a task to catch a bull…” 

Then, he continued angrily, “It was only my third day and they wanted me to catch a bull! The ones with me were disciples who did not pay the fee too! Twelve of us and I was the only one who returned! The rest all died!” 

Zhou Jieyi raged, “Nonsense! You were the wicked one who harmed your fellow sect members and slipped back here! You think you can harm our court? If that’s not true, how is it possible for you to return alone?!” 

The scholar yelled, “That’s because I covered myself in bull faeces, then pretended to be dead in the pile of corpses, that’s how I escaped from the herd! When they saw that I returned alive, they accused me of harming my fellow members and punished and beat me. I refused to confess and they sent me to Tong’an City to collect offerings… But I overheard their private discussion that they wanted to kill me in during the journey!” 

“If I do not run now, should I stay in Hidden Modesty Court to await death then?” Roared the scholar angrily, his eyes filled with frustration. 

Chengfeng and his group all frowned, glaring at Zhou Jieyi accusingly. Nervous, Zhou Jieyi gathered the courage to say, “That’s absolute nonsense! Lies! What about evidence? What evidence do you have?!” 

Chengfeng said coldly, “What about evidence of him betraying the Hidden Modesty Court?” 

Zhou Jieyi raged. “Li Chengfeng, what has our sect punishing our own disciples got to do with Hidden Sword Court? Unless you really want to stick up for him this time?” 

Chengfeng laughed coldly. “Stop talking about Hidden Modesty or Hidden Sword, no matter what, we’re all disciples of the Spiritual Mountain Sect! The precept writes that ‘those who bully the weak, we kill!’ You’re all now bullying a junior of your court, you think that is reasonable? You’ll never be able to win this case in court!” 

“Li Chengfeng! Don’t ever think you can act recklessly just because you know a little kungfu! Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you have Grand Senior Sister! She does not have absolute power in Spiritual Mountain Sect!” 

“That’s right, then obviously you don’t have power here either!” 

“So looks like you insist on defending him?” 

As if Chengfeng could experience the indignity that the scholar experienced, he was utterly furious. With his temper, how could he hold back? 

Chengfeng took one step forward, glaring straight at them and roared, “What are you going to do about it?!” 


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