Breaking The Day - Chapter 230

Grand Senior Sister glared at Chengfeng. “You’re threatening me?” 

He roared, “THAT’S RIGHT! You don’t want me alive, so I’ll drag you down with me!” 

Grand Senior Sister gave him the death stare. After a long pause, she flicked her wrist and the whip disappeared. In shock, Chengfeng hurriedly stumbled back with Su Yuehan in his arms but he saw a figure faraway walking from the Hidden Beauty Court entrance. When this person approached, he realised he recognised them. 

This was the arrogant Senior Sister who mocked him when he knelt in front of Hidden Beauty Court to beg for Grand Senior Sister’s help! 

The arrogant Senior Sister rushed forward but halted when she saw Chengfeng, regarding him from head to toe before looking at Grand Senior Sister even more suspiciously. 

Grand Senior Sister’s eyes darted at her briefly. “What is it?” 

The Senior Sister carefully whispered, “Grand Senior Sister, Master… did not look for me. Have you… mistaken?” 

“Oh? She mentioned you in conversation once and I put in a few good words for you, then she said she hadn’t seen you in a long time. Looks like I might have mistaken what that meant.” 

The Senior Sister lit up. “Thank you for helping me, I will remember this!” 

Grand Senior Sister cut her off impatiently, “Fine, we’ll talk about this next time.” She then turned to leave but suddenly turned back around. “Don’t you dare run your mouth out there or I’ll never help you again.” 

The other girl smiled nervously, “Yes, yes. You’ve treated me well and of course I know how to read the room! I understand. It’ll only trouble you if I run my mouth.” 

Grand Senior Sister nodded slightly then turned to leave. Panicked, Chengfeng coughed loudly. 

She turned suddenly, eyes ablaze as she forced herself to remain calm. “What are you doing there? Don’t you want to learn cultivation? Hurry up then!” 

Chengfeng was delighted to hear this, immediately following her. Su Yuehan gritted her teeth through the pain to catch up but GRand Senior Sister yelled, “Why are you following us?” 

Su Yuehan was about to reply when Chengfeng hurriedly whispered, “It’s best you stay for today. Go back and treat your wound.” 

She replied worriedly, “But what if she bears ill intentions? What will you do?” 

Chengfeng chuckled bitterly to himself but kept a straight face, making sure to speak loudly, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! Grand Senior Sister treats me well.” 

The arrogant Senior Sister nearby did not know what was going on at all, she watched him nervously and thought to herself, ‘He isn’t Grand Senior Sister’s boytoy… is he?’ 

But that’s impossible! If he was her boyfriend, why would he have to beg on his knees outside the mountain entrance the last time? Maybe they both grew closer after that incident? 

If that’s not true, why were they acting so strangely at the conference? And why did they sound like they were flirting? 

Grand Senior Sister usually attacked anyone who offended her, yet this guy… he hasn’t been hit yet? 

She was still thinking when she observed Grand Senior Sister staring at him for a long time before huffing to herself, turning to leave. 

Chengfeng gave Yuehan a look, then caught up. The other Senior Sister noticed this too but was shocked to realise she had been rude to Junior Brother Chengfeng before! 

When she saw Chengfeng look at herself, she squeezed an ugly smile that made her skin fold against her thin, protruding cheekbones, saying demurely, “Don’t worry, Junior! I didn’t see anything, I didn’t… hear anything!” 

Laughing to himself, Chengfeng merely nodded graciously and left with Grand Senior Sister. 

With her walking infront, they walked for more than five kilometres to arrive in an obscure part of the forest. Everywhere was snow-white, the trees completely covered. Only two silhouettes stood against the snow. 

“What do you want to learn?” She halted suddenly, her back to him as if she did not want to see this idiot. “I will only teach you three spells, only demonstrating once per spell. It’s up to your destiny if you learn them. If you do not agree to these terms, we’ll stop immediately. If you do, we’ll begin now!” 

Chengfeng was already mentally prepared for this and knew he could not push her any further. He chuckled, “GRand Senior Sister… Aren’t you afraid that I might start running my mouth when you let me out of your sight?” 

She smirked. “While you’re annoying, you’re smart. The card is strongest before you play it, you know this! Any card you play will never be a trump card again! The day you run your mouth will be the day you die! You know this!” 

He clapped. “Great! Since you understand this, why did you agree to teaching me?” 

She said mildly, “No matter what, I owe you one. I never owe anyone anything, so, I will teach you three spells. It’s very fair!” 

Chengfeng knew what she meant: to save himself at the conference, Chengfeng had to step up- during the process, although he did not intend to help Grand Senior Sister, he had given her the convenience of participating in the conversation and successfully fanned the war flames between the courts. 

However, only three spells and one demonstration? What spell should he pick? 

If it was too simple, then this would be unnecessary. If it was too difficult, he would not be able to learn from one teaching and the opportunity would be wasted! 

Most importantly, he must stay with her as long as he can for the benefit of protection. 

Although it was a fake status, Chengfeng must grab every opportunity for protection. 

Chegnfeng thought for a moment and found an idea. “What about this, you only have to teach me one spell but you must teach me until I learn it. What do you think?” 

She did not even think about it. Cutting him off with a smirk, she remarked, “No! Don’t you be greedy!” 

Chengfeng knew that she was worried about gossip. “I promise I’ll learn it eventually. It won’t be a difficult spell, or one difficult to learn! I will learn it before the examinations!” 

She eyed him suspiciously, speculating his intentions. 

He offered, “Don’t worry. If I pass the exam, despite learning the spell or not, I will never bother you again! What do you think?” 

She thought for a moment, then replied cautiously, “Tell me then, what do you want to learn?” 

He straightened his clothing, then bowed respectfully like a student to a teacher, “Please teach me the art of flying!” 

“Huh?” Grand Senior Sister guessed a thousand spells he might want but never this. “You want to… fly?” 

Her expression turned strange. Cultivators did not actually need to learn how to fly. As long as your abilities hit a certain level, relying on a treasure or small array to teleport or flying using Yang energy would be easy as pie. One only had to get accustomed to the speed and balance. 

After some thought, she soon understood the catch. 

His request also implied another fact: his actual cultivation abilities were not at that level yet, meaning he was not as powerful as she thought. He was a smaller threat than expected. 

At the same time, if one really wanted to learn despite not having the equivalent cultivation level, then they must rely on an external factor. So what would this be? 

He needed her for that, didn’t he? 

This b***ard was cheating her into a one-sided deal! 

Her impression of him worsened. What a greedy, good-for-nothing b***ard!

She sneered. “And if I refuse?” 

He replied with a confident smile, “You won’t!” 

She frowned. “Oh? Are you going to threaten me again?” 

He explained hurriedly, “I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t! But no matter what you think of me, there is one undeniable truth! We both don’t know the other person’s true identity! Yet we both agreed to this strange partnership! I want to continue living here, I need to be stronger but the three courts are forcing me into a corner!

“You released the magical beast, then incited a civil war all so the entire Spiritual Mountain Sect would fight and sink into chaos! And if I grow stronger, I am surely going to complicate matters within the sect and fuel the chaos, isn’t that exactly according to your plans?” 

The corners of his lips curled up. “That is why, Grand Senior Sister, you will not refuse!” 

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