Breaking The Day - Chapter 231

Grand Senior Sister stared at him intently, then remarked, “So that means you’re very confident in cheating me over?” 

Chengfeng quickly explained, “I would never! But you’re top of your generation, the best of the best. You must have your grand ambitions and schemes, surely you must know how to play the game during such a crucial time.” 

This comment was exactly what Grand Senior Sister thought. 

She had been undercover within the Spiritual Mountain Sect for a long time, waiting for over fifty years for her plans. Victory was within reach now, she did not want anyone to ruin her plans, not now!

Chengfeng had spoken her exact thoughts aloud. She had already prepared for too long. 

But she couldn’t admit defeat now!  

Like what he said, she was the top of her generation, best of the best. How could she be willing to have her freedom restricted by a puny Li Chengfeng? 

To the famously intimidating ‘Flaming Iceberg’, this was a huge insult! 

She must get revenge for this! 

She gazed deeply at Chengfeng, as if to burn his face into her memory, then said, “There are five methods to fly: spells, seals, treasures, arrays and Spiritual Yang!

“The spell for flying is a wind-attribute spell but to qualify to cast it, you must attain the Magical Unblocking cultivation realm! That’s when you can cast spells of that level!” Her eyes darted condescendingly at him, emotionless. 

“So, are you in the Magical Unblocking realm yet?” she asked. 

He smiled bitterly. “You must be joking. If I am in the Magical Unblocking realm, will I be here asking you to teach me?” 

“Don’t worry, you’ll know it when you’ve attained the Magical Unblocking realm.” 

Chengfeng was shocked. The icy Grand Senior Sister was COMFORTING him? 

“Know what?” 

She replied, “You’ll know that, despite having attained the Magical Unblocking realm, you’re still useless! You’ll still have to beg for mercy like a useless piece of trash!” 



I’m not that naive! 

Chengfeng stared at the unbelievably beautiful, yet venomous Grand Senior Sister. How is it possible that she would comfort me? I’m sure she intends to shred my body into pieces the first chance she gets! 

He forced a grin. I’m not getting mad because I’m getting the longer end of the stick here. I’ll let her insult me all she wants! 

Chengfeng took a deep breath to calm himself down, maintaining an awkward yet polite smile. “Grand Senior Sister, what about the other methods?” 

“The second method is using a magical item. Most treasures in this world have flying abilities and you can control it to fly. Do you have any magical items?” 

BEfore he could reply, she immediately continued, “You don’t, obviously! Look at you, a poor, dirty beggar! I’m sure even a piece of firewood is a magical item to you.” 

Chengfeng drew in a sharp breath. Was she going crazy? Why was she being so mean? 

He smiled. “You don’t have to do this, insults don’t work on me.” 

“Insults?” She pursed her lips and looked at him with disgust. “No no no, you’re overestimating yourself. You don’t even deserve my insults. I am just stating facts. Or you mean you DO own a flying magical item?”

Chengfeng fell silent for a while, feeling very hurt when he sighed, “I don’t!” 

She looked at him, as if to say ‘I KNEW IT’, then continued, “Other than magical items, arrays work too. But to fly using magical arrays, you must either prepare a complex array or carry a portable tiny array. There are no experts on this in Spiritual Mountain Sect. That’s why you can’t ask me about this- of course, even if I did know how to make one, I wouldn’t teach you.” 

He held himself back from asking more questions because he knew she was building up to more insults! 

Sure enough, she continued her monologue, “Because with your abilities, you will never be able to learn it.” 


Grand Senior Sister, I’m not even speaking here, and you’re still insulting me? This was not even provoked! 

He cussed her out in his heart. This was a naturally bright person with high self-esteem, although he looked generally easy-going, he secretly felt like he was better than everyone else. 

Chengfeng huffed indignantly, “You seem very sure of it! How do you know I won’t be able to learn it?” 

Grand Senior Sister looked at him out of the corner of her eyes, then flicked her wrist to produce a spinning golden bead. The golden bead floated in her palm, spinning as golden holograms flowed out of it, floating mid-air like a projector. 

She said, “A mini array is etched on this golden bead. If it is laid flat on the ground, it can cover an area of one thousand square metres. If you want to learn this skill, you must have superb eyesight to carve on such a small surface! First, you need to stare at a grain of rice from fifty metres away without blinking until this grain of sand is as large as a sand tray in your eyes. Then, you move the grain of rice a hundred metres away. 

“When this grain of rice grows to the size of a sand tray in your vision, you push it back another hundred metres. You carry on until the grain of sand is the size of a sand tray five hundred metres away, then only you qualify to begin learning the art of array etching. Even if you’re the best in the world, you will need at least a decade. So, are you interested?” 

Chengfeng, filled with confidence and contempt, he spoke in a decisive tone, “You should just tell me the next method!” 

She snickered as if to say ‘I knew it’. It was a mocking snicker, even a shameless person like Chengfeng turned slightly red. 

“Using the Spiritual Yang method means to wrap your body with Spiritual Yang from within. While you don’t need to attain the Magical Unblocking stage, you still need to attain Foundation Solidification first, when your Spiritual Yang has formed! Have you… solidified your foundations yet? Based on how useless and dumb you look, the answer is obviously no!” 

HE sighed. “Grand Senior Sister, just tell me the last method then.” 

She replied unwillingly, “A fulu seal. Some seals with special abilities can also help idiots who can’t cultivate fly.” 

Pretending not to hear the very personal attack, he clapped, “Alright, I’ll learn that!” 

She huffed. “You want to learn? Alright, first, you’ve got to own a fulu seal!” 

He grinned. “I can buy one!” 

“Right, because you’re able to solve every problem that can be solved by money!” she scoffed coldly. 

This remark almost made him choke from anger. “Grand Senior Sister, you’re being very condescending! I do have a little money!” 

“One flying fulu seal is a thousand silver pieces! How many will you buy?” 

Chengfeng was speechless. 

Can’t the world have a little more humanity? Talking about money will just hurt everyone’s feelings! 

He took a deep breath and forced the most sincere smile he could. “And if I don’t have that much money, what do I do?” 

As if she was patiently explaining to an idiot, she said, “Give up then! Why must you force it? What’s going on in that head? Why don’t you understand something so simple? Are you dense?” 

Chengfeng: “...” 

In that moment, the pretty face of hers seemed to morph in his eyes, her fiery red hair turning into countless vipers, hissing and flickering their forked tongues, spitting venom at him! 

I never knew you were this venomous, Grand Senior Sister! 

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