Breaking The Day - Chapter 229

Li Chengfeng had taken Han Tianxing in with incredibly strong points, he was the first person to ever challenge Grand Senior Brother in front of the entire Hidden Sword Court, and… he won! 

This was different from the time he shouted at Qian Shanxue. Winning the argument meant winning over the hearts of the crowd and respect from Hidden Sword Court. 

This time, Chengfeg knew: although Grand Senior Brother lost, Chengfeng did not win anything! 

It was a clash of values, Chengfeng was merely bringing up the private concerns of his fellow sect members because they were all ‘sacrificed’ on some scale before. 

Grand Senior Brother and his mates had experienced Hidden Sword Court’s most glorious period so they were extremely loyal to the court. However, the new and younger members experienced only the darkest period of the court, hence lacked loyalty. Down the hierarchy, newest members like Chengfeng had almost zero loyalty.

Under such circumstances, with Grand Senior Brother’s constant request for sacrifices, a change of heart was inevitable! 

Li Chengfeng challenged him not over the power within Hidden Sword Court, rather he simply disagreed in his heart of hearts. 

Why must they make sacrifices when they know nothing? Why must they sacrifice their future for the present?

Grand Senior Brother only thought about surviving while Chengfeng thought about… retaliation. 

Both reasonings will obviously cause friction! 

A deep rift has formed within Hidden Sword Court itself! 

Watching Grand Senior Brother leave, Chengfeng suddenly sensed how much loneliness and grief he must have felt. In turn, Chengfeng’s anger dissipated. 

No matter what, Han Tianxing will live! 

Chengfeng felt a weight lift from his shoulders. At least he could go to Grand Senior Sister with a focused mind now. 

He returned to the mountain entrance and gave Han Tianxing the good news. The poor scholar who had just escaped from death’s door let out a wail and fell to his knees in front of Chengfeng, kowtowing, “You saved my life, my saviour! I will never be able to repay this! From now on, I will do whatever you need!” 

Chengfeng pulled him up frantically, “There’s no need for this! From now on, you’re my junior brother, don’t call me ‘my saviour’, everyone will take it as a joke.” 

Han Tianxing nodded hard and wiped his tears, “I will prove myself to everyone, I will never let you down, Senior Brother Chengfeng!” 

Satisfied, he nodded then turned to Zhao Xiaobao. “Xiaobao, take good care of Junior Brother Tianxing. Let Senior BRother Su You arrange for his accommodation.” 

Zhao Xiaobao looked at Han Tianxing, concerned. He whispered, “Young Master… What do we do with… Hidden Modesty Court?” 

Chengfeng whispered expressionlessly, “Don’t mind that, I’ll take care of them.” 

Xiaobao had no choice but to take Tianxing back. As Chengfeng’s servant, he obviously wished his Young MAster would just concentrate on cultivation and stop making enemies. 

But was Chengfeng a person like that? 


To put it metaphorically, he would kick a roadside pebble even when walking down a straight path! 

Telling him to mind his own business would be worse than killing him! 

However, Xiaobao still felt warm inside seeing how heroic his Young Master was. This was a person worth his sacrifice. He knew that if he were in danger, he would never be abandoned. His Young Master would do his best to save him! 

While Su Yuehan was moved, she was mainly exasperated. He still had not settled his problems with Hidden Brocade Court, now he'd made the entire Hidden Modesty Court his enemy too!

Within Hidden Beauty Court, Grand Senior Sister was surely watching like a tiger in the shadows, thinking of a way to kill Chengfeng quietly. 

Now he was stirring up trouble within Hidden Sword Court! 

Su Yuehan pressed her forehead, feeling a headache coming on. Why was this idiot so annoying? Although he did the right thing… he shouldn’t have to make himself suffer, right? 

If this continued, forget about the evaluation in a month’s time, Su Yuehan suspected Chengfeng would not survive past a month! 

Just Grand Senior Sister and Qian Shanxue alone as enemies were enough to ensure his death! 

I must… think of something! 

Chengfeng stood at the mountain entrance for about an hour. He met Hidden Modesty Court’s Zhou Jieyi and the rest, then naturally angered them with what happened. Furious, they cussed him out and then left in a flurry. 

He had already made Hidden Modesty Court his enemy. 

Well, I offended Hidden Brocade Court until they went to my house, then hired Grand Senior Sister as my personal master, do you think I’d care about one more enemy! 

You wanna kill me? Get in line! 

After speaking to Hidden Modesty Court, Chengfeng and Yuehan sprinted towards Hidden Beauty Court because they were already two hours late for his appointment! 

Chengfeng’s heart raced. Would Grand Senior Sister wait for him? 

When he arrived before the Hidden Beauty Court entrance, she was nowhere to be found! 

He chuckled bitterly to himself, about to comment when Su Yuehan shoved him with a shout, “HIDE!” 

Chengfeng was thrown aside when he heard a loud crack. The crisp crack of the whip hurt his eardrums. 

Turning around, he noticed Grand Senior Sister standing nearby with an icy expression, her eyes ablaze, “You’re late! How dare you!” 

She was about to explode now. The fact that he was using her name as protection was enough for her to kill him, now she’s got to teach this idiot cultivation too?! 

And how dare he arrive this late! 

Absolutely unacceptable! 

“I have never been this insulted in my ten-year career as a cultivator!” exploded Grand Senior Sister. She lashed her whip to teach this jerk a lesson so he would not cross any more boundaries! 

Seeing the curled whip in her hand as she approached him with a thick murderous aura, he explained frantically, “Hey hey hey, I was caught up with something! I wasn’t late on purpose!” 

She gritted her teeth. “Do you think the world revolves around you?!” 

Chengfeng faltered back, “It was a life or death situation!” 

“Yes, THIS is a life or death situation!” 

Then, she lashed her whip again! 

It was a sudden attack, for she only flicked her wrist slightly when the whip seemed to disappear and reappear right in front of Chengfeng’s face! 

“CAREFUL!” Although Su Yuehan had very little of her powers with her, she still had the same observational skills. Anticipating Grand Senior Sister’s attack, she flew into Chengfeng’s arms and took the lash on her back.

With a loud crack, Su Yuehan’s back burst with blood. Her cotton cloak and clothing were all torn while blood flowed. 

His heart aching, Chengfeng quickly pulled her back behind him, glaring at Grand Senior Sister, “ARE YOU INSANE? Do you plan for the both of us to die? Fine, let’s do it! Let’s hurt each other! Let’s see if you’ll go down with me!” 

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