Breaking The Day - Chapter 227

All four people in the house, plagued with their own thoughts, finally fell asleep late at night. 

On the second day, the sky had just brightened when Xiaobao in the next room yelled, “Young Master, Young Master!” 

Chengfeng shot up. “What is it?” 

He looked at Chengfeng fearfully, standing at the door. “Uh… Han Tianxing is gone…” As he spoke, he took out a check and stuttered, “He found the check you made me slip to him. He slipped it back.” 

Chengfeng was silent for a while, finally heaving a long sigh. “Although he doesn’t have any muscles, he has pride in his heart! It’s fine, everyone has their dignity. I hope… everything goes well for him.” 

Although Su Yuehan was moved by Han Tianxing’s encounters, she had lived for too long and seen too much, resulting in a stone heart. She did not want Chengfeng to waddle in sorrow so she quickly changed the subject, “Young Master, don’t you have an appointment with Grand Senior Sister?” 

Indeed he was immediately distracted. While Han Tianxing’s matters made his blood boil, it made him even more aware of how weak he was. 

If he could be powerful, he would not tolerate such injustice. But how he was weak. 

He felt a fireball burning in his chest, impatient to go meet Grand Senior Sister and become a major cultivator. Then he could do whatever he wanted and not be restricted. 

Only major cultivators can have full freedom! 

This was the first line of the book ‘Cultivating Qi’, enough to motivate every reader, making their blood surge with passion! 

Chengfeng focused his mind and quickly washed up. Then, Chengfeng, Yuehan and Xiaobao all left for Hidden Beauty Court. However, they were about to arrive at the transporter array when they saw a person hanging far away below the mountain entrance. This person swayed mid-air, alone… 

With a bad feeling, Chengfeng, Xiaobao and Su Yuehan looked at each other. 

Xiaobao said in a low voice, “It couldn’t be…” 

Chengfeng suddenly broke into a sprint towards the person to find that it was Han Tianxing! 

The hopeless scholar was hung right before the mountain entrance, his figure thin and clothes tattered, hung by his neck with a rope as he swayed in the cold breeze. 

His blood boiling, Chengfeng yelled at Zhao Xiaobao, “Save him!” 

In a flash, Xiaobao unsheathed the Zimu sword he brought with him and slashed the rope while Chengfeng caught Tianxing with both hands. Su Yuehan felt his pulse and looked at Chengfeng. “He can’t be saved if we wait any longer! Should we save him?” 

Chengfeng replied, “What are you waiting for? Save him then!
Su Yuehan pinched Han Tianxing’s philtrum, then pressed hard on his chest. After more than ten times, Han Tianxing suddenly coughed and woke up. 

Han Tianxing’s lips were as pale as a sheet, his face wax-yellow. It was a terrifying sight. When he saw Chengfeng, hot tears flowed immediately as he cried, “Senior Chengfeng, why did you save me again?” 

As if a boulder weighed on his chest, Chengfeng held his anger back, “Why must you kill yourself? If you die, I will not pass your message to your mother! Go talk to her yourself!”

Han Tianxing covered his face as he sobbed. “When I left home, I promised my mother I would cultivate if I did not qualify in the examinations. Now I am a failure both in cultivation and academics, how will I ever face my mother?! She had to work so hard just to support me in my studies and cultivation, she’s exhausted… I, I am just a disappointment now, how will I face her?!” 

Then, he covered his face and choked up. Chengfeng felt his own tears well up. 

Chengfeng said to Han Tianxing, “You must live, there is no obstacle you cannot face! Wait here, wait here for my signal! You need to hide from the Hidden Modesty Court, don’t let them see you!” 

As he spoke, he turned and ran to Eagle Mountain’s precept hall. 

He was just in time for his morning class, seeing Qin Mieqin, Ouyang Nan, Su You and the rest waiting in the square while Grand Senior Brother stood in front. 

When he saw Chengfeng, he roared, “Li Chengfeng, you’re late! Your punishment is to recite the precepts fifty times!” 

Chengfeng ran straight ahead, looking Grand Senior Brother in the eye with anger and stubbornness, then greeted him. “Grand Senior Brother, we’ll talk about the punishment later. There’s an emergency I need to talk to you about!” 

Grand Senior Brother’s face fell, warning in a low voice, “What is it?! If you’re begging for mercy in place of that traitor, you should save your breath!” 

Chengfeng raged, “No, I must speak!” 

“Li Chengfeng, you’re being reckless!” 

Chengfeng refused to back down, yelling, “Yes, I will be reckless for today!” 

Qin Mieqin furrowed his brows. “Junior Brother Chengfeng, Grand Senior Brother is just acting for the good of our Hidden Sword Court, you don’t have to be this stubborn about it. We don’t know where this Hidden Modesty Court person came from, nor his intentions. Don’t you think his appearance was a little too coincidental? Right after the conference ended?” 

Chengfeng smirked. “Are those reservations that Grand Senior Brother has too?” 

Grand Senior Brother’s face contorted with rage, “I don’t need a newcomer giving me instructions!” 

“Alright, then let’s talk about it! You’re worried about him being a spy, fine! Let me ask you- during the conference, did our enemies think they were going to beat us for sure?” 

Grand Senior Brother’s face turned dark while Qin Mieqin frowned. They both huffed, refusing to answer while Ouyang Nan replied awkwardly, “I’m afraid they might think so.” 

Chengfeng nodded. “That’s good! Let me ask you another question- do they have fortune telling abilities? Did they know we were going to flip the script at the conference, that’s why they prepared this Han Tianxing days ago by beating him up, so that they could send him as a spy to us after the conference?” 

Su You and the rest were very confused, only understanding a little. 

GRand Senior Brother smirked and raised another question, “Are you familiar with the Hidden Modesty Court at all? Do you know how many people like Han Tianxing they have there? They did not need to prepare for this at all! All they need is an agreement and that is enough for them to do literally anything! This is Hidden Modesty Court, a place where one is willing to gamble with their life just for a better opportunity! You think he will not betray us just for a better cultivation future?” 

Chengfeng laughed coldly. “Fine, you do make sense! My dear Grand Senior Brother, when we entered the sect, did you see us as such people too?” 

All of them frowned while An Tong and Qiu Chuqiu standing aside awkwardly looked at each other, feigning nonchalance. 

Qin Mieqin finally saved the day when he said, “The timing of your appearance and your identity were both very suspicious!” 

“I understand! But I proved myself not a spy in the end, didn’t I?” 

Grand Senior Brother chuckled coldly. “You proved yourself but how will he? Should we collapse another Shiwu Mountain, maybe hold another conference?” 

Chengfeng raged, “Give him a chance, give him time! If he is a spy, he will be found out. If he isn’t, he will prove himself! Didn’t I do just that?!” 

Grand Senior Brother yelled, “Hidden Sword Court cannot take another blow! I am not taking this risk! If he really is a spy, who will be responsible for the damage he causes? The Hidden Sword Court will never recover!” 

Chengfeng clenched his fists and stepped forward, the green vein bulging on his neck as he roared at the top of his voice, “No! If Hidden Sword Court chases him away, then it will NEVER recover!” 

The shout shocked everyone so much that faces fell, the emotions behind their gazes changed. 

Not a single person had ever raised his voice at Grand Senior Brother for decades in the territory of the Hidden Sword Court. Even the mighty Qin Mieqin, who was almost equal to Grand Senior Brother, had never done that. 

However, here was a newcomer who had only been here for barely a month, an angry cub flashing its teeth and claws at the elderly lion who owned the territory. As if the cub was challenging the old lord of the turf! 

Grand Senior Brother’s face darkened, his tone now terrifying. “Great, I see it now! You’re inciting a rebellion! Is that what you’re doing, Li Chengfeng?!” 

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